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Tiffany Spence

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Tiffany Spence is an energy expert at Florida Power & Light Company. She’s conducted thousands of energy audits at homes and businesses, helping customers find new ways to make their bills even lower.

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On Call - The easiest way to save

By Tiffany Spence

Asked on: March 1, 2017 by William Z., Pembroke Pines

How much can I reduce my energy bill by joining FPL’s “On Call” program?

Saving money is on everyone’s mind these days. So, thank you, William, for asking about our On Call program. It’s easy and could save you up to $137 a year.

When you volunteer to enroll in On Call, you’re actually signing up to put your selected appliances “on call” to help us meet the energy needs of all customers during times of high energy usage. In exchange for your participation, you’ll receive a credit on your energy bill – even if we never turn off your appliances.

The ins and outs of On Call:

  • Signing up for On Call is easy. Enter your billing address to see if you are eligible to participate
  • We’ll call you to walk through the program options, its benefits and help determine which of your appliances are eligible for participation, like your water heater, pool pump or air conditioner
  • Next, you’ll receive a call from an On Call contractor to schedule an appointment to connect a small energy-management device to the selected appliances
  • In exchange for your voluntary participation and depending on the appliances you choose to enroll, you could receive a credit of up to $137 a year —even if we never need to turn off your appliances.

Choices, choices!
When you enroll in On Call, you can select the appliances and option that works best for you. There are two program choices – Cycle Option or Extended Option. These options determine:

  • Which household appliances we’ll connect to the energy-management device
  • How much you can save annually – up to $137 a year
  • How long we can turn off the selected appliances

Option 1: Cycle Option – Central A/C and Central Heater Only
When you enroll in the Cycle Option, we can turn off your central A/C and central heater for up to 17.5 minutes per half hour within a six-hour window in the winter and eight-hour in the summer. 

Option 2: Extended Option – Central A/C, Central Heater, Electric Water Heater, Pool Pump
When you enroll in the Extended Option, you can save even more! This option turns off your A/C and central heater for up to three consecutive hours, during a 24-hour period. In addition, you can also enroll your water heater and pool pump which could be shut off for up to four consecutive hours, during a 24-hour period.

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*These appliances are listed under both the Cycle and Extended Options to show the total potential savings of enrolling all four appliances in the On Call program. Note, electric water heaters and pool pumps can only enroll in the Extended Option and would be turned off for up to four consecutive hours.

Save up to $137 per year. Enroll today.

Other ways to save
You may also want to take our Online Home Energy Survey and get a personalized savings plan with energy-saving tips and recommendations, including programs and rebates that may be available to help you save even more money. This tool works well with your personal Online Energy Dashboard that can show you how much energy you’re using by the month, day and even down to the hour.

Thanks again, William, for asking this question. One thing to remember – you can cancel your enrollment in the On Call program at any time.

Your safety is very important to us. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. For non-emergencies, you can reach us during regular business hours via Facebook private message, or follow and message us on Twitter and one of our representatives will assist you. To report an outage, please call 1-800-4-Outage. Thank you and please stay safe.

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Comments [94]

  1. Claudia Hauri

    I have had “on call” since 1977 in this house, until about 3-6 months ago when the amount credited was cut in half. Why? FPL profits are at an all time high!

  2. kim gass

    I am pulling my meter tomorrow to change my panel

  3. kim gass

    im changing the panel in my home tomorrow. im a lisc
    ensed electrician my plan is to pull the meter change the panel and put the meter back in. If there is a problem please let me know

  4. Karina Kobayashi


    I would like to change the due date for the first day af the month, How can I change that?


  5. Smithk614

    This kind of game gives a real experience of building a farm and planting trees. aeebcbeegcdbcgde

  6. Marco Giancola

    I would like to get OFF of the BUDGET BILLING. I have searched online but this is the only place I found to make the request. I want to be on actual monthly billing.

  7. Don Niven

    I sighned up for budget billing 2 years ago with a $60.00 average! now in the $80.00 range! I thought it would stay the same asit ws when I sighned up?

  8. Marie Piard

    anything to reduce my bll I will b more then happy

  9. Charles j Loeffler Jr

    Who do I contact to have the FPL equipment ( Pad Mounts & Switch Gear) painted?


    I get charged monthly for Surge protectors. How can I tell if they are installed?

  11. valerie saxton

    I have units in Briny Breezes and both are seasonal.Apr.-Oct. would work out great for me. I leave the air and a/c on in those months but they are not occupied. I am interested in “on call” for both units

  12. J Thomas

    I got a door hanger the other day stating “Your meter enclosure requires immediate repairs to Jaw(s)/Clips(s)”. Now I have to hire an electrician to pull a permit and get a city inspection. I have been in my house over 20 years and I live in a older community and cannot imagine why or what would generate this. It was really windy recently and wonder if that might flag something?
    Geesh, what a hassle and expense. FPL won’t even recommend an electrician, so I have to hope for the best.
    I am 91 and legally blind and disabled so this will be very hard for me to accomplish without hopefully getting overcharged by unscrupulous contractors. Thanks fpl.


    Do you offer discounts for customers with Nest Thermostats, or do you have a partnership with Nest.



  15. Ellen F Anderson

    I would like to do that and I currently have two places. However, I’m not down there full time to let you in. How would that work?

  16. Mary

    Hi. My name is Mary. I am writing you because I am planning to start to study at university in Jacksonville for August/September 2017. I am going to rent an apartment unit. I would like to request information about how can I put the service on my name? I am from Puerto Rico. I am not Florida resident. I am US citizen. I will be studying for one year in Florida. How much time does it in the installation of the service? How much are the installation cost? What are the requirements for the installation? What are the documents I must submit? Do you accept a driver license number from Puerto Rico? Can I do all the process online or I will have to go to your office? Do you accept online payments? I am looking for an apartment in Jacksonville Florida, but right now I am not sure where is the exact place. Can I take the service for only one year? What I must do to cancel the service? Are there penalties fees for cancellation? Thanks.

  17. Bill Oleksiw

    I vwould like to find out about this

  18. Priscilla Ireland

    I think I’m on it but would just like it confirmed.

  19. Clara I Munoz

    I would like to save money on energy bill

  20. William P. Mullen

    Sign me up for “On Call” . At 83 yrs. old I am on a real tight budget – any kind of savings will help reduce the burden of other expenses and give me more money for the essentials ( Food, Shelter, Clothing.) Thank you . Look forward to hearing from you.

  21. celentano

    leased Jan 1-April 1 rest of year in and out


  22. Susan Downer

    Can I save with your on call plan

  23. Walt

    I use a thermostat and humidistat. My instructions say not to set the thermostat to the “off” positiion but right now its beautiful out and does not feel humid. Is there a reason I should not turn the system off and open the windows?

  24. patricia heleski

    can a snowbird save any money program?with this on call

  25. Karen

    How much does it cost to join?

  26. saintamise Natan

    How I can reduce my Fpl bill.

  27. Valerie E Donaldson


  28. Joanne M

    FP&L must be one of the few companies left that give NO grace period for payment of a utility bill. I am only two days past my due date and have to pay a $5.12 late fee. That’s poor customer relations. Please work WITH your customers FPL. We have to deal with rate hikes almost every year…the least you can do is cut us some slack on the late fees.

  29. Joseph Archer

    Just want to save energy at peek time in the summer.

  30. Laddie Reisler

    Is there a charge for this service.

  31. Joan Kelly

    I was on call previously and thought I was still on it I did not know that it had to be renewed, please keep me on the program, Thank you

  32. Brittany Williams

    Im interested

  33. Robert E. Walker

    When using hot water, it takes a significant amount of time for the water to get hot. In my last residence I installed a circulating pump, will this be cost effective?

  34. Cendy Schutt

    How can i save on my energy bill?

  35. paul

    Hi. I’m on the SNAP program. Is there a way to also save on my FPL bill? thanks.

  36. Antonio Talanga

    Very inventive and perhaps generous but I have a problem to turn over control of my comfort in life to a complete stranger. I could even say that is an attempt to invade my privacy and freedom of choice. I wander what corporations like yours would ask to take over in the future. I appreciate the benign intent but I say…STOP .

  37. Dorothy Pettus

    Do you have a program that will help getting engengy saving windows in my house,i am a disable veteran with old windows.

  38. Don Hubner

    I was charged $9.00 for a voluntary solar program that I have not agreed to. How to I get this stopped and removed from my bill? I could not find a phone number to call on your website!

  39. Van c. Litchard

    I want all energy saving programs for my

  40. Kimberly A Antonucci

    I have an on call box that was disconnected when I got a brand new hot water heater. It is just hanging off of the wall. Can I get a new one?

  41. francine accurso

    I might be interested. please call. thank you

  42. Sondra Giniewski

    Do you get the discounts even if the power is not turned?

  43. Wilkens decius

    Thanks for reduce my bill

  44. Paul Burgess

    Are you nuts? I am to let you shut off things I might need any time you want?

  45. Sadie Lovinger

    I am interested in saving money so I am registering for the On Call program. Thank you.

  46. george williams

    Had on call,installed new a/c,called fpl because on call got disconnected,said they would call me to make appt…..NOTHING SO FAR!!!!


    savings are negligable as compared to the monthly bill. Is there any cost involved in installing a SEMD on different equipments.This can be initiated by a tenant or only landlord can subscribe this deal?
    You can also include cooking range in this list,as everybody does not own a swimming pool in his house,when you are living on such a beautiful/lengthy coast of Atlantic.

  48. Adriane Getz

    I believe I am enrolled. Please verify

  49. Adriane Getz

    I believe I am enrolled.

  50. Justine T Smith

    I thought I was already registered for the “on call” program. I have an air conditioner + heater and a 2 year new water heater. It’s confusing when you ask me if I want to sign up! So please, let me know if I really am still on this program. Thank you. Justine T Smith, Huntington Lakes, Naples

  51. Maureen Crispi

    I’ve been down here since 1988, I’ve had on call since then, my service has never been interiors, doesn’t get better than that! Thank you FPL

  52. Gail L Warren

    Am I already on the ONCALL Program???

  53. Joanne Yorgensen

    I have been in the on call program for a good number of years has this program changed? It was a flat 9.95
    when we started and now I believe it is $4.95?

    Am I talking about the same program and if not would this be more beneficial to me?

    Thank you in advance for your answer.

  54. e & d kammer

    do not have pool but rest of choices is OK

  55. Laudy nicolas

    My bill to high one person live in the house thank u

  56. Louise Darling

    I was on this program last year1. Do I need to resign up or will I automatically be enrolled next month. I believe I was getting $9.00 off per month

  57. Sandra Farrell

    what is the difference between this and the shield protection that I pay for every month??

  58. Oscar Bernal

    I am interested in joining the “On Call” program but would like to know more details about it before joining. Can you please send me an estimate monthly savings should I decide to join the program. Thank you.

  59. Howard Hurwitz

    My electric bill is in the $80 to $90 range.
    I have a neighbor that has the same type of apartment with the same exposure and her bill is $30 to $40 less.
    Can you explaine the difference.

  60. Laura Trombetta

    When you turn off the A/C for up to 17.5 minutes per half hour within a six-hour window, does that mean that it will only be turned off one time within that six-hour window, and then possibly again, one time every 6 hours.

  61. RedElisa Mendoza

    I had a home energy survey.The worker and supervisor came out.The worker suggested the on call program.He didn’t know that if you have clothes in the closet,which is where my water heater is,they can’t install the meter.I found that out after an installer came to my home to install.What can I do?

  62. George

    If I have more insulation blown into my attic will it save me more money?

    If I put an electric attic fan in the attic, thermostat controlled, will this save me money?

  63. RedElisa Mendoza

    I had a home energy survey and a worker and supervisor came out.That was good,but the worker suggested this on call program to me.He didn’t know that if the water heater is in a closet with clothes,they couldn’t install a meter.Nothing is touching the heater at all,I think it,s unfair!What can I do?

  64. Sharra l Cook

    how am I able to save money on my bill

  65. Arthur Rey

    I thought I was already on this program…If not please contact me…by email which is above…thank you Arthur Rey

  66. Philip C Dyer

    Since I had an electrician fix a problem, I have called twice to have FPL install On Call on my pool pump. I’ve not received a response from either call. It is installed on water heater and AC.

    What do I need to do to get this done?

  67. Michael Brennan

    Not sure if I already enrolled for On Call program.

  68. Jane Welsh

    How can I tell if I am enrolled in the On Call program? I think I am. Thanks.

  69. Virginia Barnes

    I think I have this already.


    To whom it may concern. we are on the ON CALL PLAN and it works well for us. We do not even notice anything off. I say, GO AND SIGN UP.
    Carole Gralia


    If for any reason I want to get off the On Call program?

  72. Raymond E Caldwell Jr

    Why am I receiving this message? I signed up previously. Do I have to renew periodically?

  73. Hiram

    Vivo en condominio un edificio podria calificar para este plan?

  74. Joy Jenner

    I live in an apartment complex. Do I still qualify for the ‘on call’ program?

    I rarely use my oven because it seems to increase my bill significantly, depending on how long I use it at one time.

  75. susan milan

    i was enrolled in the oncall program and your equipment stopped working and we never agreed on a fix date. now i am not in the program and would like to be reinstated. what to do?

  76. Robert Jackson

    I do not understand why you want to increase rates
    AT THE SAME TIME you are trying to expand.

    Please explain

  77. Ralph Cincinatus

    Thank you for the info

  78. don steele

    DON’T use the on call…..or the FPL “surge” suppressor. They are not conducive to smooth power and safe continuous power. The SURGE protector ONLY works for a direct lightning hi. NOT for FPL’s FREQUENT gray/brown outs due to trees, squirrels, lightning further away…..

  79. Staci Robilio

    How can you register for the On Call program and what do you need to do to get it

  80. Henry Lynk

    So FPL wants to have solar but not allow residents to have options ,corporate monopoly, the rich getting richer
    You don’t fool all the people

    Spreading sunshine across Florida

    Creating a better tomorrow is important to all of us. We’ve drastically slashed our use of foreign oil by 98 percent and are focusing on U.S.-produced natural gas and our state’s very own sunshine. In 2016, we tripled our solar energy production by adding one million new solar panels and approximately 225 megawatts to our solar portfolio. And, we’re continuing to do our part to advance clean energy by adding eight more solar energy centers by early next year.

  81. Maria Gomez

    I do not understand why the bill goes up. I was not home, no cooking, no washing, no shower. I think someone, should come and check. I think that the fact that I can not contact a human, they take advantage of a senior. Hope you can give me a phone number that I can talk with someone and get some answers.

  82. mai pham

    can i have a telephone number so i can call to talk about saving energy and enroll in the program

  83. Patricia Flynn

    Please sign me up if it helps me, our environment and FPL. I live alone in a lovely condo. My bills are not very high as I enjoy fresh air when it’s cool like it’s been lately! If you think I could make a difference, especially for myself, I’d love to participate!

  84. Thomas Wells

    We have been on the on-call with FPL for a few years but for some reason we were taken off of it. We have had the blinking devise on our heat pump but have not seen anything on our FPL bill since last October about the on-call service.

  85. Evan

    What if you have 2 A/C units? Can someone receive additional credit for the 2nd unit?

  86. John furey

    I would love to save money

  87. drew

    no where do u mention that low users and solar customers save nothing

    very misleading

  88. Robert Lavigne

    I would like to have a surge protector installed please let me know how to proceed.

  89. Robert Lavigne

    I would like to have a surge protector installed please let me know how to proceed.

  90. Enrique Setaro

    I received a letter from FPL Energy Services, Inc. offering what the call “Exterior Water Service Line Coverage”. They say they are an unregulated subsidiary of FPL. Would you please explain this and what is this service and is it needed. If it is a water relate service why would a FPL subsidiary do it.

  91. Donna Fortunato

    I would like to get info about a new water heater for $5 month

  92. robert logan

    $3 a month to cycle my AC during the hottest months does not interest me because that is quite a sacrifice in comfort. You to to double that amount at the least.

  93. Nelson Bartfield

    Some time ago,our On Call allowances were substantially REDUCED.
    Are we now getting the highest monthly credit possible?
    Thank you.

    Nelson Bartfield

  94. robert chapter

    I recived a letter from FPLES talking about my hot water heater
    my QUESTION is this company a scam ? they use the FPL logo on there letterhead


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