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Get a $150 rebate toward your new A/C unit

Get a $150 rebate toward your new A/C unit

by | Jun 24, 2016 | 194 comments

My A/C unit is 15 years old. Does FPL advise customers on the required SEER level and offer rebates for a new A/C unit?

Asked by: Deborah B., Palm Bay

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Hi Deborah, deciding whether or not to replace your existing 15-year-old A/C unit is a big decision and large investment. The good news is – should you choose to purchase a new unit you could be looking at lower energy bills once you’ve installed a more efficient system. For example, if you replace a 10 SEER three-ton A/C unit with a 16 SEER system, you could save around $377 annually.

Qualify for a $150 rebate
If you purchase and install a 16 or 17 SEER, straight cool/air cool unit in a single-family detached home from a Participating Independent Contractor you’ll qualify for a $150 rebate from FPL. These contractors can also help you find the right unit for your home and ensure you’re eligible for rebates.

What is SEER?
As you may already know, SEER is a measure of a system’s efficiency – it stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – an important consideration when your air conditioning can account for more than 50 percent of your energy bill during peak cooling months.

Current Florida regulations require a minimum SEER level of 14 for new A/C units. As you might guess, the higher the SEER level the more expensive the unit. However, it also means you’re getting a more efficient unit, and the savings generated are greater. Ultimately, the ideal balance for your home will depend on the size and layout of your home, where it’s located, and how often you run your air conditioning.

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Brad Goar

Brad Goar is the program manager for FPL's Home Energy Survey and Low Income Weatherization programs. With over 140,000 home energy surveys performed annually, FPL's Home Energy Survey is one of the largest utility run energy survey programs in the nation.


  1. How can I tell if a installer really has my interest in mind instead of thinking about a profit? These systems especially for a quality 16 seer are pricey, I really like the Lennox Family and have learned that Traine and Carrier are not really the way to go anymore. My home is about 1800 sq. ft. single story built in 2000 so the system living in the Las Vegas area are nearing replacement, also because the current system is a “Builder Construction Application, it has lasted this long because the parts were still built in the US before that company moved to Mexico.
    I have been offered 2 offers of $10.000 & $8600, 1st one is Lennox later is Train, do these offers seem reasonable to you?

  2. I need a new AC unit for my condominium will I be eligible for any rebate from
    FPL new 2 1/2 ton unit

  3. how do I apply for the fpl hvac rebate I bought a seer 16 unit


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