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Summer Savings Tips: Keep Your Cool and Make the Most of Your A/C

Summer is really heating up! As the temperatures start to rise, I sometimes notice my electric bill rise as well. Fact is, the two are linked, but there are simple things I do to keep my “cool” and my bill low during the summer months. [...]

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How to prepare for hurricane season

Hurricane Preparedness Week is May 27 through June 2 – a perfect time for you to do what it takes to prepare for Florida’s summer weather. Having lived in Florida for 25 years, I can tell you that preparing for hurricane season is one [...]

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How does FPL restore power after a major outage

I heard that when there are major power outages after hurricanes that power is first restored to critical areas where there are hospitals, police and fire stations. How can I find out if my home is on one of the first priority grids?

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