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At Florida Power & Light Company, we’re delivering energy that is cleaner and more reliable than ever before while keeping bills much lower than the national average. How do we do it? By making smart investments on behalf of our customers that continue to deliver improved service at a lower cost.

Clean, Diverse Energy Supply

The way we generate the energy that our customers use continues to evolve. At FPL, we’ve invested in cleaner, more efficient natural gas technology that has enabled us to drastically reduce the amount of imported oil that we use – from more than 40 million barrels of oil annually in 2001 to less than 1 million today, a nearly 99 percent decrease. Not only that, but since 2001 our investments in clean, high-efficiency power generation fueled by U.S.-produced natural gas have saved customers $8.6 billion in fossil fuel costs and prevented 108 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions – that’s money that stays in our customers’ pockets.

We’re also continuing to expand our investment in cost-effective, emissions-free universal solar energy. FPL already operates more solar than anyone else in Florida with 335 megawatts, including three universal solar plants that came online at the end of 2016. And we’re continuing to advance solar in Florida, with eight new universal solar power plants – another 600 megawatts – under construction now, and another 1,500 megawatts planned for 2019-2023.

But we’ve also challenged our employees to reimagine our business, and it’s continuing to bring cleaner energy and additional savings for customers. FPL recently announced plans to shut down another coal-fired power plant, saving hundreds of millions of dollars for customers as well as materially reducing greenhouse gas emissions. That’s the third coal plant in a two-year period that we’re planning to close, resulting in cleaner power and significant savings for customers. And the idea for this came from our own employees!

Smart Grid Technology

We’re committed to providing energy customers can count on in good weather and bad. Since 2006, we have invested nearly $3 billion to strengthen its electric system, including clearing vegetation, strengthening power lines and inspecting and replacing power poles. We’re also investing in smart grid technologies that make the electric system smarter, more reliable and more efficient, including installing more than 4.9 million smart meters and 66,000 intelligent devices to help predict, reduce and prevent power outages, and restore power faster if outages occur.

More than a decade of investments has helped us restore customers’ service faster and more efficiently. But even more exciting is that thanks to our smart technology, we’re able to detect and, in many cases, predict and prevent outages before they happen. And these advanced technologies are bringing a host of benefits to our customers. Just one example – smart meters provide customers with more information and control to help better manage their bills.

Connecting Customers

We understand the importance of providing customers with tools to manage their account. Thanks to smart grid technology, customers can access their personal energy dashboard to help take more control over their energy use and monthly bills. Instead of waiting until the end of the month, customers can go into their account and see their energy usage in real time by the month, day or hour – and make more informed, convenient choices.

We also offer a variety of alerts so that customers can stay informed, and can choose what communications we send and how. So if you choose, we can notify you about maintenance work in your area, reminders about your account, and in the unlikely event their power goes out, and alert when everything is back to normal. We just launched a new FPL mobile app where customers can take advantage of many of these features right from their phone.

Like the rest of the world, the energy industry continues to evolve and dramatically change, and we’re so excited to continue to take advantage of smart technologies to improve the service that we provide our customers.

Your safety is very important to us. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. For non-emergencies, you can reach us during regular business hours via Facebook private message, or follow and message us on Twitter and one of our representatives will assist you. To report an outage, please call 1-800-4-Outage. Thank you and please stay safe.

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