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Changing the Current to help you save – Anabelle

Changing the Current to help you save – Anabelle

by | Mar 1, 2018 | 3 comments

My parents moved to the United States from Cuba when I was very young. Growing up, I remember my parents making a lot of sacrifices for us; they always made sure that we had what we needed. As a family, we were very close, and from a young age and throughout my childhood, we talked about the value of money and the importance of keeping track of what you spend. I’ve carried these ideas into my life as an adult, at work, and also at home with my family. At home, every month we work out our budget and plan for our expenses.

Our budget has to include the necessities like mortgage payments, car payments, insurance, groceries and gas, and it also has to include things that you may not always consider like aftercare, books and even eye glasses. I consciously try to stick to my monthly budget and closely track the money that we spend. There are more and more demands placed on us financially, and with the unexpected expenses that occur, we constantly have to adjust our priorities, make smart choices and tweak our budget. Personally, I use the smart data available through FPL to manage my family’s bill each month.

At FPL, gathering smart data helps us provide our customers with real-time information which helps them make smarter decisions on how to manage their bills. Customers can log on to and see their usage, and this helps them understand exactly what they are spending.

Expenses are higher these days, we have so many activities that we are involved in, and we have to constantly find ways to save money so that we can meet our needs.

The same applies at my job as a Smart Grid Supervisor at FPL.

In the past we had to perform field visits and visually inspect areas to clearly identify which pockets were still without power. These days we utilize advanced technologies day-to-day. By spotting problems before they happen, we can reduce our costs, and those savings get passed on to all of us.

Continuous improvement is very important to us. We are always looking for new approaches and technologies to help us make our processes more efficient and to keep our costs down. I feel good knowing that we pass those savings on to customers – helping keep bills low – for all of us.

As a Natural Gas Trader, it’s my job to get the best price on the clean, natural gas that we use at our power plants. When we’re able to get a good deal, it lowers our costs and those savings get passed on to our customers. This helps us keep our bills among the lowest in the nation.


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  1. Always happy to see the rates go down. I try to conserve power all the time. Little things add up!! Looking good Annabelle!!

  2. Thank you for the reduction in our bill, Every little bit helps.

  3. I thank you for your help in keeping costs down… I too have made changes . I turn my water heater off when finished showering, and instead of using night lights, I use battery spot lights. I also set my thermostat at 80 degrees. Thanks again for your help


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