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Ask the Energy Expert - The On Call Program

Ask the Expert: Save energy and money with the On Call program

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How does On Call work and can I really reduce my energy bill by $137 a year by joining the program?

William Z., Pembroke Pines

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How On Call works

When you volunteer to enroll in On Call®, you give us the option to temporarily turn off the appliances you select and receive a monthly credit on your bill in exchange for your participation.

There are two program choices based on the appliances and options that work best for you – Cycle Option or Extended Option. These options determine:

  • Which household appliances we’ll connect to the energy-management device
  • How much you can save annually – up to $137 a year
  • How long we can turn off the selected appliances

Option 1: Cycle Option – Central A/C and Central Heater[1] Only
When you enroll in the Cycle Option, we can turn off your central electric air conditioner and/or central electric heater for up to 17.5 minutes per half hour within a six-hour window in the winter (November – March) and eight-hour window in the summer (April – October).

Option 2: Extended Option – Central A/C, Central Heater, Electric Water Heater, Pool Pump
When you enroll in the Extended Option, you can save even more! This option turns off your central A/C or heater for up to three consecutive hours, during a 24-hour period. In addition, you can also enroll your conventional electric water heater and pool pump that can be shut off for up to four consecutive hours, during a 24-hour period.

[1] Central electric heaters are only eligible for program participation only when at least one of the other 3 appliances is also signed up for participation.


*These appliances are listed under both the Cycle and Extended Options to show the total potential savings of enrolling all four appliances in the On Call program. Note, electric water heaters and pool pumps can only enroll in the Extended Option and would be turned off for up to four consecutive hours.

How to enroll

Signing up for On Call is easy. Enter your “Name” and “Phone Number” and we’ll call you to review the program options and benefits, and help determine which of your appliances are eligible for participation. Then an On Call contractor will call to schedule your appointment to connect a small energy-management device to your qualifying appliances; like your water heater, pool pump or air conditioner.

In exchange for your voluntary participation and depending on the appliances enrolled, you’ll receive automatic monthly savings.

You could receive credits totaling of up to $137 a year — even if we never need to turn off your appliances. Enroll today!


About The Author

Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis is FPL’s On Call® Program Manager. She has 15 years of experience in the energy and environmental industries. With more than 750,000 customers, On Call is the nation’s largest utility run residential and small business demand response program.

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