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Craig Muccio

About "Ask the Energy Expert"

Craig Muccio runs FPL's Conservation Research & Development Program and crunches the numbers to figure out how you can save by managing your energy use.

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Top 3 energy myths busted in 2014

By Craig Muccio

Asked on: November 26, 2014 by

What were some of the most popular energy myths busted this year? 
Asked on: November 1, 2014, by Nancy A. from Juno Beach 

We’re here to help you find new ways to save and make your bill even lower. Here are the top energy myths busted in 2014:

1. What saves the most money? Putting my computer in sleep mode, or turning it off and on when I need it? 
Asked on: March 26, 2014, by Anastasia R. from Venice

Every dollar counts when you’re trying to save money. That’s why we recommend you turn off your computer when you are not using it. Another best practice is to activate the sleep mode on your computer and monitor. These features can help you save money and are easy to implement.
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2. I live in a four bedroom house and all my kids are gone. If I close the A/C vents in the extra rooms, will I save on my bill? 
Asked on: July 14, 2014, by Merlyn P. from Port St. Lucie

Closing air conditioning vents in unoccupied rooms will not lower your electric bill. In fact, the opposite could occur. That’s because closing a vent restricts the air flow to the various rooms in your home, which means your A/C will need to run even longer to maintain your desired temperature. The end result could be you spending more, not less.  
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3. Which A/C fan setting costs more, “on” or “auto?” My friend believes the “auto” setting uses more electricity. 
Asked on: August 28, 2014, by Beverly H. from Weston

That’s actually a common, but important question. The on/auto fan switch on your A/C thermostat will affect the price you pay to cool your home. The A/C fan circulates the cooled or heated air throughout your home. Setting the fan switch to “on” will make the A/C fan run continuously, 24 hours a day. Choosing the “auto” setting will cause the fan to shut off with the rest of the cooling system as soon as your desired temperature on your thermostat is reached.
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