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Comments [3]

  1. Catherine Eveleth

    Dear FPL, is there anything you can do to help those of us who have issues with our air conditioners, and are getting very high electric bills? A lot of us are being ripped off by air conditioning companies who lie to us about needed repairs, or they go ahead and fix it and charge us, then tell us we need a new one! Then after we are expected to pay the 250$ darn electric bill you send us! Thousands of customers are going through this! It’s not just me! There’s nothing you can do?

  2. Marcia Heath

    I do like the improved services with FPL. Would like to know more on how to get smart energy appliances and air-conditioning systems.

  3. Manuel

    Open an account with FPL

    I just signed a lease for an office, I do not have an account with FPL and I need to transfer the account of the electric power, to pay the bills.
    Could you tell me please what should I do?