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Best A/C settings before going on vacation

Best A/C settings before going on vacation

by | May 27, 2016 | 169 comments

If we’re leaving for a weekend vacation, should we shut off the A/C unit, or leave it on?

Asked by: Paul F., Palm Coast

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We get asked this question a lot, Paul. To save energy while you’re away for the weekend, there really isn’t one answer that fits all because there are a lot of factors to consider. For example, the time of year, location, size and type of home, etc. can all influence your situation.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Close the shades, blinds and drapes to keep the sun’s heat out.
  • Raise the thermostat to 82 degrees or higher when you’re away so you’re consuming less energy. Just remember, it may take a few hours to cool your home back to your preferred temperature when you return.
  • For ultimate convenience and control, you may consider installing a smart thermostat, and preferably one you can adjust from your smart phone. This way, you’ll be able to monitor and control your home’s largest energy user right from your phone – wherever you are, and that can definitely impact your energy bill. Learn more about smart thermostats and the benefits they can provide by visiting our recent smart thermostat blog.

Additional summer vacation tips
If you’re planning to go on vacation for a week or longer, visit our summer tips blog for more information and tips on how to prepare your home.

Also, you can always see how adjusting your A/C affects your bill and find new ways to save by taking our Online Home Energy Survey. It works together with your personal Energy Dashboard to show you how much energy you use, down to the hour.

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Brad Goar

Brad Goar is the program manager for FPL's Home Energy Survey and Low Income Weatherization programs. With over 140,000 home energy surveys performed annually, FPL's Home Energy Survey is one of the largest utility run energy survey programs in the nation.


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    Dom Nocturne

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  10. I cannot understand why my bill keeps going higher & higher I have my home set on 80 degrees unless I am getting company and the highest it goes down to is 78 degrees it is because I run my ceiling fans in the room I am in Thank you I know it probably will be higher again because I have Daug. here w/ me for a month. I now have my Daug here with me for a month.


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