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How does FPL restore power neighborhood by neighborhood?

How does FPL restore power neighborhood by neighborhood?

by | Sep 17, 2017 | 2 comments

Our restoration crews continue to make progress after Hurricane Irma and are racing to get every customer’s lights back on. We understand being without power is frustrating, and many of our customers are wondering exactly how our restoration process works.

We don’t restore power based on when customers report an outage, where customers live or the status of accounts. Rather, we follow an overall plan, as illustrated in the image below, that calls for restoring power to the largest number of customers safely and as quickly as possible.

At this point in the restoration, we are nearing the finish line and focusing all of our efforts on the localized level. We have finished restoring the main lines that provide power to your location and are now going into neighborhoods – and in some cases going house by house. This means we are actually going deeper into the hardest-hit communities.

Please know that the last part of the restoration is the hardest as it is very manual and time-consuming.

This is where our crews are uncovering unforeseen areas of additional damage  due to heavy vegetation and fallen trees which is making restoration more challenging and is taking longer.

At this point, we have thousands of unique jobs that, in many respects, require individual attention. If you haven’t reported your home’s outage, please it report online at

We assure you, we’re doing everything we can to return service and help get your life back to normal following Hurricane Irma. Thank you for your patience.



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Manny Miranda

Manny Miranda is senior vice president of power delivery for Florida Power & Light. He is responsible for the planning, engineering, construction, maintenance and operations of the company's transmission, substation and distribution facilities.


  1. Our apartment building on the corner of 52nd Ave and Flagler has not had power for 7 days. Twice FPL has said the ticket had been resolved when the entire building still had no power. I had to fill out a third ticket today and am still waiting. I appreciate whatever can be done to help us. We have many elderly tenants who are suffering. My ticket # is 2723. Thank you!

    • Hi Ana,
      We know it’s hard to be without power and appreciate your patience. Unfortunately, restoration in your area is taking longer than we originally estimated but you can follow estimated restoration times on
      We also understand your concern for your elderly neighbors. Please consider going to a special needs shelter as they may have A/C, medical supplies and staff and services to assist them. Visit or call 3-1-1 or 2-1-1 for help finding open shelters near you. For more information and additional disaster relief resources, visit:

      Restoration is our priority and we are doing everything possible to restore your power safely and as quickly as possible.


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