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What are the best A/C settings for snowbirds?

I have my thermostat/humidistat set to 80/60 while away up north. I watch my usage via my energy dashboard, but wondered if these are the best settings to save energy and prevent issues?

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Programmable vs. “smart” thermostats

Do you have recommendations on which thermostats are best to use in Florida?

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What’s the best way to heat a Florida home

What’s the best heating system to have for cold snaps: my standard A/C system with heating or should I look into investing in a heat pump?

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Students see solar energy in action

Schools across Florida are using our state’s sunshine to help power classrooms and teach kids about clean energy. Through FPL’s Solar Pilot Program, nearly 100 schools and other educational facilities will be getting special solar-panel displays by the end of 2014. While installing solar [...]

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Which household appliances use the most electricity?

Which appliances use the most electricity in the house and contribute the most to your electric bill?

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Microwave, electric oven or slow cooker – Which uses the least energy?

What uses the least amount of energy when cooking: a microwave, electric oven or slow cooker?

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Phone chargers – Keep plugged in all the time or unplug?

Does it take more energy to leave a phone charger in the outlet, even when it isn’t charging?

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Turning the A/C up or leaving it at the same temperature. Which is better?

Is it more economical to turn the A/C up during the day and down at night, or leave it at the same temperature all day? 

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How to save money using the Energy Dashboard

How do I find out how to save money and energy using my smart meter?

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If there was a hurricane, how long would it take to restore power?

If there was a hurricane, how long would it take to restore power?

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