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Solar Showcased as “State of the Art” in North Florida

Solar Showcased as “State of the Art” in North Florida

by | Mar 26, 2019 | 0 comments

Elementary school students in Columbia County recently celebrated Youth Art Month and created inspirational art designs that showcase how we’re harnessing the power of the sun.

Students worked on murals for weeks. They debuted their artwork at a celebration with the local community and Eric Silagy, president and CEO of FPL, at the opening of one of our newest solar energy centers.

Wearing their Sunshine Ambassador t-shirts, students spoke with community members about their artwork and were the highlight of the event.

Students from Pinemount Elementary School talked about solar energy in class and used the FPL website for inspiration. The young artists incorporated sheep, butterflies and bees into their mural.

Six artists from Columbia City Elementary School brainstormed ideas, compared sketches and came up with a plan that included a light bulb as the sun that powers the entire state.

Fourth and fifth-grade students at Westside Elementary School showcased how the power of the sun is delivered to local homes and businesses, and their school, seen at the bottom of the mural.

Vanessa Grantham, art teacher at Westside Elementary school, said students were thrilled to be chosen for the project.

“We sketched out our ideas on the canvas and each student chose a part to work on. The day we went to the commissioning ceremony everyone was so excited but they did not know exactly what to expect. They were so proud of their finished mural and couldn’t wait to show it off to everyone. When we were able to go up on the platform and see the overview of the entire farm it made a deep impression on all the children. They were fascinated by the sheer size of the facility. The students are still talking about the event even now.”

The young artists at Melrose Park Elementary School took a group approach by sketching out ideas and voting on the one to use. They developed their artistic skills, discovering color theory and taking joy in mixing colors to achieve new hues.

Youth Art Month encourages support for quality school art programs. Not only did the students create beautiful art and learn about solar, they also improved their problem-solving and communication skills, discovered the power of working together and enhanced their creative skills – what a great way to celebrate Youth Art Month!

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