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Author: Monica Landrini

Monica Landrini
Monica Landrini is FPL's Business Lighting Program Manager. She has 25 years of experience in Program Management and is a BBA graduate of the Metropolitan University of Venezuela. For the past seven years, Monica has supported the FPL's rebate programs for the Business/Residential DSM markets.

How holiday decorations affect your energy cost

How will leaving my holiday decorations turned on for 10 hours daily affect my bill? Beverly M., Miami Have your own question?   Ask The Expert  › If you are getting ready to put up holiday lights, it’s definitely a good idea to understand how much your decorations may impact your energy usage and bill. A number of things will influence your energy consumption, such as how elaborate of a display you have, and the number of lights and choice of bulbs – incandescent or LED. While incandescent strands are cheap to buy, the cost to operate them is not. For...

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