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Brad Goar is the program manager for FPL's Home Energy Survey and Low Income Weatherization programs. With over 140,000 home energy surveys performed annually, FPL's Home Energy Survey is one of the largest utility run energy survey programs in the nation.

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Top tips for snowbirds

By Brad Goar

Asked on: February 29, 2016 by Yvan L., Delray Beach, FL

I own a condo in Florida and we are snowbirds. I wanted to know, what do you recommend for closing up my home for the summer?

Thank you for your question, Yvan - we hear this one a lot. As you start to make your arrangements before leaving town, here are some recommendations to help you prepare your home and manage your account while away.

  1. Account management
  • Check your Energy Dashboard to monitor your usage while you are away and check for any unusual changes in energy usage, which could indicate an appliance or A/C malfunction.
  • Combine FPL E-Mail Bill® and FPL Automatic Bill Pay® for the easiest way to receive and pay your FPL bill while you’re away.
  1. Appliances
  • Cable or satellite boxes: Unplug or turn off to avoid paying for energy you aren’t using.
  • Water heater: Turn off the circuit breaker to the water heater.
  • Small appliances and electronics: Unplug. For security reasons, you may want to place timers on indoor lamps. If you leave your broadband connected when away, you can use smart plugs to control table lamps. 
  • Dishwasher: Empty and leave the door open.
  • Washing machine: Leave the lid open.
  • Refrigerators:
    • If you prefer to keep your refrigerator on, set it at its warmest setting.
    • If your prefer to keep your refrigerator off, make sure to clean the interior with a solution of 1 tbsp. of baking soda in 1 quart of water, dry thoroughly and leave doors open. Turn off the circuit breaker to the refrigerator. Remove all food from the freezer and refrigerator, and leave the door(s) propped open.
    • If you have an automatic ice maker, switch it to the "off" position.
  • Pool:
    • Set your pool pump to run no more than six hours a day.
    • Arrange for someone to check your pool’s chemical levels and water level while you’re away.
  1. A/C settings and mold prevention*
  • Change your A/C filter. If it is washable, then wash it. An accumulation of dirt plus the summer heat and humidity can lead to mildew and mold growth, which can spread through the house.
  • For programmable or smart thermostats: Set your A/C to run at 72 degrees for just two hours each morning before sunrise and at 88 degrees for the remainder of the time.
  • For non-programmable thermostats: Set your A/C to run at 80 degrees while you are away. If you live in a condo or apartment, set your A/C at 77 degrees.
  • Set the controls of your humidistats and/or dehumidifiers to 58 percent RH to maintain acceptable humidity, since some humidistat sensors are inaccurate by as many as 10 percentage points. For more information about using humidistats and mold prevention, refer to this blog post.
  • For maximum energy savings: Use portable dehumidifiers instead of air conditioning. Set dehumidifiers at 58 percent by sinks and showers, and use one for every 1,000 square feet. Be sure to place the dehumidifiers so the water runs into the shower or tub drain.
  • Open your closet and cabinet doors, just to keep fresh air moving in and out of those areas.
  1. Hurricane preparedness
  • Make arrangements for hurricane shutters to be installed prior to your departure if you will be gone for the duration of hurricane season, which runs from June to November.
  1. Safety and security
  • Make sure all smoke alarms are working and have fresh batteries.
  • Turn off the main water valve unless you have an automatic fire-sprinkler system. If you do, turn off the water valves to your washing machine, kitchen and bathroom sinks, dishwasher and toilets.
  • Ask someone to check on your property every few weeks for problems that could pop up, such as plumbing leaks or storm damage.
  • Make sure all doors and windows are locked.
  • Close your drapes and blinds. This will help keep strangers from peeping in to see what you own and check for signs you may be away.
  • Stop newspaper/mail deliveries. Stacks of paper outside or a full mailbox may attract unwanted attention.


*These tips are intended as guidelines to help you save energy and prevent mold growth, but your results may vary. Because each situation is unique, FPL cannot guarantee any particular result will be achieved by following these tips.

Your safety is very important to us. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. For non-emergencies, you can reach us during regular business hours via Facebook private message, or follow and message us on Twitter and one of our representatives will assist you. To report an outage, please call 1-800-4-Outage. Thank you and please stay safe.

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Comments [128]

  1. Anita

    Thanks for your list. We have heard so many things it is great to get a concise professional list! I will print this out and use it as a check list!

  2. Bill Doughty


  3. Ron Cisneros

    very good advice!

  4. Peter Rosengard

    Do F.P.L. Offer anything like Mass save sponsored by National grid, I also live in Massachusetts, Looking for any free program or discounts to purchase light bulbs.


  5. Jo Aubertin

    I’m a 75 y/o widow . My husband took care of our home when we were planning to be away. Thank you so very much for your tips. These tips will certainly help me. JA

  6. Alicia Erminy


  7. Lily B Bean

    Hello. I had my condo up for sale since January and just 5 days ago a couple visited, loved it and put an offer — now accepted. Closing has been set for June 6 and it seems that date will stick. The couple are moving in immediately and I’m sure they’ll connect with you soon enough. DO NOT shut off the power unless you have to, but you’ll make things easier for everybody if you just wait for them to confirm their plans and at that point eliminate my name in the account record, which I have had in automatic payment. After I leave I will be living temporarily with a son in Pompano — while I find a little house for myself. Thanks Lily B Bean

  8. Sue Kekel

    I live in a mobile home and am leaving for 5 months. I have read and thank you for your tips. I do not have a humidstat on my a/c so what should I do – leave it on 80?

  9. Carmel Blaquiere

    Should I have my service cancel to avoid a charge for the 8 or 9 mohths that I’m away if so what will be the charge to reactivate my service
    Thanks Carmel

  10. Rhonda Levy

    Hi I’m a snowbird and am wondering why my bill is about $8.00 more at this time. Compare to last year. I do have my frig on and the air at 79F. That’s the only electric I have on. I have also put damp rid all over the house too. Has the cost of electric gone up from last year. No one is in my condo. Waiting to hear what you think of the difference in cost.
    Thank you

  11. Grant

    Can you comment on whether it’s a good idea or bad idea to leave ceiling fans on when our coach home is closed up fir the summer with the air conditioning left on. Thanks.

  12. Don Phillips

    I live on Caraway Drive in Venice, FL and would like to know what caused the power outage last night.
    Thank you,
    Don Phillips

  13. Samuel Green

    Do you recommend snowbirds leave fans on when closing up for summer?

  14. brenda g henk

    Very good info thank you

  15. John W. Butterwick

    What happens when these energy efficient bulbs explode in my living room?

    bad gases? Flourescent tubes exploded/broke in confined areas really bad gases escaped.

  16. Greg Murphy

    In our condo we installed a digital honeywell wireless thermostat. The Humidistat was wired in series with the thermostat therefore if the humidity stays below 55% I cannot read the thermostat via the internet.
    Here is my question. What is the best way to use the two devices in conjunction. Leave the humidstat to on and run the AC for two hours in the morning at 72 and then set the other four periods of each day to 88? or set the humidstat to 58% and leave all daily settings on the thermostat to 77.
    Thank you Greg

  17. phil jeans

    Hi Brad, just bought a condo in Naples, and as a snowbird we leave it empty during the summer. Prior to leaving in April, we have renovated the condo, nEW ac 14 CEER and installed a tankless WH, removed all carpets installed ceramic, new appliances and a smart meter attached to the AC. How can I promote these upgrades to FLP for discount energy savings, as it appears that I have the same consumption as the previous owner.

  18. jim

    great information. I’ve been told to leave my slatted blinds partially opened and that the light will prevent mold and mildew. What do you say??


      For those of you that are evacuating from the coast, I just heard a great tip. It’s called the one cup tip. You put a cup of water in your freezer. Freeze it solid, then put a quarter on top of it and leave it in your freezer. That way, when you come back after you’ve been evacuated, you can tell if your food went completely bad and just refroze, or if it stayed frozen while you were gone.
      If the quarter has fallen to the bottom of the cup, that means all the food defrosted and you should throw it out. But if the quarter is either on the top or in the middle of the cup, your food may still be ok. It would be a great idea to leave this in your freezer all the time. Then, if you lose power for any reason, you will have this tip to fall back on.

      If you don’t feel good about your food, just throw it out. The main thing is for all to be safe.

    2. Melanie Goddard

      My sense is that it depends more on the temperature and humidity than on letting light in. I have always kept my blinds closed (and have even covered windows that have only opaque curtains in order to keep it cooler and prevent my AC from working harder), set my A/C at 78 and put Damp Rid hangers in my closets (with the doors open). I put a Damp-Rid container in my washer and dryer as well as my car, as these are in the garage, and not climate controlled. So far, no problems!

      Meanwhile, you don’t want people peeking in your house while you’re gone to see what they might like to take….

  19. Todd G Anderson

    My bill shows an increase of billing cost from last year in the amount of….better than $10.00 dollars. Is this due to billing costs?

  20. Donald Burke

    We recently had a hot water line leak which has been repaired. This leak created a high water usage as well as a high electric usage – is it possible to have our bill adjusted – We have replaced the hot water heater as well as repaired the leak.

  21. Denise Dennie

    A neighbor suggested that I sign up for monthly surge protection, whereby you apparently install equipment to protect appliances should there be a surge.
    How do I go about signing up for this plan.
    Thanks for your help

  22. Alan Thornton

    My wife and I just upgraded out AC/Heat Pump to a new 18 SEER, 2 stage fan. Where do I find the forms to get the $150 rebate?



  23. John Dufresne

    Our ac-heat pump is in need of replacing , what should we look for and do you recommend any local contractors

  24. James

    I heard that the new LED light bulbs are dangerous to your health is this true ?

  25. Gregory rogers

    Can I change met theromstat to help energy usage. It could be 35 years old.

  26. Raymond Kowalski

    We run a small manufacturing plant in Tamarac. Are there any programs or discounts for small businesses that we can take advantage of, like LED lights?

  27. Kenneth Chaplar

    Yesterday I thought I paid my current bill online with FPL. As of today it has not shown up on either my balance owed to FPL nor as a deduction from my bank account. How long does it take to be posted ? Also, how does one get to speak to a live person as to matters of this nature ?

    P.S. I did not receive a statement for the current open bill amount or I would have paid it long before now as you can verify by my last several payments.

  28. Kevin Gleason

    We have enjoyed the upgrades of the poles in Hollywood. We are moving to Jupiter and we wonder what the schedule is to replace the poles in Jupiter.

  29. Christopher powers


  30. Frances Vasquez

    Good afternoon,

    My name is Ms. Frances Vasquez and I am a school counselor at Charles R. Drew K-8 Center. I would like to invite representatives from FPL to speak to our students about their careers during our 2016 Career Day on May 18th, 2016. Can you please provide the contact information of the person I can speak to in order to arrange your organization’s participation? Thank you!

  31. Richard Wieloh

    As a “snowbird” we will be going north soon, so can you please address my concern. My condo/double wide home has a enclosed lanai with a 20 ft. Bank of windows with shades on the SE side. This room get sunshine all afternoon and therefore heat.
    My question is should I use a portable fan in the low speed to have circulation and to prevent mold?
    Thank you for any help you will offer.
    Sincerely, Richard Wieloh

  32. Vish HEbbar

    Do you have suggestions for replacing a Central A/C system and best rated unit?

  33. Horst Wassermann

    I read an article in the P.B.Post concerning “Smart Meter Alerts” I am concerned that your company will start your checking while we are not in FL.
    We will be in Spain for 6 months and do not want our electricity disconnected in case our meter enclosure needs repair. How can you help us with that.
    Sure would appreciate your reply.
    Horst Wassermann

  34. Yvonne Carlan

    Why is Daylight Savings Time a good thing for the state of Florida? My air conditioner needs to run longer and more frequently with the sun out all day. How is this saving energy?

  35. Carol Doherty

    How should I have my Ceiling Fans set. Clockwise or Counter Clockwise ?

  36. Robert Pellecchia

    Just installed new A/C in our condo. The A/C company installed a new thermostat and said they no longer recommend or install a humidistat. What is FPL’s advice on this?

  37. George Thompson

    If you are constantly going in and out of a room is it better to leave the light on our turn it off each time you go in and out ?


    What is the link between the humidistats and the AC. A representative of a cie came to put an humidistats in my condo for 145.00$. I put it as you said at 77 degree for the ac and 58 for the humudistats. I had a monitor for the humidity but even if the humidity was higher nothing happened. Therefore, I put the humidistats at 48 to see if something will happen but nothing happened . The ventilator was on automatic . The guy told me to put the humidistats at on when I am in the condo but really, I do not want too much humidity in and if the humidistats is not lowering the humidity when I am in the condo I do not know how it will do that when I am away.

  39. Millicent Moore

    I had a bad experience over the week-end, I had a power surge
    that interrupt some of my electrical app.
    Please how I can get FPL power protection



  40. Georgett Styers

    lease I need number to talk to a person in customer service. Cannot find the number to talk with a live person, very important.

  41. Terry

    I am a Snowbird leaving the end of this month just bought this place is it a good idea to leave my ceiling fans running I have two of them

  42. Allen Bertulli

    When leaving for extended periods during the summer months, set your dehumidistat and thermostat as follows: DEHUMIDISTAT DIAL: 65% (Relative Humidity) THERMOSTAT MODE: Cool TEMPERATURE: 72 Degrees

  43. Roger Gervais

    How do I make sure that my hvac is properly sized?

  44. Pat Campana

    How do I report a pole light that keeps flashing on and off all night? My pole in front of my home in North Port Florida is pole # 5 3946 2818

  45. Bob Friedman

    do you recommend a solar attic fan?



  47. Jeron Michel

    Thanks for providing these great summer close up tips. This is our first year down here for the winter. I’ll be sure to follow them. Thanks again, Jeron

  48. mike eiffert

    Our condo has a pool heater and a spa heater. We run the filter pumps 7×24. Would it be more cost effective to put timers on the heaters to turn them off at 10pm and back on at 9am or to just leave them running 24 hours a day?

    Regards, Mike

  49. L. Auchmoody

    Great article. Only wish it could be printed. Can you make it printable? Or at least email a printable copy?

  50. Rhona Lewis

    I appreciate How FPL has change for the customers to help with there bills I have seen changes in my bills and that helps tremendously. Thank You FPL and continue working for the good of the people God will continue to bless you all

  51. Walter

    Can I save money with a humidistat

  52. daniel

    I’m ready to replace my a/c unit (single package electrical outdoor unit). My house is in Fort Lauderdale (Imperial Point) Florida. 1,200 s.f. Two bedrooms, two bathrooms, one car garage and a Florida room.
    I will like to know what company FPL recommend, for most energy efficient, and since the house is three miles from the ocean, needs to consider the salt resistance.
    Is there any rebate, or incentives from FPL.
    Daniel Gonzalez

  53. Doris Vidal-Gonzalez

    I live in Hollywood, FL. During the winter months I do not use my A/C at all much less the heater. Why did this year my FPL bill run as high as $140 and more for two months in a row? (December, January…)

  54. Nat

    When setting the dehumidifier to 58%, what do u set the Air conditioner to? Or do u just keep it off.

  55. Sonia

    Im wondering if running a tower fan and wall fan is going to consume the same as if i leave the ac on. Im currently running the fans with the ac off to save but i want to be sure. Thanks

  56. Vittorio Argento

    I have a condo where I go occasionally but it is closed for lengthy periods of time, also. So these tips were helpful to me also.
    Thank you, and I’ll be watching for more.

  57. Hobbit Forrest

    Is it possible if I rent my home to have renter assume the bill and for me to also be able receive the bill so I can monitor their oayments?

  58. Lise Paradis

    A combien je doit laisser la température et pour l’humidité

    C’est une maison mobile

  59. Natalie

    Dear Brad,

    I am moving out of the place that I am in. I have a roommate who is staying. What is the process for her to take over the account by placing the bills in her name/own account?


  60. Rich Quigley

    Excellent guide. I will keep a copy as a reference. I have a condo in Florida. Most of the tips are applicable to a house or condo. Thanks!



  62. Sally A. Barron

    Is the answer to above question the same for a mobile home the same Should you leave heat or air on to keep dampness out. I left air on and set temp at 80 and came home to a very damp home but no mold Thank you Sally Barron

  63. dario diaz

    How much electricity is used by a TV pilot light when it is off?

    how much electricity is used by a cellular phone charger when it is connected to the wall but not to the phone?


  64. Myron Molotky

    I have a 2 bulb fluorescent fixture in my closet. 40watt. how much energy
    does that cost per year @ 1 hour per day?
    Thank you

  65. Elaine Schmalz

    What is the rate per KW/Hr for residential.

  66. cheryl duvall

    I usrd to have something that gave me an energy savings each month how do i get that back?

  67. Phil

    Pouring mineral oil into toilets, sinks and drains will prevent water evaporating, since the oil sits on the water. No need for duct taping drains and wrapping toilets. When you return, just flush it away. Baby oil is just perfumed mineral oil so it is pretty mild stuff.

  68. John Thomas

    why detached homes, set thermo at 80, but apts or condos 77???

  69. jhandfield




    I received a FPL email stating a “25% increase reliability” by FPL I started to think about the 3 refrigerators I had to replace and a bunch of computer harddrives that were junk. I had to replace these items because of multiple power outages and then surge restarts in a period of 5 minutes. This situation was not isolated but 2 to 4 days in a week. When I contacted FPL they always said there was a problem at a substation and it was being corrected.

    Now FPL sends me an advertisement for a surge protector at the cost of $9.99 per month. Yes, in Florida we have thunder and lightning storms but all of my loses were caused by a substation problem according to FPL.

    Almost every week I have power outages usually during Florida’s beautiful sunny days and starlit nights………

  71. Janet Manley

    Thanks it was helpful!!!

  72. Renate Hotson

    ThanK you for the good information.

  73. Judith P. Davis

    thanks for these tips!

  74. K. C. Robinson

    Hello. During the summer i’ll be home mostly
    Weekends. What’s your best advice for me where
    Saving on electricity is concerned?

  75. flor de Luz Palomo de Escobar

    Could you please tell what kind of AC must to buy for my apartment. 2 bedroons apartment. I need to change it. Thank you so much

  76. linda ramey

    In Jan 2016 we relaced all the
    Old appliances with new more
    Energy efficient ones. Does FPL
    Give home owners any credit for
    Doing so? Secondly, we will
    Be replacing our old AC unit with
    A new more efficient one. Is there
    Any credit for doing this & if so
    How do we apply for credits?

  77. Yvonne Brajevich

    I would include in the refrigerator information that you mention that the ice that has accumulated should be tossed out so it won’t melt and leave a mess.

    This was a suggestion to us and it works well. After turning the hot water tank off at the circuit breaker, drain all water out of the tank. If water is left in the tank, it will have a bad odor and will be impossible to get rid of later when you return.

  78. donna kessinger

    Yes can you tell me what the cost of leaving a lightbulb on all night would be I think its a 60 watt

  79. L w

    Good info. especially the temp. & humistat settings. Thanks.

  80. Bob

    What do you do if you have a gas hot water heater?

  81. Javier Vigil

    Instead to say ” changing the current” that requires power transformer is better to say ” controlling the voltage” that maintein the system running more reliable….

    From time before I read you said ” don’t touch the power lines cables” and you know the correct sentence must be ” do not approach the power cables” . The current will jump to you before you may contact.

  82. sally barron

    I had a problem with my mobile home I left air on 80 and my house was very damp but had no mold someone told me I should have left heat on not air for it rain for the 3 weeks every day how should I leave thermastate.

  83. Thomas Behling

    I am having energy efficient hurricane windows
    Installed Mar.30th. Is there energy efficient rebate
    that can be applied for ?
    Thank-you for the help full tips for closing up my
    my house. Where is the Energy – Dash board and
    do i have a smart meter , I just bought my place
    and I am a snowbird.
    Thank-you for your help and I hope I receive a reply.

  84. James morris

    Cover all toilets and drain openings with cling wrap to prevent pests such as green frogs from entering residence while away.

  85. jim

    our condo is 2300 sq ft along with all the good tips given, we leave 2 ceiling fans on low to keep some air flow.

  86. Micheline Kingsberry

    Thank you for these advices.
    Micheline Kingsberry

  87. Willis Rich

    Good suggestions. Thank you.

  88. Don Canton

    We just had an expensive air conditioner put in last year and discovered it has no surge protection. Does FPL install surge protectors for them and if so, about how much would it cost. If not, who should i contact to have it done?

  89. France's T Nierman

    Thank you for all the information

  90. Barry Kart

    Last summer I noticed that my FPL bills seemed to be be very low for expected summer months outside temperatures. I had my humidistat set to 55% and my non-programmable thermostat set at 78 degrees, which is what my home warranty service recommended. My house sitter said that the indoor temperature was 80 degrees or higher and that the air conditioning would come on only if the humidistat was set to the “on” position, which is what I was told to use when I am in Florida during the winter months. Does the humidistat setting override the thermostat air conditioning setting? Is it okay to use the above recommended settings to prevent mold formation? I do not wish to pay for electricity use for unneeded air conditioning.

  91. Ron tom

    Thank you we do all the things you suggest. RG Tom

  92. Donna Hammond

    This is great information.

  93. Fred W Henry Jr

    It would be of great service if the tips could be printed without the inclusion of everything else on the page. That way we could print a copy and keep it in the residence for future use.

  94. Norm

    Are there any rebates available for energy efficient windows in my home??

  95. Judy Guyer

    Hi, Do LED light bulbs save energy???

  96. Tom Beltz

    In addition I always leave my fans running in the lowest setting. This helps to keep the air moving within the condo as well. May cost a little to run but moving air helps in preventing mildew and mold.

  97. Jo Decker

    This is an excellent and timely article. I will be sure to share with our snowbirds in our condo complex. Thank you for sharing. I can never over emphasize these valuable tips.

  98. Betty Lee Sung

    I got a message that my acct credit card was changed. That is true.
    My purse was snatched from my hands. Police report on file in NYC 5th Precinct

    I am reluctant to give out my new credit card number over the internet,.

    I wish to renew. Please send me a bill I understand your rates have
    gone downl

  99. Gene lister

    These are all great tips. For the nearly six months that we are away, we have a trusted neighbor do a walk-through at least once a week. Gives us peace of mind.

  100. Mike Zeto

    Thank you very much for all the good information. This confirms what I have been doing and some great new tips.

  101. Gail

    I’m sorry but I sort of disagree with the A/C settings. I work at a condominium complex and I do the weekly inspections for those owners not in Florida during the summer. We keep A/C set at 78 degrees (highest) with the fan on AUTO. Some are even left on at 76 degrees. Since humidistats are very unreliable, we usually suggest no higher than 40. If the humidistats are left any higher, there tends to be a very “musty” smell throughout the summer. More and more owners are going with 76 for A/C and ON for humidistats. The cost per month is a little bit more, but those that keep their settings like this never return to musty/moldy condos

  102. gary

    In the Chicago area, I used to see sales on LED light bulbs 60 watt equivilent for as low as $2,00 each. Drive 1,200 miles and go to the same store and the prices are $12 – $15 or more. I want to have 100% LED lighting in my winter home but I will have to IMPORT them. FPL needs to look into this oddity.

  103. Rachel


    I work for 6-8 hours a day and I was wondering if it be better that I turn off my air during this time or just leave it at a specific temperature all day long and do not touch it.


  104. shirley spencer

    I cannot reason with your reading and why my BILL is so expensive, I live in a 3 room apartment , only me, just one person, I never turn heat on, seldom turn the air on , maybe in July and August and you are charging me the same as 5 room apartment with children, please, please check this out, I first moved in this 3 room apartment was to save on my utilities, fpl is charging me more than they did in my home, I sold and there were 6 ROOMS, I need an answer for this, in the last 4 months, I just want to scream at you because of my bill

  105. simone smith

    About three weeks ago my electricity kept cutting off and on three times in about 5 minutes. It happened again this morning at 6:39 am. It causes the appliances with surge protects to reset and the lights to go out and come back. This is a concern. Electrician says that there is no problem with panel or wiring. I reported the problem at 7:40 with FP&L, automated service said that there was no disturbance of power. What do I do? This is a grave concern!

    1. Annette

      It may be your thermostat and the power draw from AC turning on/off causing problems.

    2. Don

      FPL always has these problems…welcome to Florida! That interruption is their arrestor equipment clamping down because a limb or squirrel got on the line. This always them (FPL) to keep the power on…and not have to dispatch a repair. Unfortunately…..it also DESTROYS your refrigerator, air conditioner, and ANYTHING else in your area with an electrical motor. This is not FPL’s concern though…live with it!

  106. see2xu

    Most owners of free-standing homes that are occupied seasonally need to have at least weekly inspections in order preserve full coverage from their insurers. While it may not take our electric bill to the absolute minimum, we also leave the ceiling fans rotating on low speed to keep air circulating and lessen the load on the HVAC system.

  107. lawrence allan

    I am very surprised that florida ( of all places ) does not allow the
    use of solar energy in residential housing. It would seem that FPL
    would be LEADING THE FIGHT to make full use of solar energy in the
    sunshine state! Why is this NOT THE CASE?

    1. Dee B

      That is not true. There are a number of homes right here in my subdivision and neighboring subdivisions in Bradenton that have solar energy panels on their roofs.

    2. James morris

      Because it appears to compete with power company, should be considered an asset.

    3. Elaine

      Not sure why you say this as there are many many homes in FL with solar panels to heat water, pool etc. However some gated communities do not allow solar panels I guess for aesthetic reasons – the HOA doesn’t like the look of them and they think they might ‘lower property values’.

  108. Dawn- Marie

    Thank -you for these tips. Your timing is perfect as I am just beginning to think of my return home to Nova Scotia
    Dawn- Marie

    1. Betty Smith

      Does a humidastat take moisture out of the air when the air conditioning is running. I live in Indiana and my instructions for my HVAC says to turn the humidifier off when the air conditioner is in use?

  109. Ed Brennan

    Put a little olive oil or cooking oil in your sink disposer ,run for a few seconds. It will keep it from freezing up. Wrap your toilet Bowles with plastic wrap. That will reduce humidity & prevent the water level from going down. Preventing sewer gas from coming up into the room.

    1. Mike

      Add some Clorox to the toilet before sealing with Saran Wrap. Keeps the mold down.

  110. Hector


    Can I use solar panel in my home? Is it expensive to install those panels?

  111. brian gonzalez

    i want to enroll in the paper less billing to wave the fee

    how do i do that

  112. corina tuaty

    I have to request a revise on the meter in my house,the bill is to high I think something is wrong

  113. Lou Koeniger

    We like to open our windows at night during cool weather when air temperature is below 70. Our house then slowly heats up even though the heat pump is off. For example, the outside temperature was 59 last night. We woke up sweating at 1:00 AM. We closed the window and turned on the a/c.
    Is it possible for the walls and windows to store heat during the daytime and release it during the night? We normally set our daytime temperature for 76-78.

    1. Phil

      You have to remember that everything in your house – walls, floor, furniture etc -is at the temperature you set . So everything will be 76-78 degrees at night. A few open windows are not enough to cool everything down in a few hours. Unless there is a strong through draft through the windows, which means more then one window being opened, it just won’t cool down fast enough to make much of a difference. We turn down our thermostat to 71 at night to get a good sleep.

  114. Anthony

    Hey! My wife and I are thinking about buying our first house and are debating between pool and no pool. I know a pool will increase our electricity bill, and it probably depends on type, age of equipment, etc. – but is there an average amount that pools increase energy bills?



    1. Robert T

      It’s about a dollar a day to run your pool on avg. well worth it, in my opinion.

    2. Teresa

      We have a pool & Spa. I run it for about 6-8 hours a day. The pumps is a good pump, about 2 years old and my electric bill is lower in this house than the one without a pool. Then again, this house is better insolated. Well built. My pool guy told me the pool pump doesn’t cost as much to run as people think. He estimates about $10-$15 per month, assuming the pump is in good working order and not working too hard. Good Luck!

  115. Sandra gean

    Last message is SRIVIERABLUE@aol.com
    100 BI’ll per month with 12 days on; otherwise OFF??? Not acceptable

  116. Santa gean

    How w
    Is my bill $100 month when I’m home 12 days a month I travel extensively for work and I turn off the AC this is getting ridiculous I need an answer I have spoken to represent about it with a mediocre explanation


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