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Generator Safety


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It’s storm season, and while at FPL we’re more prepared than ever before, a major storm can still cause power outages. You can be sure FPL will be working safely and as quickly as possible to get the lights back on. If you’re planning on using a generator in the meantime, it’s important to follow instructions to ensure safe use

“We’re early into the 2017 hurricane season, and we’ve already had three named storms,” said Heidi Killenbrew, FPL lineworker. “If a major hurricane were to impact the state, we know there will be outages. How you operate your generator during that time is important for your safety.”

It’s National Safety Month and we want to remind you of a few safety tips when working with a generator.

Generator Safety

  1. Read and follow all the manufacturer’s guidelines when using a generator to avoid dangerous shortcuts and ensure safe operation.
  2. DO NOT directly connect your generator to your home’s breaker or fuse box. Power from a generator connected to a home’s wiring will “back feed” into utility lines – which can severely injure or kill a neighbor or utility crew working to restore power.
  3. DO NOT run generators inside your home or garage, as they produce potentially deadly carbon monoxide fumes.
  4. Keep generators away from all open windows, including neighbors’ windows, to prevent the fumes from entering a home or business.
  5. Buy a battery-operated carbon monoxide alarm, which will alert you if carbon monoxide levels become dangerous.
  6. Turn off all connected appliances before starting your generator. 
  7. Turn connected appliances on one at a time, never exceeding the generator’s rated wattage.
  8. DO NOT touch a generator if you are wet, standing in water or on damp ground.
  9. NEVER refuel a hot generator or one that is running – hot engine parts or exhaust can ignite gasoline.
  10. Ensure you have plenty of gas safely stored in gas containers to operate your generator.  

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Additional safety information is available at FPL.com/safety

Your safety is very important to us. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. For non-emergencies, you can reach us during regular business hours via Facebook private message, or follow and message us on Twitter and one of our representatives will assist you. To report an outage, please call 1-800-4-Outage. Thank you and please stay safe.

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