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Safety tips for Halloween


LED lit pumpkins

For children, the only two things to worry about for Halloween is getting a great costume and gathering heaps of candy. However for parents, along with the fun comes the need to keep kids safe while they canvas the neighborhood in the dark of night. Here are a few easy, energy-efficient tricks to make sure your family’s Halloween is a safe treat:

For Halloween costumes:

  • LED shoelaces and hair extensions: Make your trick-or-treater standout and stay safe with LED shoelaces and hair extensions. Not only are they easy to use, but children love them enough to wear year round!
  • LED glow stick necklaces and bracelets: The perfect accessory to make any costume pop, glow sticks can be worn as a necklace or bracelet. Plus, you can toss one into their candy basket for a fun way to help them keep tabs on their loot.
  • Clip-on light reflectors: They complement any costume and are easy to use. Most importantly, clip-on reflectors catch the eyes of drivers passing through neighborhoods.

 LED shoelaces

LED hair extensions

For your home and yard:

  • Glow sticks: For a fun way to mark potential hazards, just insert into a balloon. Once inflated, draw fun and scary faces and then tape them to either low hanging branches or tripping hazards.
  • LED lights: Insert into empty milk cartons and draw ghostly faces on them for fun and inexpensive décor.
  • LED tea lights: Just turn one on and place it in your carved pumpkin – simple as that! It will make your masterpieces stand out and help you avoid the fire hazard of regular candles.  
  • LED lightbulbs: Light up the yard and show neighbors your home is Halloween Central by swapping out porch lights with colorful, energy-efficient LED lights.
  • Solar-powered LED pathway lights:  Keep trick-or-treaters safe by lining your yard with Halloween-themed, solar-powered pathway lights. They use the sun to charge during the day and then brighten your driveway and walkway at night.

Glow stick ghost balloons

LED lit water jugs

LED lit pathway bags

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  1. Ralston Davis

    The authors of the blog should be your own FPL customers

  2. Marjorie Cassidy

    We are Canadians but live during the winter in Bradenton. I thought your ideas for Holloween were great and passed them along to my Canadian families.