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Energy experts help non-profits save BIG!

Energy experts help non-profits save BIG!

by | Sep 21, 2018 | 0 comments

The Center for Family & Child Enrichment (CFCE) in Miami Gardens received more than $6,000 in free energy efficiency upgrades from Florida Power & Light Company’s (FPL) team of energy experts. These upgrades and recommended programs are projected to save the center approximately $1,000 on its energy bill each year. CFCE offers programs and services for children who have been abused, neglected or abandoned, to help them and their families live a better life. Additionally, a group of CFCE children received backpacks FPL staff donated to the organization’s back to school supply drive.

While our bills are already lower than the national average, our team of energy experts are committed to helping customers find easy ways to save even more energy and money. The FPL team worked hand-in-hand with CFCE staff to perform energy efficiency upgrades, including:

  • Installation of a new air-conditioning unit
  • Improvement of lighting fixtures
  • Installation of weather stripping

In addition to savings from the energy improvements, the facility will save more by:

  • Utilizing FPL’s tax exemption certificate for nonprofit organizations which provides significant savings going forward, and retroactively recoup three years of charges billed under normal non-exempt rates
  • Using the energy-saving advice we provide all business owners to save money on their bills

The annual savings CFCE will have as a result of these upgrades will help them invest more money into their mission to make a positive difference in the lives of children and their families in Miami-Dade County, and in turn build an even stronger community.

FPL began conducting non-profit energy makeovers in 2009. We look for non-profit organizations that are making a positive difference in the community. Typically, we do three a year in our service area. In addition to the Center for Family and Child Enrichment, in 2018 we also completed energy makeovers at the PACE Center for Girls in Volusia County and Covenant House Florida in Broward County.

PACE Center for Girls has developed a nationally recognized program that features a balanced emphasis on academics and social services, with a focus on the future for middle and high-school aged girls. The PACE Center for Girls in Ormond Beach received energy efficiency upgrades during its non-profit makeover. These upgrades and recommended programs are projected to save the center more than $1,000 annually on its energy bill. Additionally, every young lady at PACE Center for Girls received a Target gift donated by FPL.

Covenant House Florida is dedicated to providing at-risk, homeless youth with the services and shelter they need. In addition to the non-profit energy makeover, the organization also received turkeys and pies to assist feeding their residents in time for the holiday season. The annual savings Covenant House will have as a result of the energy makeover will help the organization invest more money into its mission to empower homeless youth to take control of their lives.

While FPL’s customer bills are among the lowest in the nation, the company’s team of energy experts are committed to helping customers save even more energy and money. An energy makeover is one way that we can support these organizations as they work to fulfill their missions. It’s part of our company’s commitment to working with our communities to help make them better places to live and work.

About The Author

Pam Rauch

Pamela Rauch serves as vice president of External Affairs and Economic Development for FPL, where she is responsible for all local government relations, community relations and economic development for the company. An experienced attorney, Pam started her career at FPL as a senior attorney, eventually becoming part of that leadership team as Associate General Counsel, managing the Real Estate, Land Use and Environmental Group. She is actively engaged with the community and serves on numerous boards and committees.

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