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Top 5 tips: Get the most out of your email or online bill

By Kena Williams

Asked on: September 29, 2014 by Jack G. from Miami

I like my new online bill. Can I print it for my records? Do you have any other tips?

Whether you’re one of our nearly 2 million customers receiving FPL Email Bill® or you still get a paper bill mailed to you, there are several new upgrades that are making it even easier to do the things you want to do with your bill. Every customer has access to an online version of their bill which allows them to print bills, access billing and payment history and view energy usage easier than ever. If you’re an Email Bill customer, you have access to even more features, including one-click access to paying, printing and more – straight from your inbox. We upgraded these tools based on customer feedback and we’re still listening. In fact, here are five tips for using either your online bill or email bill, based on questions from customers, like you.

1. I like my new online bill. Can I print it for my records?
Yes! Your newly upgraded online bill is easier to download, save and print. In fact, it now fits on one page. If you’re an FPL Email Bill® customer, you have even more features, such as the ability to download, print and save your bill right from your email with one click. Simply select the “Download Bill” link on your Email Bill. If you’re not an Email Bill customer, but log into FPL.com to view your bill online, you can print your bill from your Account Summary and View Bill pages. From Account Summary, click on the PDF “Print & Save” icon at the top of the page. From your View Bill page, click on the “Download Bill” button.

2. Can I see how much energy I’m using?
You can! Customers can now see how much energy they’re using and find new ways to save because we added valuable energy usage information right to your Online and Email bill. The new FPL Email Bill makes it easier to get this information. With one click right from your email, you can access comparative tables and graphs that help you see changes in energy use habits from month-to-month and year-to-year.

3. I’m afraid I’ll forget to pay if I sign-up for Email Bill.
Don’t worry, we’ll remind you. As an Email Bill customer, we automatically send you a reminder to pay if you haven’t done so three days before your bill is due. We also recommend the fail-safe plan for remembering to pay your bill on time – signing-up for FPL Automatic Bill Pay®. You can choose to have your payment deducted anytime between 11 to 21 days after your FPL Email Bill is sent.

4. I tried FPL Email Bill before but could never remember my login information to view my bill details.
This was a common challenge and one of the first improvements we made. Now, customers enrolled in FPL Email Bill are able to access their bill on FPL.com in one click. We call it “one-click access” and think you’re going to really enjoy this new, secure way of accessing the most popular billing and payment features. Get more details about the new Email Bill.

5. I am a realtor and I want to see last year’s billing and payment breakdown. How do I get a printout of activity in 2013?
We designed the new Online Bill and Email Bill with this mind. That’s why you can now access up to 24 months of billing history anytime online. In one-click from your Email Bill, you will be taken to your online bill where you can view your billing and payment history. With FPL Email Bill, we can serve as your filing cabinet and help you clear away the clutter.

With a brand new design and increased functionality, it is now easier than ever to read and pay your bill right from your inbox. These are just a few ways we’ve improved your billing and payment experience. For more information about the upgrades we’ve made to your email and online bill, visit www.FPL.com/newupgrade.

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