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Helping Florida Families in Need

Helping Florida Families in Need

by | Oct 29, 2018 | 0 comments

The Domino* family looks like many families in Florida. They live in a neighborhood in Naples where they feel their young children are safe.

Tory* and her husband both work. He has been with the same company for 15 years. She works in a manufacturing assembly position while earning a degree she hopes will allow her to work in the pharmaceutical industry. She says her primary goal is to elevate her income and secure health benefits for her family.

The Dominos’ financial life looks typical: rent, car payments and insurance, groceries, day care, credit card bills, utility bills. They are living paycheck to paycheck, but they are managing.

A recent visit to the emergency room without health insurance changed their lives and put them in a financial tailspin. Despite reducing their expenses, bills continued to pile up, which led to notification of eviction from their home. Finding a new home is proving difficult as they don’t have enough money saved for the required security deposit, along with first and last month’s rent.

The Domino family came to FPL’s Care to Share® program through one of our non-profit partner agencies, The Salvation Army. The Care to Share program provides emergency bill payment assistance to eligible customers who are temporarily in financial crisis. FPL is grateful to be a part of helping families regain their independence. FPL partners with a vast network of social service organizations, such as The Salvation Army, to help provide funds to customers in need.

At FPL, we strongly believe in supporting those in need during difficult times. Through the generosity of our employees, shareholders and customer contributions, we have helped nearly 90,000 families in our local communities since the Care to Share program was founded in 1994.

This holiday season, join us  in helping families like the Dominos get back on their feet by  making a donation to Care to Share.   


*Name changed for privacy

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