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What causes my power to flicker off and on?

Our power goes off four or five times a week for a split second, just long enough to reboot the computer, shut off the dryer, and reset our digital clocks! Why does this happen?

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For a father and daughter, falling FPL smokestacks bring up family memories

Though it took only seconds for the smokestacks at FPL’s Riviera Beach power plant to tumble to the ground Sunday morning, the nostalgic red-and-white landmarks unearthed decades of memories for one particular bystander. Susan Poncy watched from the sixth story of the Port of [...]

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FPL is a step ahead of the storm

June 1 begins hurricane season. But at FPL, we prepare year-round for storms, strengthening our infrastructure and refining our comprehensive storm plan. While no utility can be 100 percent storm-proof, our investments are designed to minimize damage and speed restoration. Our 2011 plan includes: [...]

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