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Author: Andrea Lewis

Andrea Lewis
Andrea Lewis is FPL’s On Call® Program Manager. She has 15 years of experience in the energy and environmental industries. With more than 750,000 customers, On Call is the nation’s largest utility run residential and small business demand response program.

Ask the Expert: Save energy and money with the On Call program

How does On Call work and can I really reduce my energy bill by $137 a year by joining the program? William Z., Pembroke Pines Have your own question?   Ask The Expert  › How On Call works When you volunteer to enroll in On Call®, you give us the option to temporarily turn off the appliances you select and receive a monthly credit on your bill in exchange for your participation. There are two program choices based on the appliances and options that work best for you – Cycle Option or Extended Option. These options determine: Which household appliances we’ll...

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