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Keeping the Power On

by | Sep 9, 2017 | 0 comments

All of us at FPL are now making final preparations for the landfall of Hurricane Irma. With a storm of this magnitude and intensity, each hour of preparation counts in order to keep delivering power to our customers and restoring it once the storm has passed. Safety continues to be our top priority.

FPL has built one of the strongest and smartest electric grids in the country, and we have no plans to shut down power to our customers in advance of the storm. We have adequate power to continue serving all customers. Our goal is to continue providing electric service through the storm until it’s no longer possible to do so.

Restoring power safely

After the storm hits, our crews will begin working to restore power as soon as conditions are safe. Once restoration begins, our goal is to get as many customers up and running as soon as possible. We won’t stop working until every last customer is reconnected.

Turkey Point

FPL’s Turkey Point nuclear power plant will be powering down in a deliberate and gradual manner well in advance of the onset of hurricane-force winds. The power plant is among the strongest structures in the country. It will be brought back online once the storm has passed, and after thorough safety inspections have been conducted and validated by regulators.

Committed to our customers and communities

At FPL, serving our customers is both an honor and part of our public responsibility. No matter what effect Irma brings, we are committed to working around the clock to get the power on and helping you and our communities get back to your normal lives.

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Manny Miranda

Manny Miranda is senior vice president of power delivery for Florida Power & Light. He is responsible for the planning, engineering, construction, maintenance and operations of the company's transmission, substation and distribution facilities.

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