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Restoring your power faster by getting one step ahead of severe weather

The end of summer and start of fall tends to be a busy time for all of us. The hurried pace in our own lives often coincides with some heightened activity in the Atlantic as hurricane season reaches its peak. That’s why here at [...]

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Getting your life back to normal faster after a storm

As president of Florida Power & Light Company, Eric Silagy leads the thousands of employees who bring affordable, reliable power to you every day. He’s raising his family here in the sunshine state, something that fuels his drive to always look for ways to [...]

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Old Poles Have New Life as Artificial Reefs

If you’re a local diver, angler and anyone who loves the ocean, I’ve got good news. You can now enjoy two new artificial reefs that were created using a donation of concrete FPL poles, right off the coast of St. Lucie County. Consider it [...]

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More than 80 percent of FPL customers now have access to their Energy Dashboard

As Florida Power & Light wraps up the installation of 4.6 million new smart electric meters throughout our 35-county service territory in the next few months, more than 80 percent of our customers now have greater visibility of their energy usage with these new [...]

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Restoring power — anytime, anywhere

From time to time, you may see an FPL truck parked near your home late at night, possibly even when your power is working just fine. Don’t be alarmed. Our crews work around the clock to restore power, and they may need to work [...]

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Smart meters help FPL restore power more efficiently after storms

When Florida Power & Light Company mounts a restoration effort in the wake of a tropical storm or hurricane, we now have new tools to help us restore power to our customers more efficiently, thanks to smart meters. “Pinging the meter” during Tropical Storm [...]

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How smart meters and a smarter electric grid are helping us get your lights back on more quickly

You shouldn’t have to think about what it takes to keep the lights on – that’s our job. One way we’re doing that is by is investing in advanced technologies to build a more modern electric system. In the age of the smart phone [...]

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How can I protect my appliances from power surges?

What should I use for surge protection for my appliances?

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How does FPL restore power after a major outage

I heard that when there are major power outages after hurricanes that power is first restored to critical areas where there are hospitals, police and fire stations. How can I find out if my home is on one of the first priority grids?

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Understanding Line Clearing Efforts in Your Area

Your Systems Improvements Map implies that trees were cleared from my area, but I’m still seeing trees near the lines. Why is that?

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