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The Electric Vehicle: “The Greatest Thing Since the Invention of the Tire”

Passionate words from an FPL customer and owner of a Nissan LEAF At Florida Power & Light, we are passionate about plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs), and so are our customers. With PEVs’ ability to lower fuel costs by 80 percent, while emitting 70 percent [...]

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Old Poles Have New Life as Artificial Reefs

If you’re a local diver, angler and anyone who loves the ocean, I’ve got good news. You can now enjoy two new artificial reefs that were created using a donation of concrete FPL poles, right off the coast of St. Lucie County. Consider it [...]

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Turning a Light Off Versus Leaving It On

I was once told that it takes more energy to turn a light on and off than it does to just leave it on for 10 minutes or so. Is this true?

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More than 80 percent of FPL customers now have access to their Energy Dashboard

As Florida Power & Light wraps up the installation of 4.6 million new smart electric meters throughout our 35-county service territory in the next few months, more than 80 percent of our customers now have greater visibility of their energy usage with these new [...]

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