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Record Heat Means Higher Bills

Record Heat Means Higher Bills

by | Jul 19, 2016 | 155 comments

Why is my bill so much higher than last month? It seems to be getting higher and higher every month.

Asked by: Roy T., North Port

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Hi Roy. This is a very common question that we get asked every year around this time. And, I feel the same way, as I’m a customer, too.

The answer is actually pretty simple – your bill increases when outdoor temperatures rise because you’re consuming more energy due to your A/C running longer to keep your home cool. There is a direct connection between outdoor temperatures and your energy usage.

Your A/C can account for more than half of your monthly energy bill during peak cooling months.

Right now, it’s running twice as long as it does in cooler months to keep your home at the same temperature which can result in higher than normal bills.

Think of it this way – if the outside temperature is 80 degrees and you have your thermostat set to 78 degrees, your A/C has to cool your home just 2 degrees. However, when it’s 90 degrees outside, your A/C has to cool your home 12 degrees, running longer to keep the indoor temperature at 78 degrees.

Tips to help you save

To help you lower your energy costs, we’ve compiled a list of some small changes you can make to start saving.

  • Keep your thermostat at 78 degrees or warmer with the fan on “auto” and raise the thermostat setting to 82 degrees while you’re away. For every one degree you increase in temperature, you can save about 5% on your monthly cooling costs.
  • Turn off fans when you leave a room, and make sure they’re all turned off when leaving your home.
  • Close shades, blinds and drapes to keep the sun’s heat out.

  • Learn how you can save up to $250 on your energy bill by taking our Online Home Energy Survey and view your personalized Online Energy Dashboard where you can see how the outside temperature and other factors impact your bill by month, day and hour.
  • Sign up for FPL Budget Billing® to say goodbye to summer bill fluctuations. While not a savings plan, this program evens out your annual energy costs so you pay approximately the same amount each month.

Just Click to Save

With FPL’s Online Home Energy Survey, you’ll get a personalized savings plan filled with energy-saving tips and recommendations, including programs and rebates that may be available to you.


About The Author

Tiffany Spence

Tiffany Spence is an energy expert at Florida Power & Light Company. She's conducted thousands of energy audits at homes and businesses, helping customers find new ways to make their bills even lower.


  1. why I have to pay my bill in cash ? Why don`t explain to me in detail what problem was ?

  2. I need my bill to go down please, I keep the temperature at 78 or 79 and the bills is all ways up to 200 dollars every months, no matter what

    • my a/c is set on 74 & IT has 2panels that is on auto/auto & it seem to run &run
      can someone come to my home and give me an asessment.


  4. Living in Stuart, I’ve noted that some newly-installed power poles (along Federal Highway) are “slanted” (i.e. not “vertical”), and I’m wondering why this is.

    Thank you, in advance, for your response.

    Regards: Cliff Harvison

  5. Does FPL have a whole house lightening/spike protector? If so how does one go about requesting and what is the cost? Thank you, Rick

  6. I am planning on replacing my hot water tank in my house in Fort Myers. which do you think is better for our area tankless or normal 50 gal tank. What are the pros and cons of both?

  7. Please provide me the contact for the energy protection plans that are charged on my FPL bill.
    It costs 6.25 per month and what does it cover?

  8. I am trying to communicate to add a acct or service I have a rental property and the tenant I moving out and I need to have power for the ac and show it do ph or application to do it not find a

  9. My son likes his A/C at 71 F and we like it at 74-75 F; if we install a portable A/C at his room and set it at 71 and then we set the whole house at 74, do you think we will be saving on electricity?

  10. Actually a question to the FPL experts:
    My son likes A/C at 71 and we like it at 75 F. If we install a portable A/C just for his room (for the 71), and then set the whole house at 75, do you think we will save on electricity?


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