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Author: Greg Gartner

Greg Gartner
Greg Gartner is the senior director of hardening for FPL. Prior to holding leadership roles at FPL and NextEra Energy for the past 10 years, Gartner owned several entrepreneurial businesses that focused on delivering innovation for their customers.

Hardening the energy grid means improving your service

When something is hardened, most people believe that it is impenetrable, like a fortress or a bank vault. So, what do we mean when FPL hardens the energy grid? Before I continue, let me dispel some myths. Hardening does not: Make the grid stormproof Prevent all outages Include only concrete poles Hardening means that we are installing power poles, which can be a combination of wood and concrete, that will be able to withstand hurricane-force winds. Hardening also means that we are shortening the span between poles by installing additional poles and possibly placing some sections of power lines...

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