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Get ‘energy fit’ and make your bill even lower with simple changes

Have you ever wondered what it costs to power your television or refrigerator? The answer is simple: one degree. By making simple changes like turning your A/C’s thermostat up by one degree, it gives you enough savings in one month to be able to [...]

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Summer Savings Tips: Keep Your Cool and Make the Most of Your A/C

Summer is really heating up! As the temperatures start to rise, I sometimes notice my electric bill rise as well. Fact is, the two are linked, but there are simple things I do to keep my “cool” and my bill low during the summer months. [...]

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The energy-savings plan you need on your New Year’s resolution list

It’s no secret that this is the time of year for New Year’s resolutions. Each year I evaluate everything from my fitness to my finances and set goals to make improvements. This year I am putting out a challenge to all FPL customers (including [...]

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Entertain the energy-efficient way this holiday season

When you think about the amount of energy it takes to entertain family and friends during the holidays, you probably aren’t thinking about the energy costs. As someone who is looking forward to starting new traditions with my soon-to-be husband, while keeping a watchful [...]

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The Shopping List that Can Help You Save Energy and Money

I recently went to a local home improvement store with the goal of spending $100 on energy-efficient products that will help save me energy and money at home. As someone who finds home improvement stores a little daunting, I knew I needed to be [...]

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