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Start saving today with LEDs

Start saving today with LEDs

by | Mar 23, 2016 | 705 comments

Is it worth it to change the incandescent bulbs in my house to LEDs?

Asked by: Vera S., Palm City, FL

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LED bulbs can do everything old incandescent bulbs do, and more. While LED bulbs can cost a little more upfront, they create savings for you in the long run by using four times less energy and lasting up to 10 times longer.

We know that everyone’s definition of “worth it” is going to vary, especially when you consider that lighting is about 10 percent of the average residential electric bill.

For example
Say your monthly home electric bill is typically $100. At 10 percent, the lighting portion is $10. Changing your incandescent bulbs for LED can save you, on average, 80 percent of that cost – so you could reduce your lighting cost to $2 per month from $10. In one year, you could save $96, or nearly $100.

Another way to look at it: if a homeowner replaced 17 incandescent bulbs in their home, which are illuminated for about 1,000 hours a year, this could generate savings of $170 in the first year. It would take less than two years to repay the investment of those initial 17 LED bulbs. And with LED bulbs lasting up to 10 times longer than incandescent, it’s going to be a lot longer before you need to replace them.

So, the bigger the home, and the more incandescent bulbs you’re replacing, the bigger the savings.

What to look for
Compared to just a few years ago, the range, design and quality of LED bulbs has increased significantly. Today, LED bulbs come in every shape and brightness level. You can choose from a soft light (closest in output to the yellow incandescent bulb), warm white, and a more modern super white light. When you head to the store, remember that brightness in LED is measured in lumens, not watts. LED bulb packaging will inform you what wattage the bulb compares to.

What this means for you
The bottom line is LED bulbs can initially cost a little more than traditional incandescents, however, they can provide savings by using four times less energy to deliver the same amount of light and last up to 10 times longer. So, when you need to replace your incandescent bulbs, consider upgrading to LEDs. This will ultimately save you money, by saving energy!

About The Author

Brad Goar

Brad Goar is the program manager for FPL's Home Energy Survey and Low Income Weatherization programs. With over 140,000 home energy surveys performed annually, FPL's Home Energy Survey is one of the largest utility run energy survey programs in the nation.


  1. Don’t most homes now have compact florescent lighting where incandescent bulbs used to be? If that’s true I would like to see the LCD vs. Compact Florescent comparison. I do plan on replacing all my florescent lighting if the darn things ever quit working. Some are up to seven years old.

  2. Led bulbs also save on air conditioner costs as they do not create heat.

  3. My bill up 89$ why

    • WOW!! $0.89 increase in one month? Did you make toast three more mornings than last month?

  4. Hello,
    My bill has gone up to $70.00 in 7 months. I do what you say and have my AC at 78%. Just have TV on no lights at all during the day; than 1 1/2 hrs at night. I’ve never seen anyone here for a true reading. It’s just my husband and I. Are they just arbitrarily raising my bill? it’s incremental at $10 – $20.00 more a month. This is insane. What more can I do?

    Please advise,
    Baffled, Mary Howell

  5. My windows are not very energy efficient there are holes that you can see through to the outside I live in a mobile home is there anyway I can caulk the windows or put plastic around them if there is could you please advise me how to do so much also I am using 60 watt bulbs is that going to help me reduce my energy usage? Thank you Constance Schwartz

  6. My 40 watt equivalent LED bulb uses only 5.5 watts of electricity, and provides almost the same amount of light as the 60w equivalent LED bulb.

  7. Hello I wanted to know if I can get some help from FP NL I’m putting insulation in my ceiling. Please advise me thank you

  8. Dear Fpl As a customer for nearly 30 years, I appreciate the great service from you all. Sometimes I didn’t have a job and just knowing.that if you in good standing, the extension could be granted, (broke so many lol not funny omgosh) But just the overall quality of you all.

  9. I have neem without AC for 10 days, with only the refrigerator running. Also, I have not been staying at the house, so there has been no use of lights, cooking appliances, and Instant Hot Water Heating Device.

    I feel this bill does not reflect actual consumption, and I would respectfully request investigation of the false reading or usage by another source (neighbor, etc.)

    Also, the street light in front of my house is out of services.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

  10. thank you for the education.


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