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How much can you save on electricity if you turn off the TV?

By FPL Expert

Asked on: March 8, 2012 by Janet B., Tamarac

Q: My kids love to keep the TV on all day.  Could this be the reason my bill is high each month?

You can nag your kids about leaving the TV on, but you might be wasting your own energy; believe it or not, TVs typically aren’t costly energy hogs. Research shows that most of our customers watch about five hours of TV daily. For the typical customer who owns an old TV with a picture tube, the electricity cost is just $10-$30 per year depending on screen size. On the other hand, a new 50-inch flat screen TV uses more---from $23-$54 of electricity a year---with LED TVs using the least and older plasma models using the most.  Keep in mind the longer the TV is on, the higher the power consumption. Here’s a hint: look for the Energy Star label when choosing your next TV. For the average customer who watches just five hours of TV a day, a big screen TV with an Energy Star 5.1 label uses less than $20 of electricity a year! Of course, these days, every penny saved helps, so check out our energy saving tips for electronics to save energy with the latest home technologies. If your family wants to save money on your electric bill, take note of the the biggest energy users in your home: Top 5 home energy users

  1. Air conditioner
  2. Pool pump
  3. Water heater
  4. Lighting
  5. Clothes dryer

For more ways to save energy, take the Online Home Energy Survey to get a comprehensive view of your energy costs and a personalized energy-savings plan for your home.

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Comments [14]

  1. George Roy

    I use a de-humidifier in my garage because I found that I had to replace A/C air handling units every 4-5 years and my hot water tank after 9 years because of excessive humidity in this environment. I wonder where this would be on your list of energy users.

  2. Anna Abrams

    A couple years ago I bought the new CFL lights. My plan was to replace the bulb lights as they wore out.
    I did. The first CFL light lasted about 3 months. The second about 4 months. I talked to my daughter who lives up north and found that she has had the same experience.

    I’d like to save energy, but the CFL lights are very expensive when they wear out so quickly.

  3. Kathy

    Love these tips. Also big Kudos to FPL for excellent service and communication. The regular newsletters are wonderful and we often alert our friends (also Snowbirds) to read certain articles.

    We went thru Wilma without power for 11 nights (yes, we were the last ones in Naples to be reconnect because our wires were buried — go figure — LOL). Not for one second did we fault FPL for our long wait as it was clear that the FPL team was doing everything possible to restore power as quickly as possible. The reason ours took so long is that outside teams were not authorized to work on underground wiring. I hope more people realize what a great Company FPL is and how dedicated the FPL team is to ensuring our needs are met. I just watched your video on Lightening Strikes — another example of FPL being pro-active.

    Pat yourselves on the back — you deserve it.

    Thank you from a grateful Canadian Snowbird.

  4. Bucky

    Yes, FPL – take heed – veterinary facilities and animal shelters need to be up and running ASAP following any major storm. Bump up the crucial priority to restoring services to these folks first along with hospitals and fire stations. They should never be be lumped into just a ‘business’ category.

  5. Omar

    Yes it could be .

  6. David Meyers


  7. Jose Canero

    when FP&L will start being realistic with today’s economy? We are in a recession, and all institutions are cutting down expenses including salaries and employment.
    We the people of the State of Florida must start a petiton not only to opposed this increase but to demand FPL to cut down on waste and unnecessary expenses

  8. Dennis A Day

    Like the communication! Will seriously consider changing to eBill to save energy and trees because of the information provided! An informed consumer is your best ally! Sounds like you need the slight increase to maintain quality services. Thank you!

    1. Me

      You are truly a hero. You are saving the world by following the religion of algore

  9. Robert Buotte

    You like so many other companies come up with all these reasons why you are going up on your prices, and you say (its only this much), and by the time we ad up all of these extra monies, we ask our selves, where do we get the money from to pay for these increases? We don’t we just go deeper in debt. We have to live within our means, no greed, may I suggest you do the same. Thank you.

  10. Alexander Alvarez

    Not comment at this time.!!!!!

  11. dolores ruggiero

    i think you (fpl) are doing a great job…..my bills are lower and i certainly appreciate it. thank you FPL

  12. Jose Noy

    I am paying to much

  13. Davone

    Wow man your just awesome at this stuff.Thank again


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