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Elaine Hinsdale

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Elaine Hinsdale, a Floridian for more than 30 years, is a member of FPL’s communications team. She helps customers understand how to monitor their energy usage using smart grid technology and promotes the benefits of a smarter electric grid in the community.

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How to save money using the Energy Dashboard

By Elaine Hinsdale

Asked on: June 3, 2013 by Nancy M., Port Charlotte, FL

How do I find out how to save money and energy using my smart meter?

We have a great tool for you! Our upgrade to smart meters has made it possible for us to create an Energy Dashboard for our customers—so you don’t have to wait until the end of the month to see how much electricity you’re using and how much it’s costing you. You can sign on as often as you like and use it to check your usage right down to the day and the hour. Here are some tips:

  • When the weather heats up, check frequently to see the effect of high temperatures on your energy usage. You can make simple changes to items like your A/C or ceiling fans to avoid an unpleasant surprise when the monthly bill arrives!
  • Involve your kids in a family plan to conserve energy. Start by showing them the hourly graphs—does your household’s usage spike when they come home from school? Kids love games. Challenge them to conserve and reward them with a family movie night.
  • Are you a snowbird flying north for the summer? Use the dashboard to keep an eye on your Florida property from a distance. An unexpected increase in energy usage while you’re away could mean an appliance or A/C malfunction that, left unaddressed, could be costly.

The Energy Dashboard is simple to use. Just go to www.FPL.com and enter your user ID and password in the “Account Log In” box. Once you’re logged in to your account, go to “Billing & Usage History.” For complete instructions, check out our Energy Smart Florida handbook. Or, you can access the information by calling the number on your FPL bill.

Try the Energy Dashboard today! Then tell us: What are your favorite ways to use the Energy Dashboard?

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Comments [15]

  1. Tony C

    I use the energy dashboard to measure the effect on energy usage when I make changes or do upgrades in my home. For instance, try changing your thermostat setting by one or two degrees and turn a fan on for just one day. Then look at the energy dashboard the next day to compare your usage to past usage. If you lowered your usage and are still comfortable you've got savings. The hourly usage chart can also be helpful in identifying individual appliances or activities that use a lot of energy. Look for spikes in usages that occur about the same time everyday. Then monitor what appliances are used at those times and think about what you could do differently to save.

  2. Cheryl Herold

    what temp should i leave my air on when i am a snow bird 85?

  3. Monica

    Is this for free? If so, please I want it!!!

  4. David Murphy

    How do I pay my FPL bill auto from my checking account? Iused to but they took me off and to try to go back on was impossible...No help from FPL. Also how do I log on to Smart,,,

  5. Diane Wright

    We are snowbirds. How can we find out if our home has a SMART meter? Is there a way Online or by phone, if so the # to call? Thanks. Diane

  6. karen

    okay i moved back in with my dad in aug 2012 i have noticed since he has been having me turn my ceiling fan off and on that the bill has went higher so please help settle an argument does it save money to turn it off for say 30 minutes that am out of the room then rather keep it on all the time i can see turning it off for 2-4 hours but for 30 minutes thanks

  7. fracis benmin

    how to lower the bill have change the bulb to the energy ones can not see the different

  8. Jackie

    Can you tell me where to find someone that can come to the house to see where the heat is coming in? I have newer home and I think we have air leaking ... I need to have someone do a test with a infared light to see where it is going. Thanks, Jackie

  9. elizabeth kennedy

    How do I know if I have a smart meter?

  10. Bob Yurecka

    How do I qualify/ signup for a smart meter? Is the "Smart Meter" the same as the old 1980s dual/ day night meter used in the northeast?

  11. Artie Mayer

    I use it to compare my last months bill and to see my useage.

  12. SAveria Morana

    Is there an incentive program which involves adding more insulation to your roof to keep heating and cooling in? Am I eligible for it?

  13. edgar cook

    I am a snow bird away for the summer. How can I tell if I have a smart meter? Your suggestion about checking your energy consumption while you are away is a good one.

  14. Anna Mae Trypus

    Is it a good idea to leave my AC on when I go on vacation, at 85 degrees?

  15. Jim Griffen

    I too have used the dashboard and its amazing. It provides accurate information and keeps me informed of my usages and where i consume the most!


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