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Craig Muccio

About "Ask the Energy Expert"

Craig Muccio runs FPL's Conservation Research & Development Program and crunches the numbers to figure out how you can save by managing your energy use.

Your questions on energy-related topics can be submitted anytime to our Ask the Energy Expert blog. Just click here to submit your question, and if chosen, it will be answered here

The best A/C settings for seasonal customers

By Craig Muccio

Asked on: February 26, 2015 by Paul from Sarasota

I leave Florida in May every year and return the following January. What should I set my thermostat on for the summer? Should I unplug TVs, refrigerator, microwave, oven, etc.? I am also concerned about mildew.

Thanks for your question, Paul. Here are some tips to help seasonal customers – like you – maximize savings, and prevent mold and other potential issues while you’re away.

If you have a manual thermostat
FPL recommends setting your air conditioning system to 80 degrees for detached homes and townhouses and 77 degrees for condos and apartments. These measures control the relative humidity (RH) in your vacant home by providing dehumidification to help prevent mold growth.

If you have a programmable thermostat
A programmable thermostat is a more energy-efficient and effective option. FPL recommends programming thermostats at 72 degrees for just two hours each morning before sunrise and at 88 degrees the rest of the time. This will help prevent mold by removing moisture from the air during the cooler hours, when relative humidity (RH) is highest and your A/C runs most efficiently.

Energy efficiency tips

  • Always set the A/C fan switch to the “auto” mode.
  • Ceiling fans are not necessary since your A/C already circulates the air.

Mold prevention
The most energy-efficient option to help prevent mold from developing in vacant homes is to use stand-alone dehumidifiers instead of the air conditioner.

  • Use one dehumidifier for every 1,000 square feet of floor area.
  • Set the controls to 58 percent RH, and locate them by the kitchen sink or bathroom shower so water from the drainage tube can go down the drain.
  • Keep the doors to each room open to help the dry air mix with other air throughout the house. A floor fan set on low speed can help circulate dehumidified air to other rooms.
  • You can add timers to the dehumidifiers and fans to limit their operation to 9 pm until noon each day.

Other ways to save while you are away

  1. Save more by turning off the circuit breakers to the water heater and refrigerator. Make sure the refrigerator is clean and you have a way to keep the door open while you are gone.
  2. Unplug electronics to save money and protect them from lightning strikes during the rainy season. Remember, if it feels warm to the touch when it is plugged in, then it is consuming energy -- even when you are not using it. 
  3. If you have cable or a satellite for your TV: When the TV is off, put your hand on the box that tunes the channels. If you feel any heat, keep it unplugged until you need it again when you return.

 We have more tips for seasonal customers – visit FPL.com

Edited on 3/18/2015 to add:
If you have an A/C with a humidistat, take a look at the snowbird tips we shared in a different blog post: http://bit.ly/1FEnsYG

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Comments [204]

  1. Mario Gutierrez

    I need to know if there is a saving electrical usage. When I lived in Arizona, the electrical company offered to bill the annual average of the past year for paying a fixed monthly payment. Is there something similar in FPL. I'm completing one year in my current home. Thanks.

  2. Steven severson

    Why is the power going off lately for short peorids of time?

  3. Steve Gottshall

    Please give me your opinion on humidistats. Are they efficient and what are the recommended settings when the house is closed for the season? Thanks SteveG

  4. Amanda

    I need a new AC unit, Does FPL sell this type of services?

  5. iris sussman

    I was gone from 2/5 until 3/10 my bill was 89.00 instead of the usual $95.00 or higher which seems high to me. Just wondering why my bill was not lower. Thank you Iris

  6. Joe Bennett

    We live in a mobile home and have a humidistat and a non-programmable thermostat. We usually set the humidistat at 55 and thermostat at 78. Last fall when we came back, we found items in our cupboards that had deteriorated (food and health items) that we had to throw them away. It appears that when the temperature got over 78, the air conditioner did not come on. Any suggestions?

  7. Mike Hudson

    We are going back to Wisconsin, in a week or two. My question is: I have a air-conditioner, a non-programmable thermostat and a humidistat hooked to the thermostat....would I be smart to purchase and set up a humidifier so that the air-conditioner would be used as a back-up only? I believe I read in your web- sight that a humidifier would use less energy. I worry, if the air-conditioner fails, I would get mold! If the humidifier is a good idea, and to use it most of the time instead of the AC, what temperature would I set the thermostat at and what humidity would I set the humidistat, and what humidity would I set the humidifier at? This is a two bedroom condo. Thank You Mike Hudson

  8. John McLaughlin

    Up north we have attic fans to push the hot air out and help cool the house. Would this work in fla. Or is there much dampness in the air.tky john

  9. Gregg Adams

    I left a comment several weeks ago and have not heard anything back yet. My comment was, I have a humidistat and a non-programmable thermostat. Do you recommend this type of set-up and if you do, what do you recommend the setting be. We leave mid-April and come back mid-Oct. If possible please direct to my attached email address. Thanks, Gregg

  10. Barb Drabek-Doyle

    I will be staying here for the summer for the first time. I had a new manufactured home put on my small lot in Estero, FL in a RV Park. I have metal roof and they put a fan in for the metal roof. I have been in Fl most of my last 20 years but we had some money and lived in a house with my ex. in a big development. I am more economically conscious now and need to know should I use that fan during the day when it heats up outside and about what temperature and how long should I leave it on. I have ac and I usually leave it on 79 degrees for heat and air. I get cold sometimes and hot sometimes. It depends on how I feel for the day. Thanks. Barb

  11. Leonard Bakalinsky

    I am a snowbird what should I set my humidistat at while I am away from Florida for about 7 months.

  12. Leonard Durham

    Thank you for giving us the savings on our bills (starting in May 2015). I have never heard of such a thing, We are 1 yr new to Florida & we love all of it. Thanks again, L. David & Mary Durham

  13. Ron Limuti

    During the Summer months, at night my wife wants to keep A/C down on 72 degrees and I'm comfortable at 75 degrees. My concern is moister forming during nighttime hours from the cooler temperatures! What is best setting to provide comfort and not develop mold or mildew?

  14. George Pepin

    Should I have a outside surge protector installed on my electric meter/box also what our the benefits I have a mobile home.

  15. Martin Thiebaut

    Hello FPL's Energy-Saving Expert, I think that a question I tried to raise with you the other day never got posted. The question was: can it do any harm to shut down our A/C unit completely for eight months provided that we place humidifiers in every room of our top-floor condo? We have never had mold, mainly because the summer sun beats down on the rooftop. Our A/C unit failed on us once for five months due to lack of Freon during our absence, but with no ill effects probably as a result of multiple humidifiers.

  16. al

    i have a stand alone house 1400 sf., and i am a snowbird. i have a humistat and air conditioning setting devices. should i use the humistat with the air setting. what should the settings be. i am out of florida may thru october.

  17. Jim

    Dehumidifier setting - why nine to noon?

  18. Yale Mosk

    I have purchased a Tesla. Can I install Solar Panels to help Charge the car and how many would I need. I presently use a 50 amo 220V outlet for tge built in charger. Arte there any rebates?

  19. Bob Fish

    You may want to add, "and while you are turning off electric consider turning off you're water main"

  20. patricia meyer

    I cannot find where you write about the settings for those of us who have humidistats. Mine calls for 65% relative humidity and 78 degrees F. and the fan on automatic. would this be correct for those of us in a double wide home?

  21. Ed Reese

    You said 1 humidifier per 1000 sq. ft. This doesn't consider the capacity of the humidifier. I have had them that are as low as 15 pints per day to 75 pints per day. What is the more accurate recommendation? I don't really expect an answer to this issue any more than the previous questions I submitted.

  22. riccar@optonline.net

    What is the setting for a Humidity for snowbirds when they leave to go back north, and thermostat.

  23. jennabd

    Excellent article- very practical

  24. Sondra Conk

    My family & I are always arguing about leaving the connecting door to the garage open when they go out there. The heat is on & the garage is very cold (& the opposite in the summer). I feel the heat or air is pulled out & so are the $$. Sometimes the door is only left open for 30seconds, but sometime a few minutes. No matter I always feel the temperature change. They argue, in turn, that I they sometimes turn off my ceiling fan or a light when I leave for work, and that is the same thing, and is costing money! Can you please give us some guidance? I am sure we are not the only family that does this?

  25. Joe Kokoszka

    Great info! What if you have a humidistat? Set temp to ??? Set humidity to what?? Thanks

  26. Roger Kent

    That was good info on setting the thermostat but how about when you have a thermostat coupled with a humidistat?

  27. lois owens

    I have a humidistat = what should it be set at and what should air be set at. Thanks

  28. Sam Leone

    You forgot to include ac with a humistat. What setting for humistat and ac?

  29. Carole Stark

    Just read about the best AC settings for a townhouse when we are away. What about the humidistat setting? I am getting conflicting responses to that question.

  30. Paul

    OK with that said for the snow birds how about us folks living here in Melbourne? I heard settings at 72 2hours before you get up and 78-80 the rest of the day. How about at night for sleeping 78 is way to hot for us 75?? Another question if I replace all my duct work with new am I eligible for a energy credit or a rebate? Insulation is next How many inches of blown in fiberglass insulation equates to R40? Thanks Paul Cannefax Dang one more thing how about Solar for my hot water heater? And will it pay for itself?

  31. Valerie

    Article on best A/C settings for seasonal customers is FANTASTIC. Much appreciated.

  32. Grace

    We turn off ALL the power, at the circuit breaker, EXCEPT the AC and the humidistat.

  33. Thomas Yunger

    Are you saying that if you use the dehumidifier you don't need the Air conditioner running

  34. David waddington

    We just turned our Ac on after 5 or 6 months Just,wondering what were the good tem for people that live here all the time? And also night time and day time. We are not sure.Thank you David Waddington I have it on 76

  35. Helen Penna

    Excellent advise, thank you

  36. frank schudde

    On the snowbird question you tell us what to do with a programmable thermostat and a non programmable thermostat, but you don't mention anything about the humidistat, which most of us have. Why?

  37. John Volpi

    tips on vacations setting.

  38. Sherry Alberti

    The answer to the question to set your thermostat to 77 for a condo if it is a manual thermostat does not answer the question for my situation and I am sure others in my development. My thermostat has a setting for the temperature and a separate one for the humidity (humidistat). I have been setting it at 75 for the temperature and 60 for the humidity on the auto setting when I go north. I have a 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo approximately 985 s.f. Is that what is recommended.

  39. Greg Howard

    We are snowbirds from Minnesota who bought a Daytona Beach condo last winter. We plan to spend 7 months in FL and 5 in MN each year. Before we headed north last May I read your blogs regarding energy-saving tips and followed them pretty much to the letter with excellent results. And I did one thing in addition - I installed a wifi thermostat. I know not everyone will want to take that step, but it was ideal for me for two reasons. First, it gave me peace of mind knowing the temperature and humidity in our unit at all times. Second, I believe it paid for itself in one summer. Our A/C bills were a small fraction of what I expected for our 2600 sf condo. I programmed the A/C to run at 4 AM, monitored the humidity (usually daily) and adjusted the running time up or down according to what the humidity trends were. For some stretches I ran the A/C a half hour (or not at all) to keep the humidity below 65; some stretches needed up to an hour and a half a day. Because I didn't know what to expect, I monitored more last summer than I will in the future. I think this summer I'll start at one hour a day running time and check in every few days to see how the place is doing. I had expected electric bills over $100 for the summer months and was amazed when they were more like $20 or $25.

  40. tim sauter

    Along the same line as stat settings what should the humidistat be set at? Your information is very helpful. Thank you.

  41. Peter

    I see the suggested settings for AC while on vacation, (72 for 2 hrs in am and 88 the rest of time), but what if I am using a progamable thermostat in conjunction with a separate humidistat?

  42. carole devore

    What are the settings for a dehumidistat? Rest was good but you left that one out.

  43. Steven

    I just purchased a condo in Stuart, top floor of two stories. We had a new A/C unit put. We have an electronic thermostat and a separate manual humidistat. The AC will not turn on unless the humidistat is turned to 50 or less. According to your message above, when we leave I should turn the temp to 77. What setting should I use for the humidistat.

  44. Roger Kay

    Craig Muccio recommends with a programmable thermostat to set it at 88 degrees and for 73 degrees for two hours in the AM. I believe that is much to warm to maintain a residence at 88 degrees for 22 hrs. When the ac comes on in the AM I doubt it would even get to 72 degrees in 2 hours.

  45. Michael Chapman

    I have a condo with a humidistat. When I leave for the summer, I set the humidistat to 60 and the air conditioning thermostat to 80. I have been told that I should set the humidistat to 60 and the thermostat to 65. Supposedly, this will cause the air conditioning to run until the humidity drops to 60. I was told that if I set the thermostat to 80, once that temp is reached, the air conditioner turns off even if the humidity is still above 60. What are the ideal settings for both?

  46. Bill Croke

    What if you have a humidistat? I've been leaving my thermostat set at 80 and my humidistat set at 50. Does this sound like the right settings or should I set the humidistat at 40? Thx

  47. Sharon Colonis

    Why is the recommended a/c setting in a condo, for when one is away, lower than the setting for a townhouse or detached house?

  48. BUD

    My themostat will not click the A/C on unless the room temperature is @ least (2) degrees above the thermostat temperature. Would it be more effecient to get a new thermostat that will click on the A/C when the temperature rises only (1) degree above room temp? It seems the room would cool down faster by only having to make up (1) degree than (2) degrees. On the other hand, it seems it will be clicking on more because the room temp rises up quickly @ (1) degree. Which statement is correct?

  49. Phil King

    Thanks for the tips on thermostat settings when a home is unoccupied. Can you comment on what the settings should be if you have a separate dehumidistat?

  50. John Brennan

    What should I set the Thermostat and Dehumidistat at while gone for the summer

  51. George

    We have a humidity control connected to the thermostat. What should the setting be for those two controls?

  52. Jack Lahrman

    What if you also have a humidistat? What setting should it be set at...I have heard at 60 is that correct? this question also pertains to after we head back up north?

  53. FrankNeher

    Youm mention in your statements about thermostat settings for your condo, etc. Set thermostat at 77 degrees. No mention of using a Humidstat in conjuction with thermostat. Secondly. you mention using a dehumidiofier, set at 58 to control humidity. By the way this is usually the MOST expensive item to run in your abode. Would like some input from you on HUMIDSTAT settings, and show me how you can save energy using a dehumidifier.

  54. Manuel Menendez

    I live in Surfside and wanted to see if you have any credits or any programs that reimburse or offers discounts to clients that are available for installing energy efficient impact resistance windows and doors?

  55. Eugene milanaik

    What setting should the humidistat Be left on for a leaving snowbird.

  56. Martin A. de Botelho

    Very clear, concise but with a few glitches. I have found that a cable customer, at times, has to call the company to "reset" service after leaving unplugged for months. Thank you for all the tips.

  57. Lizabeth Riepe

    I read about your solar energy centers. That is admirable, but how will that help customers save on their individual bills? Seems it will help generate more electricity (which is nice) but, my bill will stay the same! Guess I'm spoiled from the NJ Resource program, where I leased my panels and generated my own electricity, and also added to the grid. That's what I miss about NJ.....ONLYTHAT! Thanks for listening. Liz Riepe

  58. joseph carney

    For info on the best settings for a/c for seasonal customers, does the info pertains to mobile homes'

  59. sandi Adams

    I live in a condo in Vero Beach, FL. Will FPL add another A/C duct to pipe A/C out to my Lanai so I can enjoy it for most of the year. Last year was my first Florida Summer and my Lanai with Eastern exposure was like a little pizza oven for most of 6 months.

  60. Ken Julien

    I have a NEST set to away with a low of 54 and a high of 80. Should I not use away and program instead to the suggested 72 each morning for two hours with 88 the rest of the day? While I am away during the winter months I probably can leave it on away as it pretty much does not kick on the AC or Heat at any time. Not sure what that does to the AC system not running at all for several months though.

  61. Robin

    What about homes with humidistats? Set temp at 80 and RH at 60% has been advised. Keep closets open and ceiling fans going. Is this a good way to go for preventing mold?

  62. Junetth Lettner

    Would FPL consider auto pay for bills?

  63. Denis Menard

    We are in 2015 ! with the today's technolgy it becomes cheap to look for a wi-fi thermostat. Honeywell offer a wide range of these. Simply connect the thermostat as a normal tablet to your wi-fi router and bingo, You get an acces on your phone, etc, from anywhere and can see/adjust the different parameters for the best convenience and economy,

  64. M. Cuzzolino

    Is using a humidistat to control your air conditioning more energy efficient than using a temperature setting in a vacant "snow bird" home?

  65. Thomas J Brago Jr

    I have a Travel Trailer. I will be leaving at the end of March & will return in September. Should I set the AC to help with mold?

  66. John Sullivan

    I have a new home and plan to be away during the summer months. My air conditioner installer said we have a heat pump and a humidistat. I think he said to set the temp at 80 degrees while away I forgot what he said about the humidity setting. Do the guidelines change because we have a more sophisticated humidistat?

  67. Gladys

    I keep my air at 78in my apartment and am along and I have celling fan in every room and I still pay Paid a lot

  68. esther

    I have lived in florida most of my life but these past few years my light bill have been over the top my light bill runs over $250 per month what can I do to save my a/c is on auto. What would cause my bill to be so over the top? Does fpl offer an expert to come out and complete an evaluation?

  69. Craig Wallace

    How can I get Solar panels for my home?

  70. Claude cousineau

    Honeywell thermostat is link to a humidistat in a condo. So what should be the settings for the humidistat forsnowbird, I had a new ac last year and the frigorist told me to put humidistat at OFF WHILE I'm in the condo from Nov. To April, but what do I do when leaving in may Regard's and thanks Claude

  71. BOB

    what is the most highly rated 50 gal water heater for electrical savings

  72. orazio torre

    I also travel north in the summer. Is it worth it to get a programmable thermostat? If so where and which one do you recommend?

  73. Dan Langenfeld

    What should it cost to add a humidistat to your central air and is it worth it. Would it work just as well to add a dehumidifier and set the air at 80?


    Question, I live in an 820 sq ft condo on the first floor with all updated electrical equipment. I am not home much and leave the thermostat at approximately 79 degrees. I have noticed that my bill the last three months is much higher then last year and I am using a lot less electricity. I am down to shutting off the hot water heater from the electrical box unless I am using it. Will this save me any money. Thanks

  75. Jean Paradis

    Does the Energy Dashboard tell when what times of day or evening are the most cost saving when using appliances?

  76. Meriphin Desilien

    Think you for everything FPL is good Company

  77. Maynard Isabell

    Re: Preventing mold during the summer I'm a snowbird. I have a humidistat wired in series with my thermostat. What settings do you recommend for the summer when I'm gone? Maybe they should they be wired in parallel? If so what setting?

  78. Jim Ramph

    I have a humidistat wired to my AC combined with a thermostat. How should they be wired in series or parallel to the AC unite??

  79. Pete

    The home I recently purchased has a humidistat that apparently overrides the temperature control on the air conditioner. The setting suggested by the previous owner is 60% with the temperature control set at 85 f. Is this kind of system acceptable as an alternate to the previous suggestions from Craig Muccio at FPL?

  80. Rick Knapp

    What is the best setting for a Humidistat ? Using a Humidistat, do you still recommend the air at 80 degrees ?

  81. Joel Dick

    Why wasn't a Humidistat mentioned in preparing a home for the off season? I was under the impression that this was the most efficient and least expensive way to prevent mold.

  82. Sheryl Wagner

    We do not have a programmable thermostat but we do have a humidistat. What would your recommendations be to set the humidistat and thermostat to for summer months when gone? Thank you.

  83. Ellie Hartle

    Is it worth the money to have a humidistat put in my home for the time I am not here? I'm away all summer and fall.

  84. charles malugen

    I have ahumistat what are the settings

  85. Antonio Vidal

    Dear Sir We like to ask, or, comment, about the air condition operation during stay in home and, during home stay alone. In home: We see that operation "automatic" with the thermostat in ,i.e. 69 , the air condition complete -means- the compresor set (outside) and the evaporator set (inside) are complete turning on to Off, when the setted temperature is reached. Question: That is the best for all system? As I know start and stop condition consume large energy in this action- If the start condition turns, more than 20 times a day, I feel that possible energy consumption is good, but the air condition itself suffering due this continuous start - stop Is not better to keep the evaporator set on, running air, and the compressor set on and off for mantein the temperature level? Thanks in advance for any comment Antonio

  86. paul butler

    my apartment is always warm due to sun on my windows all day in both rooms.. I keep my temp. at 77 is that the best setting me my place. I have a living room bedroom and kitchen and bath apt. in Venice, .. Paul

  87. Alice kramaroff

    Thank you for the informations to save énergy,I am snow bird

  88. Jim

    I have a condo in Naples. Thanks for the Thermostat settings, but what should I set my Humidistat at while we are here, and what should I leave it at when we go back north??--Thanks--Jim

  89. wendy moniz

    What should the a/c thermostat be set at when leaving my house durning the daytime?

  90. Jim Miles

    We are snowbirds and leave our 2200 sq ft condo vacant from April to November. We are on the 9th floor facing water. I set the humidstat to 60 and the airconditioner to 70 degrees. Do I need dehumifiders as well? Thanks for answersing my question. Jim Miles

  91. Martin Thiebaut

    Hello FPL and thank you for all these useful tips, We live in a top-floor condo and regularly set dehumidifiers throughout all rooms during our absence. Living at the top of the building means that the roof receives plenty of dry heat during the warmest months. We've never experienced mold. Why then bother turning on the A/C at all during our eight months' absence? In fact, the A/C broke down once through lack of freon while we were away, and our dehumidifiers continued to perform well during the months that it remained out of action. Or is it simply not good for the system's technical welfare for it to be kept shut down for so long?

  92. Ed Bugash

    I have installed a humidistat controller next to the A/C wall thermo (standard, non-programmable) & have been setting it at 75-80 percent & leaving the fan set at "ON". The humidistat is wired to control the A/C separately from the thermo which I set at 85 deg. We haven't had any mold or smells that I'm aware of. Am I wasting energy & doing something wrong or should I continue?? We plan on leaving in May & returning Nov. or Dec. Thank you, Ed Bugash.

  93. Carole Orr

    Does it make any sense to run a dehumidifier on a screened-in porch during the summer? We always have mold on our patio furniture when we return.

  94. Zoli Hartai

    What about a humidistat installed in series with your thermostat? My understanding is that with a humidistat set at, say 55% RH your air conditioner won't come on even when the temperature is 100 as long as the humidity is below 55%. You're still preventing mold, but not wasting energy on unnecessary cooling.

  95. Rick Dawson

    I live in a two store complex, lower level, 16 units in total. I turn the temperature to 80 degrees and the humidistat to 70%. So if the temp goes over 80 the air comes on and if the humidity goes over 70% the air comes on. Is this okay.

  96. ernest torok


  97. James Oppenborn

    I need my airducts cleaned (A/c unit is just a few years old but ducts are 20 years old. There is black dust coming out of return vents which my last AC company claimed was mold but did not react to bleach. Various companies have told me the dangers of having the airducts cleaned "the cheap way" and have tried to sell me a system for thousands of dollars. Does FPL have a list of AC companies that are reliable and trustworthy that can give me advice on how to remedy my problem while increasing the efficiency of my unit?

  98. Bill Hamilton

    In your snowbird response, you did mention the use of a Dehumidifier Controller in conjunction with the central air conditioning system. I have used such a device for 7 or 8 years with great results, and it results in reasonable power expenditures.

  99. Bryant McNiece

    I'm a seasonal homeowner who lives in Venice Oct - April. Our A/C system is controlled by both a thermostat and a humidistat. These instruments are integrated to work together to control both temperature and humidity. When our house is vacant for extended periods, we set the thermostat at 80 degrees and the humidistat at 55% relative humidity. Unless the humidity rises above 55%, the air conditioner will not run unless/until the temperature exceeds 80 degrees. During the summer months when the house is vacant, we are most concerned about humidity levels, not how cool the house is. We have never found mold or mildew in our house and even though our refrigerator is left on and our pool pump runs about 6 hours each day, our electric bill seldom exceeds $60 per month during May - Sept. when our house is closed.

  100. Daniel Tierney

    I recently had my F22 AC unit replaced with a later system which has a Freon with much higher operating pressures.The original tubing is still being used and I am wondering if leaks will develop.

  101. Rochelle Mackey

    I have an 800 sq ft condo with a humidistat-what settings should I have for the airconditioner temperature and the humidity for the humidistat. I am mainly concerned with mildew/ mold prevention.

  102. Darrell knorr

    I have mobile home when I leave in March go north till November what should thermostat be set and dehumidstat. Thanks butch

  103. Jonathan Gignac

    What do you think about humidistat? I do have one. Do you have an advice about the humidity level and the temperature that I most keep my town house during the time I am not there? Thanks! Jonathan

  104. Raymond Filiatreault

    I'm also a snowbird living in a mobile home equiped with a heat pump. The most efficient system was the installation of a "humidistat" several years ago. It's turned on only during the months I'm away. My average electric bill has never increased over $10/month during the summer period and there has been no indication of mildew throughout those years.

  105. Pat Sabrosky

    How to conserve energy was a very helpful & informative. Thank you.

  106. Connie Pilossoph

    What is the setting for snowbirds' dehumidifiers?

  107. carole bell

    I don't have one but wanted to comment on your info.........I have been coming to florida from the north for more than 20 years.........my humidistat was old in an old condo but it worked and Iwas told at that time to turn my cool temp at 90 as we don't care how hot it becomes..............just don't want to have mildew so that was set at 70..............and this was told to me by FPL..and it always worked........hell I took batteries out of battery run clocks...always disconnected hot water tank........but you know your guys told me those 20 years ago......since I was only one in condo........keep it off until about a half hour before dishes or bath and you will have plenty of water and shut it off............so it may take a little longer to heat up........but maybe only about ten minutes...and also at that time disconnected my fridge cleaned it out and put a chair up against it..........I had the lowest electric bill out of 21 unites yayyyyyy!!! I don't think at that time that my was ever over about 15 bux..........and I left a fan or two on and it never cost me this buck a day we are told......never happened..................ok thanks you and I hope you put this up.........

  108. Kurtis Strand

    Isn't 77 degrees a little chilly for efficiency? Insulation works best at 78 degrees or above and so does your AC. Wouldn't it be best with programmable thermostat to set the AC at 78 during day and 83 at night? SEER value and R value are determined around 78 degrees.

  109. John Norman

    What temperature should we set for the summer when we have a humidistat?

  110. Carl Stormer

    And with a non-programmable thermostat, what changes to the recommendation would occur if a humidistat is included with the thermostat. We set the thermostat at 80 degrees and humidistat to 55% while we are away.

  111. Mary Zaar

    What should I set my dehumidistate at when I leave Florida in April until I return in December??

  112. Argie Contogenis

    What is the best temp to set my thermostat and be comfortable and snot have such a big bill my apt is only 670 sf

  113. Richard Sinton

    The comment to run dehumidifiers and fans " limit their operation to 9 pm till noon each day" does not make sense . Does that mean only run at night or does it mean noon to 9 pm . Please clarify

  114. Michele

    In addition to the setting of 72 and 88 degrees programmed in the thermostat, what should the separate humidistat be set to?

  115. Peter Bieck

    Why did the expert not mention the humidistat settings for seasonal customers? Thank you!

  116. Jeannie Bruno


  117. Paul Schulman

    If you have a humidistat in conjunction with a thermostat, what should the settings be for the thermostat and humidistat for when we are away during the summer and fall?

  118. Ron

    we have central air with a heat pump in our mobile/trailer in Florida and were told to leave the Temp: set at 80 and leave the control to the humid-stat at the "ON" position.Seems to work and our worst Electric bill for the six months we are gone was $10. We also turn off the main power breaker at the control panel and Prop the refrigerator door and freezer section open.

  119. James Storck

    I Apartment a A/C like they use in motels, it is our living room, We have to put an window unit in the bedroom, well I guess my A/C bill is high.

  120. Maria aponte

    I keep my air conditioner on 78 when I leave for work is that ok to keep my bill low

  121. Jean-Pierre Malo

    There was two years ago, the recommandation was 80 degrees for the air conditionning when we leave for many months. Last,year, it was 78 and this year is 77...for,a condo. What it is with a thermostat of humidity: 60 or 65 or the automatic ON?

  122. Shawnta Milton

    I am trying to save on my bill. I like my house very cool at night. Right now I set the temp to 68 nightly. What would be a good energy saving tip to cool down and save money? Florida nights can get pretty hot.

  123. Muscat Charles

    Criag. You are so right. I am also a seasonal resident in Florida and have always followed your rules both in Florida and my home up north. The savings are big. You have just fine tuned my going home process. I have also put s timimg switch om my bathroom vent snd run it every day for 40 mins and have found out it helps. Thanks Chsrld

  124. John Gigante

    We have a humidistat control on our thermostat. What is that and what should we set it at when we leave for the summer? If we use the humidistat will we still need to use the dehumidifiers?

  125. Maria Medina

    is there a better time for your appliances to run? that is, is there different rate for kw/hr according to the time of the day? How do i know if you answer this question? Thanks

  126. James Thompson

    Would solar panels on my roof make me any cash back,while I play snowbird ?

  127. Barbara Port St. Lucie

    Is using my electric stove a lot causing my FP&L bill to be so high?

  128. Johnny

    Good advice for the temperature setting of the air conditioner when you are away in the summer. We have a humidistat connected to our temperature control box. What are the recommended settings for the humidistat when combined with the temperature settings.

  129. Gordon Ladwig

    What are the best temp settings for AC in the summer for year round customers.

  130. roseann

    what if you have a humidistat? what should the humidistat and a/c be set at?

  131. maradona jean paul


  132. Jim

    Hey expert Craig, have you ever heard of a humidistat? The AC only runs when the mold and mildew reach a preset RH. Saves a lot more money than your method.

  133. Jami

    I live in a wood frame home it's only 1300 Sq ft what should I leave the temp on during a hot summer day

  134. Tom Cimino

    Great tip. Do the economics work to change a manual thermostat to a programmable thermostat?

  135. Joe Pash

    You say 80 F when we leave and go North. What about the associated %RH with 80F??

  136. Bob

    Would it pay me to have a dehumidistat installed. We are in Sarasota for four months, Jan - Apr?

  137. Bob Leipprandt

    what should I set my humidistat when I am gone in the summer?

  138. Doug Wilcoxson

    Is there any advantage using a Humidiastat over setting thermostat at 80? I stopped using it last summer because it wasn't working properly & my house sitter just left it at 80 & bill seemed a bit higher?

  139. Carroll Melton

    You forgot a few things for the snowbirds! Every microwave oven and every range or wall oven I have ever seen has an electric clock in it. No clocks anywhere in the house need to be running when nobody is home for extended periods of time. Most telephones are also plugged in to an electrical outlet for one reason or another.

  140. Bill

    I live in a condo and have a Humidistat connected to my thermostst. How should I set the Humidistat? Do I close my hurricane shutters? I leave in April & return early October.

  141. Carl Wambold

    So, what about us who are here full time? Don't need to use fans?

  142. Barbara Gautieri

    I leave in May and come back end of October. I have a humidistat attached what should I leave the thermostat at and what about the humidistat? I do unplug everything! Thank you.

  143. Gregg

    what about someone with a manual thermostat and a humidistat What should the settings be on both. Do you recommend using a humidistat? Thanks for your comments Gregg

  144. Ben

    What settings for condo with humidistat for snow bird

  145. Louis Milano

    Your expert is saying RH (relative humidity) is lowest during the morning cooler hours? Science seems to say just the opposite. RH is higher when the air is warmer.

  146. Barry

    Curious to know what make of solar panels FTP has on its solar farms?

  147. Dennis murphy

    If I have a programmable thermostat and a humastat what setting would you recommend when I am away from April to Deember .....and what settings for bothe whe I'm here December thru March ....I seem to never get the humastat setting correct thanks dennis

  148. William Quarles

    I am thinking about adding blow in insulation to my 28 year old house's attic. This will be spread above the existing original between the truss insulation. My question is, should I insulate my screened porch and garage's ceiling? They aren't insulated now and share the same attic as the rest of the house. Both are areas that are very hot in the summer. Thank you!

  149. Jerry

    What can you tell us about the new Federal water heater regulation that takes affect 4/16/15.

  150. Lee Wisnioski

    Who at FPL should I talk to about getting my solar panels connected?

  151. Alex

    What should I set the thermostat at and what should I set the humidistat at? Condo is 1000 sq. ft.

  152. Greg

    What about using a humidistat?

  153. jean rochon

    In my condo, I have a a/c complete with a dehumidifier. what are the recommended settings for the a/c and humidifier thank you

  154. Sharon Ballou

    Our usage has gone up a great deal since we had to start using a nebulizer and a oxygenator. Any ideas on compensating for this increase?

  155. omi

    We use these humidity bowls you can buy at walmart and set pans of cat liter in each room.

  156. Mary MacNeil

    You guys are soooo on the ball! It is so nice to have a utility that is proactive and efficient. My rate in NH is so bad I have to limit my TV watching and only put heat on in one room. In the summer with no heat on and no AC, my bill runs $110+ a month!! And, I live alone! Here my highest bill with using all appliances and TV reasonably but not skimping, my highest bill has been $35! Thank goodness for you guys. You are allowing seniors on limited budgets to have a quality of life they deserve.

  157. richard falgione


  158. harvey Lenz

    This didn't cover humidistats. I have heard different opinions on how to use or not to use one. What does FPL recommend?Thank you

  159. BERNICE

    Please explain to me why my bill for NOV was more than when I am here since I was away from Nov07-Dec23 and my brakers were off. Thank you

  160. Nick Abbatiello

    Great comments. On cable box, it's not good to unplug it. It requires periodic updates and if off, won't get them. Upon return for season, the box may need to be reprogrammed by the cable company, necessitating calling them and going through their tech people. It's a pain. My thermostat is manual but has a humidistat cut-off device. I set the %RH for 55% and thermostat at 82. Even if the temperature exceeds 82, the AC won't run unless the humidity is above 55%. For dehumidifiers, some need to be reset after a loss of power. The older ones with manual controls should be used. I bought a plug in humidstat switch which will control the unit and is unaffected by power outages, or voltage dips, which do occur from time to time. Any UPS systems for IT equipment should remain plugged in so the batteries remain charged. Lastly, invest in a humidity sensor for your home security alarm. If there's a problem, that will notify you before extensive damage from water or mold could occur.

  161. Virginia Easley

    My AC has a built-in humidistat. Before we go north, I think I'm supposed to set it at 65% and the thermostat at 70 degrees, with the "Cool" setting and the autofan on. While we are here the humidistat is in the on position. Does this sound correct?

  162. Joseph Sidari

    what about a humidistat setting with A/c settings?

  163. Stuart Felsen

    Very good advice! I wish I knew before. I now have mold i my master bedroom. How can I get rid of it?

  164. Lorraine Bolton

    Our Condo board decided to put a timer on all the 24/7 motors on the roof regulating our bath vents 10:00 pm to 8:00 am. Is this a good idea? We have to raise the temp of our air conditioner to sleep at night and keep the dampness, odor, and air circulating. What is your take on this. We are not liking this at all.

  165. Bill

    What would the best away settings be for a manual thermostat working in conjunction with a humidistat?

  166. Jim Bellomo

    I have a humidastat and a manual thermostat what should I set the humidstat and the thermostat to when leaving for the summer.Thank you

  167. Karen Kutruff

    At what setting should the humidistat be set when we are seasonal in a double wide?

  168. roberta thomas

    are there peak hours and are they at a higher rate than off hours.

  169. alexander

    What setting for residents. All Summer . Set automaticially to turn on.

  170. Georgie Eichler

    I am more confused. I live in a mobile home from Oct. until May. I was told by a/c Co. when I leave to put my thermastat at Auto - Cool 85 T-stat 65 D-stat Is this correct?

  171. Prof. T. Owen Carroll (ret.)

    You suggest turning off cable boxes for TV. The problem is Comcast then sees the box as inoperative and after some time (a month or so ??) shuts off service to the box. To re-establish TV service requires the usual long and multiple phone calls to Comcast !!@#$@%!

  172. Tom

    If I have Air & a humidistat and I set the Air on 80% What should I set the Humidistat at so if air is Not needed to take out Humidity, I have been setting It at 68% is that close to were it should Be ???



  174. Fabiana Ferrer

    Good afternoon - what is the degree that we need to leave the thermostats when we go on vacation for 2 or 3 weeks? Do we need to unplug TV, toast. Thanks

  175. Emily Hook

    Are humidistats effective?

  176. Kurt Sand

    I will need to replace my A/C unit soon and need to decide how high a SEER is the most cost effective. I would think that at some level it is not cost effective, pay back, to buy the highest SEER.

  177. Jerry Parent

    What setting are recommended for Mobile Homes located in southern Florida (Fort Myers). Setting for both A/C and RH. Thank you, Jerry Parent

  178. dan mcgarity

    Will soon need to buy a new AC unit. I now have a 2 ton that is about 14 years old. It works fine. Can I save money by upgrading to an seer 13, 14, 16?

  179. Mark Strasfeld

    What is better to use a/c or humidistat for mildew control during summer for snowbird. Also explain best settings for humidistat

  180. Jerry

    I have a humidistat in series with my thermostat. What is the best setting for both as a snowbird?

  181. Lori

    I'm in Naples, a little further south than Sarasota. Do I need a dehumidifier in addition to my air conditioner? I have a single family house just under 2000 sf.

  182. Mike

    Please help me understand better why I put a humidistat on my furnace since I'm not in Florida currently year round. I read the humidifier and settings but do I need a humidifier or not with humidistat?

  183. Charles

    Thank you for the suggestions, what if you have a humidistat, what should be the settings for the programmable thermostat?.

  184. Ken Schroeder

    What is the best settings for winter and summer for your AC in a 1,200 ft. manufactured home?

  185. Geoffrey Dean Bunting

    What should I set the humidistat on?

  186. Joe Bratspis

    You suggest unplugging cable box to save electricity when leaving for a long period of time. If the cable box has a battery backup, will unplugging cause the box to revert to the battery backup and cause the battery to eventually discharge?


    Leave Refrigerator Door Open-(take a kitchen towel & wrap around one of the drawers-close-wrap around outside handle)- since power is off and good idea to put box of Baking Soda inside.

  188. Carlos Garcia

    What temperature should the thermostat be programmed to during the morning, day, and night while living in the home ? In our home, we like to sleep with 74-75 degrees but during the day nobody is really around. Look forward to your recommendation. Thanks

  189. Robert jackson

    We live in north port fl and are hon frequently, we live in a manufacture home. We set our thermostat at 80. My question should we also use a himidastat?

  190. william bouldin

    I am the president of our men's club. We recently had a member from FPL as our guest speaker. We were told by that person to set the thermostat at 82 degrees and leave the fans on? Please explain your difference's. Thank you.

  191. Gary Leavitt

    Graig Muccio's comments on a/c settings for seasonal residents stops short of suggesting settings for the humidistat on the whole house a/c system and suggests the use of portable de-humidifiers. While I think the use of portable de-humidifiers is probably the best application and more energy efficient, I view these units as a considerable risk and generally not well made. I would never leave one of these units plugged into a home while I was away. I do think it is a good idea to use fans to circulate air. So I ask what is the suggested humidistat setting for whole house A/C?

  192. Gabe Torok

    Sorry Craig, The best vacant summer home climate control is to have an independent thermostat and humidistat. That way if either the temperature or the humidity exceeds preset limit the Air Conditioner will turn on and bring the condition back into the desired range. I have done this for at least 10 years and while I am up North for 6 months my temperature limit is set to 86 degrees and my relative humidity limit to 62%. My monthly electricity usage for the air conditioners in a 3700 square foot home is about $30, one fifth of what my friend use in similar size homes. I have elapsed time meters on my air conditioners and they typically run less than 10 hours per month. I have never seen any effect on furniture, rugs, curtains or paintings (If you have a Rembrandt hanging on the wall you may want to set lower limits). I probably saved $5000 over 10 years compared to others in similar homes. I recommended to the EPA that they include such independent thermostat/humidistat requirements in the EnergyStar thermostat specifications but objection from suppliers made such requirements optional. Fortunately several manufacturers make such products now. Regards, Gabe Torok

  193. Renee

    If we have a humidistat along side our programmable thermostat, what should everything be set at. Do we still need stand alone dehumidifier?

  194. jim

    you didn't mention using a humidistat????

  195. james morand

    snowbird..live in pre-fab home..i set the thermostat at 80% and the humidistat at 72..good or ??????

  196. Albert

    Appreciating the recommendations for settings while away to control humidity especially. I would like to have seen an opinion on the use of Humidistats. I have had them in two different properties in Florida with recommended settings of 60% humidity and 80-82 degrees. It seems to do the job but would appreciate your opinion.

  197. Joseph Lombardo

    I find it curious that you did not mention the use of a humidistat in conjunction with a thermostat to prevent mold. Are humidistats useless? Thank you. Joe

  198. Louis Portman

    I am replacing my condo, 1240sf, a/c system. Will I qualify for any rebates??

  199. Charles Tucker

    I moved to my home in 2011 and purchased the surge protection plan from fpl my refrigerator went out had to replace it then the ac unit went out fpl replaced the refrigerator but not the ac I asked for the date the surge protector was installed. I could not get a answer I know there was a work order for their records. I think they may have forgot because I had 2 plugs went bad at this time. Like to know when the parts was installed

  200. Roger Wolcott

    I just read your message about snowbirds and how to best protect our homes when we are up north, but I see no mention of homes with a humidistat. What are the best settings for the thermostat and the humidistat? Thank you, Roger Wolcott

  201. Rob Trimper

    How much energy does a large screen TV on standby consume in a month?

  202. David

    Does FPL support customers who want to install solar panels? If so how?

  203. B

    WHat is the proper way to use a humidistat for a full time resident. Everything I see is directed at snow birds

  204. William Boggess

    Why haven't you answered my question?

Heating your home

We are new to the area and new to central A/C. In December, we had some cold days and turned the heat on. The increase in our bill was substantial. Does heating use that much more energy than the A/C?



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