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Tiffany Spence

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Tiffany Spence is an energy expert at Florida Power & Light Company. She’s conducted thousands of energy audits at homes and businesses, helping customers find new ways to make their bills even lower.

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Record heat means higher bills

By Tiffany Spence

Asked on: July 19, 2016 by Roy T., North Port

Why is my bill so much higher than last month? It seems to be getting higher and higher every month.

Hi Roy. This is a very common question that we get asked every year around this time. And, I feel the same way, as I’m a customer, too.

The answer is actually pretty simple – your bill increases when outdoor temperatures rise because you’re consuming more energy due to your A/C running longer to keep your home cool. There is a direct connection between outdoor temperatures and your energy usage.

Putting it into perspective
Your A/C can account for more than half of your monthly energy bill during peak cooling months. Right now, it’s running twice as long as it does in cooler months to keep your home at the same temperature which can result in higher than normal bills.

Think of it this way – if the outside temperature is 80 degrees and you have your thermostat set to 78 degrees, your A/C has to cool your home just 2 degrees. However, when it’s 90 degrees outside, your A/C has to cool your home 12 degrees, running longer to keep the indoor temperature at 78 degrees.

Tips to help you save
To help you lower your energy costs, we’ve compiled a list of some small changes you can make to start saving:

  • Keep your thermostat at 78 degrees or warmer with the fan on "auto" and raise the thermostat setting to 82 degrees while you're away. For every one degree you increase in temperature, you can save about 5% on your monthly cooling costs.
  • Turn off fans when you leave a room, and make sure they’re all turned off when leaving your home.
  • Close shades, blinds and drapes to keep the sun’s heat out.
  • Visit FPL.com/EasyToSave to learn how you can save up to $250 on your energy bill by taking our Online Home Energy Survey and view your personalized Online Energy Dashboard where you can see how the outside temperature and other factors impact your bill by month, day and hour.
  • Sign up for FPL Budget Billing® to say goodbye to summer bill fluctuations. While not a savings plan, this program evens out your annual energy costs so you pay approximately the same amount each month.
  • View our summer tips page to help you find even more ways to save.

At FPL, we’re committed to always helping you find ways to make your bill even lower.

Your safety is very important to us. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. For non-emergencies, you can reach us during regular business hours via Facebook private message, or follow and message us on Twitter and one of our representatives will assist you. To report an outage, please call 1-800-4-Outage. Thank you and please stay safe.

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Comments [155]

  1. luvin areas

    why I have to pay my bill in cash ? Why don`t explain to me in detail what problem was ?


    I need my bill to go down please, I keep the temperature at 78 or 79 and the bills is all ways up to 200 dollars every months, no matter what

    1. Eloise Duncan

      my a/c is set on 74 & IT has 2panels that is on auto/auto & it seem to run &run
      can someone come to my home and give me an asessment.



  4. cliff harvison

    Living in Stuart, I’ve noted that some newly-installed power poles (along Federal Highway) are “slanted” (i.e. not “vertical”), and I’m wondering why this is.

    Thank you, in advance, for your response.

    Regards: Cliff Harvison

  5. Richard LECKY

    Does FPL have a whole house lightening/spike protector? If so how does one go about requesting and what is the cost? Thank you, Rick

  6. Toni

    I am planning on replacing my hot water tank in my house in Fort Myers. which do you think is better for our area tankless or normal 50 gal tank. What are the pros and cons of both?

  7. Gabriel Schlosser

    Please provide me the contact for the energy protection plans that are charged on my FPL bill.
    It costs 6.25 per month and what does it cover?

  8. JOSE

    I am trying to communicate to add a acct or service I have a rental property and the tenant I moving out and I need to have power for the ac and show it do ph or application to do it not find a

  9. Victor Monterroso

    My son likes his A/C at 71 F and we like it at 74-75 F; if we install a portable A/C at his room and set it at 71 and then we set the whole house at 74, do you think we will be saving on electricity?

  10. Victor Monterroso

    Actually a question to the FPL experts:
    My son likes A/C at 71 and we like it at 75 F. If we install a portable A/C just for his room (for the 71), and then set the whole house at 75, do you think we will save on electricity?

  11. Nora Ivell

    My comments are not connected with Energy Saving, but about my Bill. When I click on to BILL DETAILS, the answer comes back ” we are unable to meet your request at this time ” In other words, I am simply having to accept an invoice without details of the meter reading, or indeed how many units I have used. Trying to contact you by phone is more difficult than attempting to speak to the Pope. I am hoping therefore that you will pass on my sentiments to the appropriate department, If this is not possible, then perhaps you would let me have their Email address
    Nora Ivell

  12. Jim Miller

    Is it worthwhile to consider replacing florescent tubes in kitchen area & bathrooms with LED strips or something equivalent in LED?

  13. dan williams

    Where can I find a guide to comparing/evaluating a 14 SEER A/C unit vs. a 16 SEER unit? I need to replace my existing central air package.

  14. John J Wolff

    It occurred to me that it may be a good idea for FPL to try out a field test to attach reinforcement bracing to the 1st 10 feet above the ground of all wooden poles that are in areas of historically damaging areas!!
    Has FPL done any testing of this sort in the past?
    I am curious to find out!!

    Thanks, J J

  15. Bill Mercier

    We are at an age that we think that it is not to our advantage to install solar energy. We will not recover the costs of installation before we no longer require your services. We have 2400 Square feet of conditioned space and our monthly bill is averages about $100 a month. What is your opinion on this?

  16. Dave Wirth

    Why is FPL not consistent on their billable days per month? August, which is a much hotter month, is for 33 days, which will make an expensive month, more expesive


    My AC building facility guy installed a humidistat before the thermostat. The humidistat is set to 65 and the thermostat is set to 78 deg. As long the humidity is below 65 the Ac will not run. When the humidity goes above 65, the AC runs with a setting at 78.
    Is this a good setting levels to insure that I won’t get any mildew?
    Thanks, Roger

  18. David Crawford

    My a/c is equipped with load control device. How do I know when the a/c compressor is turned off by the load control device. There appears to be no LEDs on the unit to indicate its status.

    Thank you

  19. Denis Sintiris

    Would I save on my bill if I leave my hummisat on ?I had it on 58 but I was told that I should not use it. Can you help me with this?

  20. Debra Cazaropoul

    With normal usage my electric bill for a 2 bedroom mobile home has jumped from an average of $120 to $290!! There was a new electrical post installed just before this happened. How can I get someone to come out and see if there is a problem?

  21. Jim

    We put the “whole home surge protector” on our house a year or so ago. Last night our house had a brownout that went to a very short (second or less) blackout four times in less than a five minute period.

    Isn’t this what the surge protector was suppose to protect and block against?

  22. Furman T Martin III

    How can I get a person on the phone. I am a property manager and your system won’t let me in without an account number. I often don’t have account numbers as I manage 75 properties in the county.
    Is there a way I can speak to a person in real time?
    Thank you.

  23. Yailen Collantes

    Would like a service request appt to have FPL check our ac ducts- lately our home is extremely hot.

  24. Richard Jenssen

    interested in obtaining info on Tier 2 application & cost for solar systems.

  25. Michael Galente

    My bill is coming to over $200 per month. I live alone and work most of the time so i don’t use much electric. Lights are off most of the time and when I’m home I use a small single bulb light. I watch TV a few hours and use a laptop a few hours a day. I don’t use the dishwasher because my bill is so high. I also leave the central air at 84 degrees and my apartment is still 89 degrees inside. I don’t understand why my bill is so high and i believe their is a problem. Can you please help me find out whats going on? Thank you for your time and help in this matter.

    Best Regards,

  26. Maria Ruiz

    why my bill is so higth

  27. Norm Labadie

    My house was built in 69 with a white gravel roof. Approx. 15 years ago we had to re pipe the house. The pipes were routed thru the crawl space. Last Nov. we finally replaced the roof with shingles. I was for warned by the roofer that my crawl would be much warmer. How right he was. The water temperature on the cold water side of the faucet reads 104 deg. using a meat thermometer. To reduce the water temp. I altered the access panel in the garage to a screen. Not sure it helped. The crawl space is insulated. I’m sure my energy bill is effected. An exhaust fan would help.
    How effective are wind turbines?
    Looking forward to your comments.

  28. Juan A. Franco

    What department should I contact for insulation of my house.

  29. Brunia Duval


    I would like to know if FPL has any program for subsidizing windows for homes to conserve energy? I am a senior and own my own home. Any information you can provide will be great.

    Thanks in advance.

  30. Helen Brennan

    I got a bill from FPL but am not an FPL subscriber. I have lived in Bethesda,MD for the past 50 years and never owned a home in Florida. I am not sure how my e-mail address was connected to some address in Florida but it needs to be removed. You may need to send an actual paper bill by snail mail to someone in FL in order to get paid for this account.

    Please take care of this matter so I don’t have to take it further.

  31. Helen Brennan

    I do not know why I am receiving a bill. I have never lived in Florida and have lived in Bethesda, MD for almost 50 years. I do not have an FPL user id and password since I never even heard of FPL before receiving your statement.

  32. Alan Bueller

    My main AC unit has been turning off about 2:00 PM every day and turning on again around 6:30 PM. I have had my AC guy check the unit and he cannot find any problem.
    I would like to know if FPL is responsible for this situation. Many years ago I signed up with FPL to allow them to reduce my AC usage during times of extreme heat. Please advise if this is an FPL plan in operation.
    Thank you
    Alan Bueller

  33. Donna Daniels

    one of our bedrooms is about 5-10 degrees warmer all the time.
    It was suggested to me to use ‘on’ instead of ‘auto’ on the air conditioning.

    What are your thoughts? would this cause using more electricity?

  34. susana

    FPL maintains a dawn-to-dusk light pole on my property, however it is not bright enough to actually illuminate and, really, is not an effective light source for anything. Can I request that FPL install an area-wide light (i.e. flood light) on that pole?

  35. Alex

    This is incredible. My bill gets higher every month with your estimates. I have an automatic thermostat, and I don’t understand how you can pay one month $125 and the next month $295? Pretty big jump. I just purchased a home. New impact windows and doors. Energy efficient fridge and washer/dryer, and a new 4ton GOODMAN AC UNIT. Yet I go from $125 to $295? What I don’t understand is that if a gasoline station raises its prices during an emergency its price gauging. You guys higher the prices when its gets higher, and I get the excuse that it could be the color of my house, and that I should turn my AC off during weekends? That’s crazy, and this is a monopoly. We don’t live in a 3rd world country to turn your AC off during weekends when you are there to enjoy your home. Next thing you know you guys will tell me to hang my close outside to dry, and to sleep outside because its breezy?

  36. arthur grunstein

    Cannot access acount with my present Email address. I have been paying my account thru My checkfree.com. How do I change to my current Email from the old Email?

  37. L. Ionita

    Hi! does FPL offer any rebates for customers purchasing the ” Nest smart thermostat 3rd generation” which help to save energy?

    Thank you!

  38. Thomas L. Carnes

    What is your idea of surge protection, recently we received a flyer about power surge protection. Is this something you do for us or is this a company using your name. If you are supporting this company on the side then how sure and reliable is this company. Have you had any bad reports in them not paying up if something does come up ? Company name Surges

  39. Rafael Morales

    Does lowering and raising the thermostat.3 different times a day.Between 72 and 75 degrees.Hurt my monthly bill ?

  40. M. Wattenbach@yahoo.com

    Do you offer time-of-use programs. Had them in Wisconsin. Certain hours of the day offered lower rates. tnx

  41. Connie Phillips

    Your automatic phone system sucks. I have tried several times to talk to someone and get please choose 2 or 7 ….How on earth do you get to speak to a human? I get one amount on my estimated bill on your site and another by email… I NEED to speak to someone. Can you help me?

  42. Rorie Shrader

    Is it less expensive to run appliances later in the day? Do the rates lower at less peak use times or are the rates always the same? If so whatvare the lowest rates times? Thank you.

  43. Denise Louisgenor

    How can I turn my power off when Im At work

  44. Ed Jackson

    Our home is 2 1/2 years old and the under air square footage is 2250 sqft. Our air conditioner seems to be running all the time and our electrical bill has been higher than usual this year. We have the thermostat set at 78 but the temperature in the house never gets below 79 and during the day it is around 82. Our master bedroom which is the farthest away is about 83.
    I have used the internet to calculate the size of AC that would be correct for my home and the web site I used is suggesting 3.5 ton. I have a 2.5 ton installed. I have called the builder and all they say is 2.5 ton is correct based on engineering specifications. I was wondering if FPL offered a service that would do an energy audit on my home and make suggestion as to what I could do lower my bills.

  45. Michael Friedman

    I am paying $10/month for a FPL surge protector which I am supposed to check every month but I don’t know what it looks like. Where can I find a picture of it and what am I looking for?

  46. Bruni Urteaga

    How can I lower my bill if I have a unit air conditioner in the wall that is not that new in my bedroom ? What will be the ideal temperature to set it?.

  47. alittle

    I have a functioning ON CALL box which I did not get credit on my August bill.

  48. Luis

    How can I protect my home appliances from Lights Flickers, spikes & Power outages? Is there a program that will cover that? Please advice.

    Thank you

  49. Linda Angebranndt

    We had a tankless hot water heater installed 7/5/16 by Gem Plumbing. Do we get a credit or rebate for energy savings????

  50. marlene

    are there any products I can buy that will save me money when I file my income tax?

  51. Andi Wgite

    How much to led light save. Should I leave o outside lights on all might. How will that cost

  52. Maria P Garcia

    Estoy pensando en mudarme, quisiera que me explicaran los pasos a seguir
    es decir, el mismo dia que me voy a mi nuevo departamento, sacan la electricidad de este donde vivo y la ponen en el otro??
    Se demorarian horas, dias???
    Tiene algun cobro adicional?

  53. Amanda Wiles

    I was looking at my Energy Dashboard, I am wondering what you base your information on and how often do you update these averages? Also, do you account for the “feels like” temperatures? I am sure most peoples usage is based on the “feels like” temperature.
    So when the real temperature is 92 with a feels like of 102, I am supposed to adjust my air for the 92 which is what you base the numbers on. FYI; when I looked it up for 2016 the average temp for July was actually 92 via WeatherChannel.com, not 89 as your site states.
    Cool your home at 78° or warmer with the thermostat fan switch on “auto.” For additional savings, raise your thermostat to 82° or warmer when you’re away from home. That is your “ways to save” advise, which I assume is based on the (real) temperature.
    What about those of us that live in apartments and have no say in how insulated and efficient things are?
    Thank you

  54. Dave Wirth

    There were actually 33 days in the last billing cycle, which probably accounted for many bills being higher than normal. Why was that?

    1. Dave Wirth

      This again happens in August. Does anyone ever answer these queries?

  55. Clarence Normand

    We want to insulate the house, seems we feel heat near garage more then other places. We wonder if there is help for Seniors to do this project? Thank you.

  56. steve

    if i set my thermostat at 78 what should the humidity be set at??

  57. Bojan Didic

    My bill doubled last few months.

  58. Monuca

    My bill went up 64%. We aren’t there usage the same. Is that possible ?

  59. Dave

    FPL is a monopoly that can say what their rates are ….make them higher or lower when ever they like. We need to have more energy companies in Florida !!!!

    1. Michael Friedman

      In Texas you can choose your electric company and how much renewable energy you want. Florida is a Republican state so why don’t we have a CHOICE?????

  60. sharon Bishop

    what do I do I live in an apartment they tell us to leave the ceiling fans on because of mode and mildew, what am I suppose to do. Also if I feel that it is my air conditioner making my bill so high, do I have the right to call FLP to come and look at it? my neighbor did this a while back and the management got very upset with her. Thank you Sharon Bishop

  61. Rafael M. Barreto

    Not long ago FPL requested permission to rise its rate, probably the bill is getting higher and higher because the price of the kilowatt-hour gets higher and higher. Am I wrong or am I right?

  62. Nuno

    Hi I keep the Ac at 78 all the time never changes and my bill getting up all the time

  63. Wilfred Pusey

    I’m on the FPLES SurgeShield program which keeps my bill in the $170’s but this month my bill is $192.50. Why is my bill so high?

  64. Linnea Quigley

    i have central which i keep at 80 and in bedroom have window unit that runs all the time really and close doors why is my bill so high im on budget billing and all HELP Linnea

  65. Ron

    I live by the ocean. Perhaps 50% of the coils in the outside AC unit have fallen of those metal tubes. Is it likely that caused my electric bill to more than double? That unit is covered by a warranty for 3 more years. Can I legally make them replace that unit or do I have to wait to it’s not working at all?

  66. GIOVANA OBrien

    Hi tengo in Fico que alumbrar la Calle la Luz sale de mi Casa Esta altissimo todo el Dia Esta prendido y el de Los vecinos NO
    Por favor vengan a chequear me Eso
    Yo creo que todo el Dia prendido me jala mucha LUZ :(
    Les agradesco Su atencion

  67. Richard Trautwein

    I replaced my A/C unit in April, 2016 because my old unit was 16 years old. I also replaced all of my appliances and replaced all of my light bulbs with LED bulbs. I keep my thermostat set at 78 degrees and very rarely leave my home for more than 2 hours at a time. I am also on FPL Budget Billing and my bill is still close to $180 per month. Can anyone explain this to me?

  68. Wendy

    Hi I just read that we should keep our AC at 82 when we are not home. I live in Florida and there is no way that anyone can keep their AC at 82. First off, it would take twice as long to cool your home, and secondly, if you have pets like I do, they probably would not survive.

  69. Dave

    So… If my house gets to 85 during the day and then cools to 78 when I return don’t I use as much energy to cool it to 78 from 85 all at once versus the A/C turning on/off throughout the day to maintain it at 78?

  70. Gloria brown

    I called yesterday, spoke to a representative telling her to take my name off of your email list. She assured me it was done. Today I get this email from you – what gives? I want no more communication from your company, just mail our monthly bill.

    Mrs. Ronald brown

  71. Jamie

    Im curious, when I go out for 3-5 hours it is it worth it to turn my ac from 74 to 78, then back to 74 when I get home from errands, etc?

  72. Robert Freedman

    The largest part of my bill is a general unidentified category and not a/c, pool or other identified energy-user. What might these unidentified uses be?

  73. Alfredo Marquez

    Hello… There’re some inconsistencies on my bills. For some of the months beginning this year I’ve paid less than $30.00 or mid-30s. However, leaving only the refrigerator fuse on, the rest of the apartment completely off, I was not home from Jun 23rd to July 1st; and from July 9th to July 26th. Just wonder how my two last bills for these two last months could be higher $54.10 and $45.43 respectively. Please, review it and give me a reasonable answer… Thank you…

  74. Alfredo Marquez

    Hello… There’re some inconsistences on my bills. For some of the months beginning this year I’ve paid less than $30.00 or mid-30s. However, leaving only the refrigerator fuse on, the rest of the apartment completely off, I was not home from Jun 23rd to July 1st; and from July 9th to July 26th. Just wonder how my two last bills for these two last months could be higher $54.10 and $45.43 respectively. Please, review it and give me a reasonable answer… Thank you…

  75. Werner

    Why cant you inable my autopay ? I would
    Think that its in FPL best interest to get paid on time , dont you?

  76. Steven Frey

    Will a humidistat lower my monthly bills ?

  77. Lucy Pokrywka

    I am now on oxygen 24/7 and running that machine is causing my bill to go up. Then with the A/C running longer this summer my bill is much higher. I do not breath well when it’s warm inside. FPL said, no help is available for specials needs??? WHY???

  78. Susan

    This explanation gives very little comfort to me as I Am getting hit with FPL bills that are up to $400 each month even with my thermostat temp set at 78 degrees for 4-5 months per year.

    1. Richard Trautwein


      Have you considered signing up for Budget Billing? My bill usually runs around $178.00 per month all year round because they average it over a 12 month period. Just something to consider.

  79. Rhonda Sands

    Thank u, as a single widow Mother of two teenagers I find this information to be very helpful to manage my small and limited budget.

  80. Susan

    I left my condo on April 10 ,2016 and before leaving I unplugged the hot water tank, the fridge,the stove, the microwave oven, the TV sets ,the phones, the lamps ,the a/c and still, FPL charges me a little more than 9$ a month.
    I would appreciate if you could help me understand why.
    Thank you in advance.
    Have a good day!

  81. John (Helen) Mraz

    My Electricity was off over 5 hours on 8/4/16.
    Will my bill be reduced for that time?

  82. Kathy

    Fuel prices are at their lowest they have been in a long long time when will this show on our fuel chargers on our light bills???

  83. Adrianah

    I realize this but my question is why is my bill higher each year at this time? i close my shades and do all of the above suggestions and it is still higher than previous years.

  84. larry zimmer

    why did my bill double about 2 years ago. they said because my A/Cunit was dying but still high with new unit.

  85. Sunil Gopaul

    I must say that the staff at fpl really try to take care of us.
    Thanks from a consumer . Sunil Gopaul.

  86. Diane Spero

    i know bills are higher in summer. I feel a $ 49.00 increase is too high. i have called several times to question it. I was given the run around and asked questions,
    I told them i had an energy survey done. I was told everything was fine.
    The next month my bill was $ 49.00 higher.
    I asked about a meter read, have received a call back.

  87. Dennis Jones

    What does turning off ceiling fans when you leave the house have to do with keeping the house cool? I leave all of mine on to help keep the house cool. I don’t think they consume that much electricity. Without them on, I believe the house would be much hotter upon returning, especially with the thermostat set at 82 as you suggested.

  88. George

    Will FPL Cover smart thermostats?

  89. Willysann Gaines

    Tiffsny, I do all the things you told me to do. My air condition works well I’ve had numbers from FP&L come out and check everything but my bill is still high and I am only one person in the house my heater I wash once or twice a month I’m only one person in the house so I think it’s the area that I live in it’s what FP&L charges people it’s because of the area I live in Richmond Heights Florida and the bills have always been high since I moved here I’ve lived here for over 50 years so your sergeant because of the areas that people living in Old Cutler and I have a friend on Old Cutler Road her bill is not as high as mine and don’t tell me that it’s because she has better appliances that’s what one of your employees told me have a blessed day my name is Willis Ann Gaines Gaines

  90. Dennis

    Since heating/cooling days normalize changes in weather, why does FPL not publish the number each month along with the amount of the bill and the KW used so we can see if the cost/cooling day and usage per cooling day is changing? Where can we get this information if you decline to publish it in a convenient manner?


    I need to find the way, than I can lower my FPL’s bill

  92. James Brewster

    How do I get FPL to come and hook up the electrical in my new shop? I have been calling and waiting for a return phone call. Please advise – is there an email address I can contact?

  93. Penelope Schellenberg

    I know we have been extra hot but we have changed nothing can you explain why my bill was over $200.00?
    Thank You

  94. Dave

    I cannot seem to get an answer to this question: I am buying a new lot in Port Charlotte FL. The nearest electric pole is two lots away and I am wondering if there are fees involved in running service to the lot? It is impossible to talk to a human to get an answer to this question. Could someone please reply to my emai?

  95. Trudy thompson

    Does fpl help people like me on social security are there any discounts?

  96. Brian Morrisey

    Would appreciate advice on what humidity level setting you recommend for a condo when away during the summer?

  97. Darlene

    Is it true that if you run a ceiling fan in the room where the intake vent is that this will cause your bill to increase?

  98. B.L.

    You recommend 82 degrees when not at home. I am always concerned, that the dehumidification does not work, when I set my AC at 82. What if I save energy but invite a mold problem?

  99. Dottie

    When you say put your thermostat at 82 when you are away do you mean for a few hours /day or when going away for a week?

  100. Dianne L Missig

    I am not a business customer. Seems like I am being charged the wrong amount. Could you please check my account to see if it is right. I may have done it myself. Please let me know. I am just an regular customer.

    Thank you,
    Dianne Missig

  101. J E Thomas

    I put my thermostat on 82-83 when I’m here during the day. You can get used to this if you try it. It does save and helps the system from being overloaded if most people who are able, try it.

  102. Bob S

    I always thought that the temperature in the house should be kept at no higher than 78 degrees in order to avoid MOLD. Your thoughts please?

  103. Ivan

    Is there an over 65 discount program to help fixed income seniors?

  104. Fred Burrell

    I have a 33 panel solar system installed at my home in Rotonda West FL by Harriman’s Solar in Venice FL. FPL also installed a bi-directional meter special for solar projects like this one.

    I have the following question!!

    Is the solar power generated and used directly by the household metered??

    I know that any excess power over and above the requirments of the home are metered and sent to the grid.

    Likewise any power required from the grid to cover any shortage based on home consumption not satisfied by the solar system is metered.

    I am a little confused regarding metering of solar power used to satisfy home consumption.

    Can you clarify this issue for me????

    Fred Burrell

  105. Fred Burrell

    I have a 33 panel solar system installed at my home in Rotonda West FL by Harriman’s Solar in Venice FL. FPL also installed a bi-directional meter special for solar projects like this one.

    I have the following question!!

    Is the solar power generated and used directly by the household metered??

    I know that any excess power over and above the requirements of the home are metered and sent to the grid.

    Likewise any power required from the grid to cover any shortage based on home consumption not satisfied by the solar system is metered.

    I am a little confused regarding metering of solar power used to satisfy home consumption.

    Can you clarify this issue for me????

    Fred Burrell

  106. Christopher Hoek

    I have requested info from fpl on several occasions regarding net metering if I install a solar panel but have received no feed back. Please respond

  107. Jean Stone

    I am in the budget plan with FPL and it does help. and 78 degrees is quite comfortable. Thank you FPL.

  108. Joe Wagman

    In an earlier FPL blog you suggested 77 degrees for unoccupied condo units, and the higher temps for homes. Is 82 for unoccupied condos too?

  109. Betty Susan Goldberg

    Trying so hard to get my energy costs down..all summer I have set thermostat at 82 during day and 80 @night, fan off when not in room, blinds closed to eliminate sun, clothes drier used only once per week, dishwasher not used;however, I know the temp has increases outside, but only one person in home minimum cooking and still has increased$60-80 per month. Any other suggestions? Thanks for your assistance.

  110. Pascale Stivala

    thank you Tiffany Spence for this blog ,
    I will employ this info and wish for the best .

  111. Rosy

    I want to protect my windows from the extreme heat when sun

  112. Robin Park

    We were out of town two weeks in July during the billing cycle, the blinds were closed inside as well as out on the porch and the A/C was set at 82 degrees. The A/C unit is three (3) years old.

    Our electric bill for July was almost 50% higher than the bill for May/June when we were here 24/7 using the washer and dryer, etc.

    How is that possible?

  113. Diane

    I really think FPL is doing as good a job as it can. Keep up the good work!

  114. Kendrick

    Why is my usage the same on working days in my restaurant as the days that the store is closed?

  115. Larry Eveler

    My wife says raising the thermostat to 82° while you are away will cause too much condensation and result in mold forming. She said living in Florida is the culprit. I disagree especially since the 82° setting is temporary. We normally set it at 77°.
    Is she right?

  116. Ronn

    In my condo building everyone else’s Electric bill is always under $50 & mine is always $80-$105 a month. I never put my A/C under 77 degrees & I live alone. All my lights are on timers, I use low lights & only in the room I’m in.
    Something just doesn’t seem to be right !!!

  117. robert Erlich

    What is the ideal temperature to set my thermostat to save money and not grow mold in my house from May to November when i am living up north and my home is vacant
    Thank you

  118. Sheila wynter

    I have turned off my water heater and am still charged for usage. I don’t understand. I live with limited income and cannot afford to pay these increases. What do I do?…..

  119. Kennard E Jones

    As my husband & I are retired & are at home at least 3/4 of the time we keep our thermostate at 83 degrees all the time & find this most comfortable for us.We are 86 & 87 years old so our bodys do not need a lot of cooling,our blood is thin at this age.

  120. jacqueline lawhorn

    We are both retired,[86 & 87 years old]thin blood, so we keep our thermostat at 83 degress all the time.This is most comfortable for us.

  121. Jose Rodriguez

    We r save our electric bills

  122. Toni

    You say to turn to 82 when you go out. For how long? If I only go out for an hour or 2 should I turn it down?

  123. E Martinez

    by leaving my ac at 78 might I experience moisture issues as it is so humid here in south Florida.

  124. wendy

    If I have a new energy saving water heater, would it help if I turn it off when not using it? I only shower in my condo 1x per week (usually at the gym) and it only takes about 15 min to heat the water. Should I opt for just cold showers? How much will it save me per month?

  125. Connie potts

    Are there hours with less demand and thus preferred or more efficient for, say, baking,cooking, ironing or other high demand for power?

  126. MICHAEL

    I have 9 65 watt floodlight bulbs in the kitchen ceiling. They get used the most. I want to conserve energy.
    They operate off of 2 different switches both of which are dimmer switches.

    I hear I have to replace the dimmer switches also if I want to convert to LED energy saving bulbs. This really drives the cost and complexity of the project up.
    True statement?

  127. Luis Cedeno

    I have a very big water heater at home; and we need hot water only two times per day, about 15 minutes each time. Any suggestions?
    Thank you

  128. Angie

    Why do I have mold growing on the inside of my panel of the ac unit? I have my thermostat set at 80 during the day? I had a new air handler and outside compressor installed in 07/14 and they discovered it 3 months ago at a routine maintenance check. Why wasn’t this addressed when it was installed that there was a moisture issue? And would this be covered under my Home owners insurance?

    1. Jamie

      When my new ac’s(2zone) were installed an option of a uv light in duct to kill mold. It cost approx $100 a yr to replace lightbulb but worth it to me.

  129. Robert Antonelli

    Is using a humidistat in conjunction with the home A/C thermostat cost saving?
    If I’m away for more than a few days I set my humidistat at 65 deg and my thermostat at 75.

  130. Don Vass

    Has FPL been reducing power to air conditioners for in the power reduction plan…..

  131. george hughes

    how much should i save i am going to replace my stright 3and 10 seer half ton 15 years old with a 3 ton heat pump 14 seer and will i get a rebate from fpl tks

  132. Mike Baker

    I keep my thermostat set at 82 when I’m at home, turn it off during the ‘cooler’ morning time until about noon, and when I leave the house to run errands. I use ceiling fans during the morning hours and at night when I am sleeping. I also have roof high plants on the west side of my house to keep the sun off the house.

  133. Cynthia Crawford

    Does closing off rooms help?

  134. Roberta auciella

    I went on vacation a few years ago,for two weeks,and left my temp on 80 degrees and came home to a house had mildew on the ceilings what a job cleaning that off! Never do that again. So I do not agree with your recommendation. I leave it at 77 degrees now

  135. Eugene Buckley

    Thank you for this important information.

  136. Oren J.Harris

    when I save more money ? During night fixing the temperature 77 or 76 where the A/C move from on to off several time or fixing temperature to 70 once where the A/c go to 70 and then off. thanks for your answer.. Oren Harris

  137. Karen k

    For snowbirds away for the summer. What are the settings for the humidistat and thermostat?

  138. Roman chodan

    3ton unit wattage draw?
    No mention of cleaning ,drain line cleaning,,etc.
    Also filter replacement at customer expense,rather then be included with inspection and cleaning
    Also customer testimonials on this service
    Why only annual inspections?
    Will appreciate a timely reply
    Thank You
    No reference to Solargenerator options
    Thanks Again

  139. DaLaine Chapman


    I am trying to talk to a live customer service representative with my question but cannot seem to do find a way to do so. Here is the question: I was only home for six days during the last billing period and my bill was $120. How can that be? Yes, I have an energy efficient pool pump and irrigation system, but that much for only six days seems excessive. Can you help? Thank you.

  140. Jerry Weingrad

    I just put two new a/c units in my home, before I contact the company that installed them, I wold like to get a survey of my home. They are not diong what I asked.
    Thank you, Jerry Weingrad

  141. Bill Harnois

    Is there a discount on elec service for senior citzens?

  142. Jocelyn Harbec

    Hi, just received my bill for 156.09$
    I never have a high bill like this, The house is empty and the air conditioner is set at 83 deg
    How my bill can be high like this
    Look at the history of billing and at summer time nobody leave there I pay aroud 45 to 55$/m
    Could you explaine to me why it is so high?


  143. frank magnapera

    my thermostat is set on 80..dehumidistat on 55..my last 2 FPL bills were $72.00..as compared to last year’s bill of 52.00…why? such a diff

  144. Michel

    What do all the numbers on my meter mean?

  145. John

    I would like to know why my light bill is so high? Also is there a way I can find where we use the power at the most ?
    Think you.

  146. omar

    Quiero entral a mi cuenta y no me deja

  147. Ron lazar

    How much electricity is used by a personal computer if left on for 24 hrs .

  148. William K Cox

    When power goes out, how do you expect us to go online to these sites?

    I need an emergency PHONE number to call in case of limbs down, power outages, etc!

    South Daytona, FL

  149. teresa carter

    i have a question i just had new ac and heat unit instaled and i was told that fpl rebates some money for this

  150. haydee dominguez

    does the AC fan on the unit all the time does that consumes lots of power


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