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Craig Muccio

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Craig Muccio runs FPL's Conservation Research & Development Program and crunches the numbers to figure out how you can save by managing your energy use.

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Water heating

By Craig Muccio

Asked on: February 2, 2015 by - Jose G., Miami, FL

How much does it cost to run a water heater?

That's a great question, and the answer may surprise you. The average FPL customer living in a single family home with two people uses 2,200 kilowatt-hours (kWh) throughout the year to heat all of their water when using a traditional electric water heater. At FPL's average residential electric rate of just under 10 cents per kWh, that’s approximately $18 each month, which is under $220 a year. Of course, it varies according to the number of people living in your home. 

It's good to know how much you spend on water heating if you need to replace your water heater now, or in the future. Keep these options in mind when shopping for a new one:

  • The space-saving, instantaneous water heaters, also known as tankless water heaters, can cost approximately $200 per year and save you up to 10 percent compared to a traditional electric heater.  Be aware upgrading your electrical wiring may be required. 
  • The new generation of heat pump water heaters can cost less than $100 a year and save you up to 60 percent compared to a traditional electric heater. 
  • Solar water heaters can typically save 50-85 percent depending on storage tank size and daily hot water usage. 

Here are five ways you can save on your water heating costs:

  1. Adjust the temperature on your water heater; lower the hot water thermostat to 120 degrees
  2. Wash only full loads in your washer, using cold water whenever possible
  3. Adjust the water level on your washing machine to match the load size
  4. Install water-conserving shower heads and faucet aerators
  5. Repair leaky faucets immediately

For more water heating tips, visit FPL.com

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Comments [147]

  1. Linda

    We are interested in the pros & cons of installing an AUV Twin Stick Lite+ on our AC coils. Can you advise your thoughts?

  2. wirelessdj

    --> I ask again, What do you think of hot water heater timers? I can turn my breaker off in the morning, come home and the water is till hot. Does it save Money??

  3. Brandon

    You can Also turn it off till 40 minutes before you take a shower

  4. Gerald Young

    My wife and I take additional steps to save. We turn the power to our electric water heater off until hot water is needed. It only take about 15 minutes to get it hot to take a shower in the cooler months and the dishwasher heats our water when we need to do dishes and use it. We only use cold water for our clothes washer and find it keeps our clothes lasting longer as they don't shrink. The added bonus is that we believe our hot water heater may last longer account of its infrequent use in giving us hot water.

  5. James Splint

    I have very little insulation in my home. Is there a program that I could use to help pay for the cost of adding insulation to my attic space.

  6. Hector

    I am single and live in a one bed room in miami beach and have central air along w a small washer/dryer unit. I was away most of December and had shut off the AC unit. May of used the washer/dryer once. Why is my bill almost the same. What in an apt sucks up the most electricity? Like the top 5 items? This is the main question. (I do have an HD 46 inch TV and watch around 4-5 hours TV at night.) Thanks FPL!

  7. Beatriz Riveros

    What about a new air conditioner, to know when it is need it or not.

  8. dave Frank

    Is it cost effective to use a small air conditioning unit in your bed room when the temperature is marginal, versus a central air unit for the entire house?

  9. Jacqueline Cummings

    I find your suggestions very helpful in keeping me informed about my water use and how to save money. Thank you.

  10. daniel burba


  11. wirelessdj

    What do you think of hot water heater timers? I can turn my breaker off in the morning, come home and the water is till hot.

  12. Cate

    This was a very useful article! More info on the different types of water heaters or links to more info would have been appreciated, though. Thanks for addressing this issue.

  13. thomas moore

    you did not respond to the original question.you responded to how much does it cost to run a water heater.the question was how much does it cost to run a HOT WATER HEATER.if the water is already hot it does not cost as much,duh!

  14. Emilia

    Tengo una duda, si pongo 10 minutos el calentador de agua y lo apago, gasto mas o estoy ahorrando dinero. Mi vecina dice que lo deje siempre encendido para ahorrar. Ustedes tienen la última palabra, lo puedo dejar 10 min. y apagarlo o lo dejo encendido siempre. Espero su contesta a mi preocupación, gracias Emilia Cinco

  15. Carol

    What is a heat pump water heater and is it allowed in a 55 and over community in Florida?

  16. Giselle Rubiano

    I would lile to know how I can keep my bill low. Thanks

  17. Jerry O'Connor

    I had a timer installed on my hot water tank, and it only runs 6 hrs per day(9AM to 3PM). I don't know how much I save, but, it has to conserve.

  18. adrienne du toit

    Thank you for all the imput and advice. However, I feel my electricity is high compared to my neighbor with also two people.

  19. elizabeth caraballo

    we replaced our water heater with a tankless water heaters. we are very happy with it. plus we replaced our toilets and use less water when flushing.

  20. Susan Keating

    What costs less to run-a florecent bulb run 12 hours a day or an LED bulb run 24 hours a day? (60 watt equivalent for both)

  21. Loretta Hedberg

    I need the extra closet space where my traditional water heater is now. It is in good condition (never problems) but would like to get a small instant hot wa6ter heater instead. Is there an exchange program, or where can I get information on getting this done????? Please advise.

  22. Philip S

    I have heard that code is changing for the height for low rise water heaters installed into condo's for sometime in 2015. Since many beach condo's place the water heaters below the AC units, changes in height will affect placement drastically as many condo's have mandatory 10 or 15 year water heater replacement requirements What will be the new water heater height for 30+ gallon water heaters? Thank you!

  23. Michelle

    I live in a single family home , just move in 6 month ago my electric bill have been so expensive...it's three people live in the house hold 2 adults and1 child ...My FPL been very expensive we only utilize hot water when we are taken a shower....When I washing clothes it's always with cold water....I need to know if FPL pro rated the bill. COMPARE IT TO THE PREVIOUS OWNERS. .....

  24. Emile Foch Yaccabeebee

    Install an on/off switch by your water heater Raise the temperarure a little higher than normal Turn it on for one hour in the morning then shut it off Turn it on for one hour in the early evening then it off When you bathe or take a shower in between Turn it on for the duration of your bath or shower Then shut if off. If more than one person in residence extent those times as necessary. Your heater will also last much longer than manufactory estimates Of course if you leave for any extended time....shut it off. I've been doing this for years with no problems. If your heater is older than factory guarantee. Place a water alarm by the heater, about $12 + battery.

  25. Martin

    Craig, in your answer to "how much does it cost to run a water heater?", did your figure of $220 a year refer to "Per Person" or per 2 person household?

  26. Frank Lamantia

    I have a switch on my hot water tank, is a good idea to turn off the hot water tank overnight and when not using hot water for the dishwasher or washing clothes. I do turn the tank on about a half hour before I use the hot water for taking a shower or dishwasher.

  27. Bruce Willingham

    Thank you for the tips! Can you tell me how much the Verizon Fios top boxes cost to keep power on all the time over a month is approximately. I have 4 of those boxes and have concerns about energy use. To the touch those boxes are very warm. Translated, using a lot of energy that is more than likely cost a lot of extra bucks.

  28. Marcelo Queiroz

    You shuld make in Florida Like in Brazil, we have to make popular haures with solar heat, it is the law.

  29. Anna

    Can we shut off the water heater for the 7 months we're not in Florida, and if so how much could I save in energy bills?

  30. Dee

    Does turning off the water heater when I'm not using hot water helps? Thanks.

  31. Dennis M.

    RE: Hot Water Heaters. Is it more economical to keep the Hot Water Heater on 24/7 or turn it on an hour or so before you need it for showers, etc.? I have a switch in my house that I can turn the heater off and on with. Sometimes I leave it on all night and sometimes I turn it on, either when I first wake up or during the night if I get up. Does the heater work harder to heat the water, when I turn it off and on?

  32. Edward

    I did not realize instant water heater inly saved 10%, not much. Thank you

  33. glenn iverson

    Solar hot water saves you nothing when you consider the $4,000 it costs to install there is a small pump motor that takes electricity to run you get no discount from FPL for intermittent service I installed a new roof and it cost $300.00 to take it down and replace it. At the end of say 15 years you need a new unit or pump not mentioning prepping the unit for freezing nights, don't waste your money on it besides looking ugly on your roof. Glenn Iverson

  34. Bert

    How much does it cost to run a hot water heater? - Jose G., Miami Actually, nothing. Hot water does not require heating.

  35. Evan Garrison

    How about using a timer switch on your water heater circuit, to set the total number of hours the water heater is on heating your water, like early in the morning for an hour and at other critical times during your day? Is this strategy cost effective?

  36. Judyth

    I want to thank you for all the hints and how to save on electric useage, it's rare to find a company who really cares about their customers, to the point where they will tell them how not to use their services inefficiently...I must budget very carefully, or I will lose my independence...your suggestions and how to's are very easy even for me (a woman of 70 plus) to follow.

  37. David Clark

    Thanks for the water heater tips.

  38. Joseph bevelacqua

    Does a TV use as much electric when turned off, isn't it just on stand-by when there's no picture....

  39. Lazaro Gonzalez

    Thanks for your comments. Can you compare the traditional water heater with a propane tank less water heater?

  40. Essie Fechter

    How do we choose a Tankless water heater? I want to change to a tankless from a standard which takes up a lot of room and do not know which is best to fit into a bedroom closet. We had the electrical work for a tankless done a few years ago but now want to finish the plan to make more space in my bedroom closet for clothes. Thank you .

  41. Essie

    With the decrease cost of gas, I still don't see a decrease in fuel cost on my electric bill, why?

  42. Tom M

    We bought a house in S. Florida recently and soon learned that since everything is electric, our bill was running pretty high. The water heater is a large chunk of what was causing the bill to be high, so I got an electric water heater timer and only run it a total of 4 hours a day, and we have not been without hot water at all. I run it 2 hours in the morning, and 2 hours in the evening. For two people that is long enough. The only time I will need to override it will be when we have guests staying with us, but I have noticed a significant savings on our bill because of this switch. Why heat the water when you don't need it?

  43. Matt

    Why does everyone insist on calling them "Hot Water Heaters"? They are "COLD Water Heaters".

  44. John A. Brown

    If not using the water heater every day, what's the "break-even" point of turning it off vs. leaving it on? Same question for a new digital TV. Thanks.

  45. Andre

    I use less energy then it takes FPL to supply me with the service. Why are there not any programes for people like me who HAVE to pay around $38 to FPL for service but only use $7.00-$8.00 in power?

  46. vernon

    what is heat pump water heater

  47. Cindy Lynn

    Is it a savings to turn off your hot water heater for 12-16 hours a day? Our friends do that....

  48. jack spencer

    Dose a 120 volt hot water tank us more power then a 220 volt,

  49. Richard Zoyhofski

    I heard that the water heaters we now have that the Fed's said that they will not longer be available to buy in April. Then we will be force to buy those very expensive water heaters. Any true to this????????

  50. Michel Richard

    I have read your comment on how to save on water heather and the economy having a thankless water heather Our condo association is in the process of changing all of our main electric panel for all of our building 136 in total Our duplex of 8 unit run on 600 amps and our villa building with 4 unit d'un on 400 amps Our association is not allowing us to install tankless water heather wy I don't know but I believed a visit from FPL to our board of director to explain them economy of energy solution could be a good idea Also I believed our duplex of 8 unit with only 600 amps could be under power and we where inform by the board that to up grade to 800 Amps in the duplex of our complex it would request that the cable from the transformer to the main box would have to be change and it would cost too much money my question is this true and if so how much per duplex building would it cost since we are already in the process of changing our main panel in think FPL should get involved and let our board know the advantage to up grade the power outage of our Duplex building Thank you for your interest

  51. steve

    I installed a heat blanket on my hot water heater to help keep water warmer

  52. Gordon

    If the water is already hot why would one need a hot water heater?



  54. Gilberto

    I want to know if you have anyone over there who speake spanish. I bought a house recently and I need iformation on how keep my bill low My w heater have a device above with a green light that I was told it is controled by FPL to regulate the amount of water to be warmed. I need to know about this service.

  55. Salvatore Caridi

    the answer you were given by FPL is incorrect Jose. How much does it cost to run a water heater? George Carlin gave us this answer many years ago. The answer is Nothing because "Hot water doesn't need heating"

  56. Giulino Boselli

    Would be interest in your new hot whater tank

  57. Poupon Marx

    The best saving would be using a gas fired "demand" water heater that fires up when water flow begins.

  58. Harvey L. Miller

    Can I save money if I ran my pool pumps during "off hours" in the nighttime? Does FRL have different daytime and nighttime rates? Thank you, Harvey L. Miller

  59. George Clattrnburg

    How about providing approximate/ comparative acquisition/installation costs for the various types of hot water heaters -instantaneous/tankless and heat pump water heaters. Thanks

  60. major m.gurkin jr.

    i'm looking for someone to trade me a 220v electric hot water heater for a 40gal natural gas heater. Residental 30 gal heater would be fine. thanks

  61. William McDermott

    electric power is the best bargain a person can get.

  62. Gregory Welch

    I was thinking about installing a programmable timer for use with my water heater. I am single and do not need to have my water heater heating water all the time. I realized that the ON CALL service is really a method for turning the water heater and air conditioner off periodically. Can FPL write an online application to let the customer use their service as a timer? This would be a nice control for the customer. FPL periodically controls the water heater and air conditioning. I would assume they do this in an automated fashion. Just a thought. Greg...



  64. Kevin Scruggs

    How come you don't mention in your email or web site under water heaters that installing a time clock on your water heater can save a lot? It sure does me.

  65. Barb Harris

    Is it a good idea to turn your hot water heater off when you are gone, i.e. snowbirds?

  66. Bill Foreman

    Which is more efficient : a hot water tank or a tankless hot water system?

  67. Sharon Tata

    Hi there. Thanks for sharing the cost to keep my water heater running. Q. Once I turn the water heater off, and leave the state for a few months, . . . how much will it cost me to "turn it back on?" How long will it take my water heater to "heat-up?" Can you tell me how much water it will take to fill my pool? How much will that cost me to fill my built-in pool? (20' x 12')? Thank you, Sharon

  68. Ernst Cirius

    Why did pay i more now so everyone knows that the Month of August is the month that is very hot in Florida? Each time I called you . You always said to me it's the air conditioned. Then, since December 23, 2014. I turn it off. So I thought I would pay less than $168 for the month of January. I thinking it should be good to come for seeing if the meter is working well. I don't believe in these bills. Thank you!

  69. Walter Janke

    Which is more efficient: an electric hot water tank heater or a tankless water heater?

  70. timothy harris

    When should an electric water heater be replaced?

  71. Naticris

    That all depends on how FPL wants to play with numbers. One year I turned completely off my waterheater for the whole year. Never used the heater. I was by myself that year and my bill didn't go down one penny. I called FPL and asked why when I was using my waterheater when my daughter was living in full time my bill was actually lower to when I was living along and the waterheater was turned off? Their answer was that I had a old waterheater and it used more electricity. I repeated that it was not true because I was not using it at all, it was off. They change their answer to that the ac or the refrigerator were in need tobe changed. I gave up and said good bye. Never changed any appliances and decided to turn my waterheater on. My bill still the same as before. I must say I'm not in any special payment system to keep my payments equal all year around. Conclusion, stopping using the wh didn't save me any monies.

  72. Dan McKinnon

    For the past several years i have traveled a lot throughout the USA and Canada and i constantly see very HUGE SOLAR AND WIND FARMS, even up in Canada ... also in Nova Scotia they are using their large tide changes to operate submerged generators ... and think about Florida ... we have the Gulf Stream off shore ... couldn't it be utilized ... Back to wind and solar farms ... What is wrong with Florida ... why do we NOT have them ... Our local and state government should be building and promoting them ... what is wrong ????

  73. William

    Our home was built with a heat pump instead of an A/C unit and furnace. Is a heat pump more or less expensive to operate than individual units? We keep our A/C unit set at 75 fir cooling and our heat set at 72 for heating when the temps drop, however I feel our electric bills are high at approximately $155 a month on average. Our home was built in 2013 and it is a 2350 sq ft ranch.

  74. roxi carlsen

    Why did you not also provide the cost of a gas water heater for comparison prices.

  75. Bob Barrow

    "How much does it cost to run a hot water heater? " This begs the question. Why would you heat hot water?...Bob :)

  76. Pedro

    Very interesting article, tks

  77. andy

    tankless water heaters can certainly save on heating bills but their use requires you to run the water for a long time before it reaches the spigot on the other side of the house. So....you save energy bus waste good water, another very valuable resource. I'd rather pay the extra energy cost than waster water. What do you say to that ?

  78. Marie Locklin

    I switched to an "On Demand" water heater 4 years ago instead of the regular tank type. While the initial expense even with rebates was high, it has paid for itself in utility savings since it only heats when you turn on the hot water tap. Plus it has a longer warrenty and takes up very little wall space which means I can store items under it.. I am very pleased with this type of heater and will not go back to the old tank syle again.

  79. George S Petersen

    Do you recommend that water heaters be turned off when away for several months ? Like snowbirds gone for 5-6 months ? What about refrigerators ?

  80. Eric West

    What is the average percentage of our household electric bill does heating water amount to?

  81. `Herman Ouellette

    I have installed a timer on my water heater at every address I've lived at in Florida (5). For the two of us the timer will run 4 to 5 AM and again 2 to 4 PM.While I cannot measure the savings,I'm sure while "OFF" there's no drain on my meter.And in my 47 years here,I've saved enough to go to Disney!

  82. Lauren Belle

    < watt Imbeciles : you have included in these Examples . Just for showering , you can get by with only running a water heater Twice a week , for< 1 hour ea. time . The water inside your heater will remain Hot during the 3 days that you have turned it Off .

  83. Anabel

    If we get blown in insulation in our attic do you give credit?

  84. drew

    perhaps it would be helpful to also illustrate a home with 3 teenagers that would cost $500 per year. leaving the example as only an elderly couple kind of misrepresents the average cost.

  85. donald mortimer

    My hot Water Heater is on a timmer. It's ON from 7AM-9AM and again 5PM-8PM. My wife and I live in a condo. Do you think I am saving money? Thank you, I enjoy your column. Don Mortimer

  86. Bruce Fehr

    When you add in all the other costs on my electric bill the cost per KW is 12 cents not less than 10 cents. Lets be honest here.

  87. Albert

    My water heater works with my air conditioning unit, I have my water heater always off because when we get home the A/C will turn on and this will heat the water, also the A/C runs all night in the morning the water is hot. This will NOT apply from January to March because the water heater is in the garage and of course rarely the A/C is on, so we turn it on as needed. I am saving around $100 a month x 9 months a year.

  88. Carmine Bravo

    with a 25 or 30 gallon water heater is it more efficient to turn on the water heater breaker 20-30 prior to showering then turn it of, leave it on for 20-30 min after showering and let the water stay hot water stay in the tank for as long as it stays hot and just turn it on shortly before showering again the next day following again with the same process or to leave in on 24/7 when you do not have a dishwasher nor a washing machine?

  89. Tom Gordon

    Q: "How much does it cost to run a hot water heater?" A: Absolutely nothing! If the water's hot, why would we need to heat it? Now, a cold water heater, that's a different story. C'mon people.

  90. B. Griffith

    I believe the correct term is "water heater," not "hot water heater." Hot water would not need to be heated.

  91. Bob Zimmermann

    Interesting feature on what it costs to run a water heater. However, many people in Florida are seasonal, leaving for months at a time. What does it cost to maintain 40 or 50 gallons of hot water in a water heater without any use? Guess you should assume it is an water heater with "average" insulation.

  92. bruce

    do heat pump water heaters put cool air into the room as it removes the cold from the water to make it hot?

  93. Connie

    How much does it cost to run the fan that is on my furnace? It's on auto and I notice it runs all the time. Connie

  94. paul

    as usual FPL is full of themselves look at your bill and divide it by the kilowatt hours your not paying anywhere near .10 per kw hour closer to .17 because they think all the taxes and fees are just not there problem but they go up and down based on your usage so it has to be calculated on real cost not there made up cost. Look at your bill close why are we paying 2.00 a month for storm damage fees, when was the last time a storm went thru ? and since when does a FO PROFIT business get to charge the customers for there damage they make profits why didn't it come out of that. and if FPL is sooo energy conscious why doesn't it support distributed solar as they spend millions fighting you having solar on your house its pathetic and LObbying should be illegal that's why they get what they want when ever they want

  95. P Garrigan

    How much does it cost to run a fan? Low speed for about 8 hours a day>

  96. Gennelle VanSickle

    I feel very lucky to have FPL. You are on the ball.

  97. Rick Sebastian

    Thinking about buying a free standing Spa. They tell me it has to run 1 hour a day to stay clean. I would probably only use it 8 months of year and then maybe once or twice a week. What would electricity cost to run this Spa?

  98. Keelie Cinefra

    I just replace my solar hot water heater; am I eligible for a rebate and if so, how do I apply?

  99. Irene Needham

    Good information. Will keep on file. Thanks

  100. Dell Jones

    Web link for legionella best practices and setting thermostat settings for hot water storage. http://www.hse.gov.uk/healthservices/legionella.htm

  101. Dell Jones

    Craig, Your advice is sound for lowering energy bills but put us rate payers at risk for health issues. Specifically legionella. best practices are to store hot water at 140ºF or 60C. The European Union and Canada have best practices and you can see a an example at this web site. Funny the first know cases were discovered here in the US and other countries have addressed this known health hazard for decades - no so here in the US. Canada has done field testing of the presence of the bacteria in homes and 40% tested positive. I suggest you moderate your reccomendations and refer to potential health issues...

  102. robertdrossi

    thank you or your info. what about fans for cooling bob rossi

  103. Geoffrey

    Why on earth would anyone pay good money to heat hot water? I would heat cold water for sure.

  104. Robin

    I simply switch off the breaker to the hot water heater when not in use. In practice this means that I switch it on when I get up in the morning and switch it off just before leaving for work. The water is still sufficiently hot when I use it again in the evening, so I don't need to turn it on again that day. I find it takes very little time to heat up the water (less than fifteen minutes), so from the time I get up to the time I actually have a shower, the water is hot enough that I have to dial back the heat in the shower. My breaker is in the garage, so accessing it is easy for me. Using this approach, my hot water heater is only on, on average, half an hour a day. Since the breaker is normally off, when I go away (for the weekend, say), I benefit even more. The savings can be dramatic.

  105. Monette W

    What is the ideal number of hours you should set a hot water heater automatic timer, is it 2 hours in AM and 2 hours in the PM, if you are only 1 person, not a family?

  106. John Conroy

    I believe the proper term is "water heater" not hot water heater.

  107. CaptTurbo

    I've had solar hot water since 2012 and have only plugged it in a couple of times since it was installed and only for ten minutes each time to make sure I had a hot shower after three or four days of not seeing the sun. So, I would have to say that solar hot water for me is 99.5% cheaper then electric. Besides my solar thermal system for water heating, I have a large solar PV system that generates more power then I use. If only I could eliminate all my bills like that!

  108. Frank

    I only come down to fort meyers Florida during the winter but for only a couple weeks at a time. I do not rent, it stays vacant when I am not down there. What is the temperature I should set thermostats wnen vacant. It is a condo on second floor approx 1000 sq. ft.



  110. Stephanie

    Why is it called a "hot water heater, if it's already hot?....shouldn't it be called a "cold water" heater??!!

  111. Enriqueta Beguiristain

    If I live in Indiana and have a propane water heater, would I have a lower bill by installing an electric water heater?

  112. Steve Mitchell

    I find that it takes a long time for the hot water to reach the faucet that I'm using . It's a distance thing and can easily be corrected , by placing the water heater in the house area , instaed of the garage , where most water heaters in Florida are . You would save on electricity as well as water if this were done in all new home construction in Floridad . Also the insulating of all hot water pipes would add to the savings .


    How much does it cost to run a 1.0 HP pool pump (no heater) for 6 hours a day?

  114. Johnjohn

    How long would a water heater last if say it was bought 10 years ago and was used say 5 months out of the year? Also. No mention of unplugging the heater when away for a period of time. How much does that save!? Please specify on What to look for in a unit when replacing for a 2/2 condo.

  115. Tom Dvorak

    I wonder if it is economical to have a timer on the hot water heater ? I would think that if the water heater did not keep the water hot when we are sleeping that would be a saving.

  116. Steve Carter

    I got your point from today's FPL blog on the most cost-effective hot water heaters that electric "Instant" point-of-use hot water heaters are only marginally more energy efficient than traditional insulated water storage tank heaters, and that with their initial higher installation costs, Instant heaters might not be economically cost effective for many years. You new insights into the far higher cost efficiencies of heat pump and solar hot water heaters were interesting, but what is their potential practically for the millions of Floridians who live in condo apartments with available space for hot water heating hardware limited to the bottom third of a tiny utility closet underneath a heat pump air handler?

  117. Sandy G

    What about vacations? When we go north to visit family (usually gone for 8-10 days) we turn off our water heater and I assume the energy savings for that time period outweigh the cost to reheat a whole 40 gal tank when we return. (we do not have a circulating system that provides instant hot water at your faucets) How about when we go away for 4 days: is there a savings then? On another topic: does a properly insulated hot water circulating system (as mentioned above) add a high energy cost? There is heat loss as well as a circulating pump to consider. Do you have any facts on the costs of operating that type of syystem?

  118. danielle

    I actually had a tankless hotwater heater installed, and I noticed an immediate drop in my electric useage. $25-$30 month. You are on point withat that. And...the hot water is hotter, no rusty leaking tank to deal with and take up space. LOVE IT!! ALso, it is considered an upgrade! Great investment! Danielle

  119. Klay snyder

    Well it shouldn't cost anything because why would you need to heat water that is already hot. Your question asked what does it cost to run a (hot Water heater) what's a hot water heater?

  120. Hetty Rey

    this has nothing to do with home heating...As I was traveling on US One in Pt St Lucie Fl. I noticed street lights out from Village Green Drive to our entrance way into our development called The Grove/ Palm Grove where at our entrance the Street light is out...I counted 15 lights out on the east side of U S ONE going North...I called your office about this & gave the gentlemen this information...as I was driving in a car I did not see the pole # & told him so...I said starting from village green dr going NORTH on the east side of U S ONE there are 15 street lights out he insisted it was not enough info... i don't know what else he wanted other than me climbing the poles for the numbers I fltl it was very specific...I said send a man out at night driving from Village Green Dr going North to our entrance way & he will see the lights. Then he asked me if the lights were out in my Development ...I said no our Development does not go from Village Green Dr to past Easy Street...I guess frustrated as he was ...he said he will pass this information on & it will take about 4 or 5 days well someone called me who spoke very very bad English & did not say he was from FP & L immediatly I tried to get this info to him but not sure ,,,so maybe you can pass this on I hope you can understand this...thank you

  121. Tom Cooper

    The answers given for Water Heating were not representative of my experiences with clients who have changed their electric hot water systems to solar. For a family of four the savings is about $50 per month. With the 80 gal. storage tank the estimated savings have ranged from 90 to 100%. The cost of operating with solar power is basically $0 per month for the life of the system. Good suggestions on Ways to Save. You might add insulating old water heaters.

  122. mo

    I turned mine off for a month and my bill went down about $75. I try not to use it anymore.

  123. Enrique xiques

    My heater is always turned off I only turn it on when I'm talking a shower five minutes before then I turn it off when I leave the house it's off the whole day ! Does that help at all not to be heating for nothing THERES always hot water !

  124. MKBiro

    Does it matter if your water heater is inside or out in the cold during the winter?

  125. Thomas Topping

    What are the "new generation heat pump water heaters"? Are they comparable in size to the standard water heater? And, in general how do they compare pricewise?

  126. Richard Prager

    Moved to Florida from San Diego. The use of solar energy of various forms had a rapidly growing popularity. They had frequent workshops for homeowners and homebuilders keeping people updated on the latest solar technology for consumers. We living in the "Sunshine State" yet, the use of the free energy from the sun is hopelessly underutilized. You would rather charge people for nuclear plants that were not built, than invest in planet-saving, economical clean solar energy. Were is the creative future thinking strategies. People worry about Miami becoming a victim of climate change, yet you sit on your hands.

  127. Alice odenwald

    What takes more energy? Turning lights on and off each time you enter and leave room or keeping them on.

  128. eleanor shepherd

    We can't afford all these money saving gadgets, waiting now to get grandson to come from Lake Worth to fix small leak under sink, but I do all the things to keep bill low, wash full loads, try not to use too much hot water when washing dishes, taking 3 minute showers, 3 or 4 times a week, turning water off when soaping body, etc..really think people should conserve electricity and water....pleased with service from FPL...mention: my father worked his whole life for Wis. P.& L. company, never missed a day of work in almost 50 years..so was real proud of him...back years ago, he was able to retire before time, mom had a stroke and needed care, and Dad received over a year of salary from sick days not used, and paid vacation time he didn't use.so was able to retire and take care of her and still get paid..companies don't do that anymore, unfortunately!

  129. Mia Witherspoon

    Good Morning, how do I go about getting a surge protector for my meter, hotwater tank and a/c condencer? I aldo want to how do I get in the prgrahm for the a/c filter Thank you

  130. Coe Case

    What is the range of costs for enough electricity to drive an automobile 50 miles? I realize some cars use far less, but what is an approximation for such as a Ford Fusion to drive 50 miles without the gasoline engine?


    Is it ok to shut down my water heater when away for 8 months

  132. Rickie De France

    Question: Does FPL install tankless water heater? and if so, how big should it be for a 4/3 house?

  133. Clyde Johnson

    When away from home is it best to turn off the water heater to save on your electric bill? From 3 days to a month at a time when we are gone?

  134. David Kerzel

    We got a heat pump water heater about 3 years ago and I believe it paid for itself in 18 months. But there is a hidden benefit. It is located in the laundry room. The heat pump water heater cools the room, dehumidifies the room and the dryer seems to have shorter cycle times.

  135. Barbara Lasky

    I am an ecology minded person. So when someone has used double or more of their standard usage of water why are they not notified? If it's a leak they could repair it immediately which helps your consumer & SAVE WATER! A very precious commodity. It also shows care to your clients that you are helping to save their money. Thank you. Barbara L.

  136. Bill Spooner

    I have a tankless RINNAI propane hot water heater, with a two person household, cost about $15.00/mo.

  137. Dong Zhou

    My electrician recommends installing a timer on the hot water heater to save energy. What is your view about this? Thanks.

  138. Jesse

    Why would you need to heat hot water?

  139. Jim Brick

    I'm curious as to whether or not a water heater timer and/or extra insulation are worth the cost (in terms of lower water heating costs)

  140. David W Bessire

    Does it make any sense to install a timer for your water heater and plan to only have it on during the time it is needed? Several years ago, I tried solar heating but on two occasions, even in southwest Florida, the solar panels froze and developed leaks. The installing company went out of business and the leaky panels had to be permanently removed. It has not gotten that cold here for several years but who knows?

  141. Ira Bernstein

    It shouldn't cost anything to run a hot water heater because hot water doesn't need to be heated. A water heater on the other hand. . .

  142. Oscar Gonzalez

    Hello Craig Muccio Thanks for the water heater cost question. Some folks opt to place a timer on a water heater to heat it up prior to taking scheduled showers. Does a customer save money by using a timer on its water heater? OR it makes no difference. The water has to get heated anyways? Enjoy your tips. OG

  143. Ruth Kostelac

    Is it cheaper to turn a T.V. on and off during the day for brief, 20 min. intervals when not watching or to leave it on? Thanks Ruth

  144. Jerry Bellamy

    Can you provide some info on heat pump water heaters?

  145. Dana

    What is a name brand of a good hot water heater? How should hot water heaters be? I have a 50 gallon that will soon need to be replaced. How long should hot water heaters last?? Thank you

  146. james e. knapp

    How come we lose alla-time elect. power ? Wind blow ,or a little rain , power go down ! Please where can I mail a letter of complaint ? City of 180,00 & only 226 people lose power ? It happens to us a lot

  147. jim knapp

    how come we lose alla time elect. power ? Wind blow , little rain , power go down ! Please where can a mail a letter of complaint ? City of 180,000-- only 226 people lose power ?

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