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Changing the current to help you save -Mirielys

Changing the current to help you save -Mirielys

by | Jan 24, 2018 | 0 comments

My daughter calls me the Coupon Queen.  She watches me look for ways to save, and I hope that I am teaching her some of the lessons I learned from my Mom.  When my Mom and I first came to Miami, we had each other and very little else; she worked tirelessly and stretched every dollar that she earned.  Finding ways to save money meant that we were sometimes able to afford a special dinner or outing. I have carried these lessons into my adult life with my own family.

Whether at the grocery store, at home, or at the office, my goal is to save money where I can. At home, I look for areas where we can cut costs and make the most of every dollar. At work, those same instincts to save help drive costs down for our customers.

As a Natural Gas Trader, it’s my job to get the best price on the clean, natural gas that we use at our power plants. When we’re able to get a good deal, it lowers our costs and those savings get passed on to our customers. This helps us keep our bills among the lowest in the nation.

I apply the same rigorous cost process in my personal life, like buying a car. And whenever the opportunity presents itself, I negotiate. These same skills, however, have minimal effect on one of my biggest opponents— my son. Whether it’s staying up late to watch his favorite show, or an extra dessert, his big brown eyes make him a tough negotiator. At home and at work, keeping costs in mind helps me keep all our bills low. With dedication and a commitment to make each day better than the last, that’s how I’m changing the current.


Changing the current to help you save – 

“Gathering smart data helps us provide the customer with real time information which helps them make smarter decisions on how to manage their bills.”


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Mirielys Nieto

Mirielys Nieto is a Natural Gas Trader for Florida Power & Light.

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