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Old Poles Have New Life as Artificial Reefs


If you’re a local diver, angler and anyone who loves the ocean, I’ve got good news. You can now enjoy two new artificial reefs that were created using a donation of concrete FPL poles, right off the coast of St. Lucie County. Consider it  a new take on recycling!

One of the things I love about my job is being able to create something that’s good for not only customers, but the environment, too. In October 2012, we removed and replaced 130 concrete poles in Port St. Lucie with 60 poles that are more storm-resilient. The donated poles, weighing a total of about 2,000 tons — that’s the same as 1,250 mid-sized cars — were submerged off the coast during four deployments toward the end of 2012.

These new reefs, located about 11 miles from the Fort Pierce Inlet, are in addition to an artificial reef created in 2005 using FPL-donated material. The poles mark the largest and second donation of material from FPL for St. Lucie County’s artificial reef program.

Interested in visiting our new reefs? Plug these coordinates into your GPS:

  • 27 degrees 23.511 minutes north latitude and 80 degrees 2.961 minutes west longitude; and
  • 27 degrees 32.083 minutes north latitude and 80 degrees 11.433 minutes west longitude.

We’re excited to not only offer our customers in St. Lucie County more reliable energy, but now they have two new reefs that will draw residents and tourists to enjoy the some of the recreational features of our beautiful area. And we hear the reefs are already attracting some fish. Hope you enjoy!

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Comments [3]

  1. Paul Rische

    Can’t some of these reefs be created closer to shore.I love to go snorkeling off the beach but there are very few locations in Florida that offer “beach snorkeling”. Not everyone has a boat or can afford to take a tour boat out that far.

  2. Melissa

    I think that is a wonderful idea! I would would love to see some pics, too.

  3. Jim Pottorf

    I think this is a great idea/project and hope that more projects like this can be done along all of Florida’s coastline.
    It would be really great if you could find a few divers who have visited the new reef and post a few pictures of the reef and some of the fish who are now using their new habitat.
    Jim P.