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Brad Goar is the program manager for FPL's Home Energy Survey and Low Income Weatherization programs. With over 140,000 home energy surveys performed annually, FPL's Home Energy Survey is one of the largest utility run energy survey programs in the nation.

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Get a $150 rebate toward your new A/C unit

By Brad Goar

Asked on: June 24, 2016 by Deborah B., Palm Bay

My A/C unit is 15 years old. Does FPL advise customers on the required SEER level and offer rebates for a new A/C unit?

Hi Deborah, deciding whether or not to replace your existing 15-year-old A/C unit is a big decision and large investment. The good news is – should you choose to purchase a new unit you could be looking at lower energy bills once you’ve installed a more efficient system. For example, if you replace a 10 SEER three-ton A/C unit with a 16 SEER system, you could save around $377 annually.

Qualify for a $150 rebate
If you purchase and install a 16 or 17 SEER, straight cool/air cool unit in a single-family detached home from a Participating Independent Contractor you’ll qualify for a $150 rebate from FPL. These contractors can also help you find the right unit for your home and ensure you’re eligible for rebates.

What is SEER?
As you may already know, SEER is a measure of a system’s efficiency – it stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio – an important consideration when your air conditioning can account for more than 50 percent of your energy bill during peak cooling months.

Current Florida regulations require a minimum SEER level of 14 for new A/C units. As you might guess, the higher the SEER level the more expensive the unit. However, it also means you’re getting a more efficient unit, and the savings generated are greater. Ultimately, the ideal balance for your home will depend on the size and layout of your home, where it’s located, and how often you run your air conditioning.

For more information visit our Residential Air Conditioning program page.

Your safety is very important to us. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. For non-emergencies, you can reach us during regular business hours via Facebook private message, or follow and message us on Twitter and one of our representatives will assist you. To report an outage, please call 1-800-4-Outage. Thank you and please stay safe.

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Comments [194]

  1. John Campbell

    How can I tell if a installer really has my interest in mind instead of thinking about a profit? These systems especially for a quality 16 seer are pricey, I really like the Lennox Family and have learned that Traine and Carrier are not really the way to go anymore. My home is about 1800 sq. ft. single story built in 2000 so the system living in the Las Vegas area are nearing replacement, also because the current system is a “Builder Construction Application, it has lasted this long because the parts were still built in the US before that company moved to Mexico.
    I have been offered 2 offers of $10.000 & $8600, 1st one is Lennox later is Train, do these offers seem reasonable to you?

  2. Pamela lucas

    I need a new AC unit for my condominium will I be eligible for any rebate from
    FPL new 2 1/2 ton unit

  3. joseph jones

    how do I apply for the fpl hvac rebate I bought a seer 16 unit

  4. david eichhorn

    3/15/16, had 17seer David Lennox Signature heat pump complete system installed. Is CMS Mechanical Service Company a participating contractor for the rebate?

  5. Maria Negron-Morales

    Filled out the form to get rebate…..nothing. What’s the deal?

  6. Karl T. Ratti

    We are snow birds who spend 3-5 months /yr in FL Would we be eligible for any rebates concerning A/C replacement?

  7. Gloria Ley

    NO VILLAS (iNDIAN CREEK) only detached houses?????????????? iNDIAN CREK LOTS


  8. Ronald Cliffin

    Attention! If you have not purchased an air conditioner unit yet, but wish to receive this rebate. CALL FPL first because they are only offering the rebate through certain AC appliance companies/contractors.

    I am just hoping that my new unit will save me $ in the long run. Seems to me that they would give the rebate to anyone who spent all that money trying to have a more energy efficient home.

  9. Ronald Cliffin

    Our August energy bill was about $100 over what it used to be, I paid it, and a few days later purchased a 2016 air conditioning appliance from Florida Cooling Supply and had it installed the following day. I just received my September energy bill which is even higher. I’m glad I saw this particular section ASK AN EXPERT, now I would like to know how to send you this information on the unit I just purchased/installed so that I can get a break.

  10. tom silver

    why don’t you give a rebate on a 15.5 seer unit????.

  11. Eleanor Rogers

    How do I know what size air conditioner I need?

  12. T. Emer

    have installed new AC complete. looking at your ‘energy news’ Aug 2016 ‘flier’… WHY DOESE’NT THE FLIER INDICATE THE NEEDED SEER RATING OF AT LEAST 16 TO QUALIFY FOR REBATE ???
    it may have been possible to ‘up’ from 14 for little or no cost . do you think we have time to check with you each occasion of fix/repair ???
    it’s hot out,,, no time to be fooling about ! had to get it done on pro’s advice.
    THANK YOU, T Emer

  13. Maria Negron

    I got a new AC, now how do I apply for the $150.00 rebate? I got the AC from Treasure Coast AC.

  14. Helen Speakman

    I just bought a new AC from Honest Air in Venice with a SEER of 16. My old Trane was 21 years old. I cannot find any listing for any AC company in Venice. Do I still qualify for the $150 rebate?

    1. John Brown

      I just had two 16 seer Ruud A/C units installed to replace the 15 year old units that were originally installed during build. Tommy’s Air of port charlotte performed the work. How do I go about getting my $150.00 discount?
      Thank You

  15. Roger Marchetti

    It comes as a true disappointment that my brand new 15 seer AC unit, ( $6,300.00 ) does not qualify for a rebate. As a 26 year regular customer of FPL I deserve better treatment.


    Roger Marchetti

  16. Sara

    Can someone please explain to me why FPL will only give a rebate on a 16 or 17 seer unit?
    I recently had a 20 seer installed and was told that it didn’t qualify for the rebate. I guess it’s too energy efficient.

  17. Sarah Dearduff

    I just had a new AC until put in, I was wondering if I was eligible for the $150.00 rebate from FPL.

  18. Marcia Ridgelll

    I just got a new AC. How do I get a rebate?
    I got a new energy efficient washer and dryer last year are there rebates for those also?

    1. Wilma Willoughby

      Does this mean there are no rebates for condo A/C replacements? In my case every condo has its own A/C.

  19. Michael Bolin

    Just installed an 15SEER Rheem 5Ton AC to replace an old 10Seer. Do not see ANY change in A/C usage. Have compared the KWHr, Avg Temperature and Avg Humidity for the last 8 Months on a Daily/Hourly Basis. There does not seem to be a “significant” correlation between the average Temp/Humidity and the KWH/monthly cost, except its always low in the AM and then higher from Noon-6PM; however, humidity does not seem to have any correlation to the KWHr. Exactly what are the specific calculations used for the KWHr usage, temperature (Hi/Avg/Low) and Humidity (Hi/Average) for the charts used.

  20. Fred Crane

    I’m considering a Stiebel Eltron Tempra Plus tankless water heater and would like to know how to find out if the supply to my home has 240v 200A available?

  21. Glassesshop

    So many questions need to be solved!

  22. MaryAnn Cain

    Would this work for my parent’s mobile home. They need. To replace their unit?

  23. Ed

    A couple of years ago solar of vents were the buzz, and I believe the state gave rebates/refunds on a portion f cost. Are there any rebuttals or negative info on these and are they worth the $$$ of install?

  24. Wendy Snyder

    Good afternoon, I replaced a 13 SEER A/C unit with a 21 SEER unit in my primary residence. Does it qualify for the rebate?

    1. Sara

      Nope. Only AC units with 16 or 17 seer are eligible. I found this out when I installed a new 20 seer unit. I guess FPL doesn’t want us to save too much energy.

  25. elizabeth

    eligibility for programs of replacement of items like windows , ac unit , etc. I talked to a man that is in his 60’s and he was offered all appliances upgrade for free due to his age and status.

  26. Ray Hopton

    I just purchased a brand new a/c unit, washer and dryer, all energy efficient, yet my electric bill seems to be very high. my father in law said the bill should be about 200 a month, that’s when he paid it and before the new appliances a/c. He said that was when it got hot. My bill is nearly $300. Something doesn’t seem right.


    I have a question. My thermostat is set on 75degrees and around two in the afternoon the temperature in the house is 78 degrees. Why does this happen and what can I do to keep my electric bill down. I am a retired widow on social security and small pension from Palm beach county. Please advise. thank you

  28. Sue mcbirney

    We bought this house in January. Our electric bill has been well over 400 the last few months. I realize this house is just over two times the size of our old home and my parents who have moved in with us also had similar electric usage. Between the two of us we rarely exceeded 300 per month. We have upgraded th a/c systems,hot water tank, half the kitchen appliances and replaced the pool heat pump with solar (no electric needed). Do you offer a in home energy audit to help us determine where we are using our electricity.

  29. Natacha Brea

    My home is 3 years old as well as my conditioning unit. To lower my bill and stay in a range that can help me I followed FPL temperature regulations which is to leave the house at 80 degrees and 72 to keep it cooler anyway i have mold in the bedrooms. The technician said if I don’t put the thermostat at a lower temperature I will have problems in a few years. How do I handle this.

  30. donald BARRINGER


  31. D. A. McTighe

    How can I test a swimming pool to see if the water is electrified?

  32. Andre Boulet

    I replace the heat air condition cost 3650.00 so how do i get a rebate.Let me know.Thanks

  33. jose

    Hello , i replaced an old AC unit a year ago.My new Goodman unit is a SEER 14.5 – 16.0.How do i get a rebate. I also got a new Washer and Dryer. Can i get rebate for them also ? Thank You

  34. sandra munson

    my bill is highr than ever has been and higher than bills when I’m there.when I’m not there bills run 17.00-22.00

  35. carolyn webb

    I have an FPL box that leads to my water tank and this box has an on and off switch. when i leave for a couple months I plan on turning off the water. I want to turn off the water heater as well to save on energy. Do I use that on and off switch to do this and is there any additional info I should know

  36. Kennedy

    Hi, I’m doing a project for my physics class , and I have a few questions:

    1. How is electricity produced at this plant ?

    2. What training is required to work at FPL?

    3. What education is required to work at FPL?

    4. Does the worker have to have knowledge of what a conductor, series, and circuits are?

    5. Approximately how long does it take for wire a house ?

    6. Where does your main power source come from?

    7. How many outlets runs on one circuit?

  37. judy

    Would it be worth while for me by my usage to get solar power. my monthly usage is 959kwh. what would be the cost of instillation. Thanks, Judy

  38. David Owen

    I just purchased 3 security cameras for my home. How much energy do they use? How much more will I pay monthly?

  39. John nalipinski

    I had my old A/C unit replaced June 6th of this year. Is there a rebate available.
    Also, can you explain why my bill has risen considerably? The unit was replaced with a similar 4 ton unit with a16 seed rating. We do keep the temp at 73 and the humidistat at 0.
    Do you have a service to check our replacement unit?

  40. Michelle J. Weddle

    why has my bill gone off the charts in one year. I live alone and have resided in this condo for more than twenty years. I have never seen bills as much as a mortgage payment. what is going on here? I feel like i’m being robbed. My bill was lower last year before my husband died. I live alone, I have less laundry and have kept my ac higher. what is going on? Am i being scammed or what?

  41. Jim Tonti

    How can we download the hourly usage data sets (and hopefully temperature and humidity data, too) for our account(s) to a CSV or other electronic formatted file to use for my own analysis? (Reverse-engineering the HTML for the graphs is not a good solution!) Thanks, -Jim

  42. M. Wattenbach

    I can’t find anywhere else on your site to register this ‘thank you’….so, thank you for the e-mail payment reminder so I can avoid late fees. Days just fly by often….thanks, again.

  43. Gisele Destefani

    I could not upload my passport

  44. Kimberley Fede

    Why is our fpl bill going out of control? Our projected bill is over $800, something is wrong.. Its only been a week since the meter reading and it is saying we are already at $190 and that is our average. I have stopped using the drying and we have bumped A/C unit to 80 degrees since the last bill was outrageous…could there be something wrong with the meter.. We are now uncomfortable and its saying our projected bill is going to be over $800. What do we do?

  45. Michael C Thomas

    The Usage Graph Dashboard section is excellent as well as your service. I appreciate the work the linemen/women do as well as everyone else there.

    Question: is there a way to “save to my computer” my usage graphs instead of printing them? I looked and looked but didn’t find a way.

    Thank you for your time and I hope I didn’t bother you with this question, but I couldn’t find any other avenue to use in order to get this answered.

    Thank you again.

  46. David Sims

    I live in an apartment that has window units and not central A/C.

    What is the most cost effective way and the best use of energy when it comes to running the A/C during the day when I’m at work?

    My building is about 40 years old and constructed from solid concrete. It is most definitely much cooler inside then outside when I come home from work. However, with the heat of the summer, and the A/C turned off during the day while I’m at work, it’s now taking about 4 to 4 and a half hours for the apartment to cool down to a comfortable temperature when I come home from work.

    My question is, is it more cost effective to leave the A/C on during the day, while I’m at work, and raise the temperature on the thermostat to something like 79, or does it cost much more to cool the apartment down with the compressors in each unit having to run for 4 hours, nonstop to cool the place back down every evening?

    I would greatly appreciate your expertise with the correct answer to my problem.


    David Sims

  47. Matt

    I property manage a 6 unit apartment complex. There is no house account for outside lighting. We are now adding coin operated washer/ dryers and would like to add another account/ meter. Where do I start? Thanks

  48. scott

    We are new to Estero FL. What are the best hours to run clothes washing machines and dryers?

  49. spence robbins

    We just completed a complete kitchen renovation that included all new electric appliances. Do this qualify for any type savings plan or tax deduction?

    Thanks in advance,
    Spence Robbins

  50. cheri olien

    I have been told that an older refrigerator that runs all the time can double your electric bill. Is this true?

  51. Weegan calixte

    What if I just put a new unit or system A/c less than a month ago, would I still qualify for the rebate money.

  52. Bill

    I am adding a mini split A/C to my garage. Am I entitled to any energy rebates?

  53. Ruthann

    I have birds dying when they land in the tree behind my house that has 2 high tension wires going thru it, something is wrong. A total of 4 birds have been killed. What can be done! Is there a short or a ground causing this?


    I leave my temperature setting at 72 and during the day the temperature reading rises to 77.

  55. Sunbunny

    Increasing the seer number can be more efficient dollar wise, but, cooling an air space too quickly and not providing sufficient air exchanges can lead to house air sickness. There are specs available on how to purchase proper most efficient air conditioner using a formula with area/tons/seers

  56. Shirley

    Have been utilizing energy saving tools, now wondering the benefits of having duct work cleaned, the house was built in the 1960. What benefit might this have on efficiency beyond getting rid of old dust? Would appreciate recommendation on kind of cleaning method? Thanks.

  57. James Lloyd

    We have a programmable thermostat in our condominium that we can remotely control. While we are up north for the summer, our thermostat is reading 69% humidity while the temperature is set at 75. Could the reading be incorrect? We hate to have to lower our temperature.

    1. Luis pinto

      How do I apply to get the $150 rebate towards a 2.5 ton a.c. That I have to replace in a couple of days? Thank you

  58. John

    We had a solar system installed at work and it had shown considerable savings during the first year, and after that year our demand charges were removed from our monthly statements. We believe there may have been some recent issues with our system, and we are now seeing the Demand charges coming back on our statement. We were under the impression that if we were able to send a certain amount of power back to the grid for 12 months, the demand charges would be dropped. Why is it that only 1 month of low supply back to the grid caused the demand charge to come back? 12 months is a long time to wait to have charges removed only to have them come right back after just one month of low yield. Is this right? Is there a way to recover our prior status of no demand charges without having to wait another year?

  59. Marilyn Hallock

    I need more insulation in the attic and don’t know who to call

  60. Thomas Rooney

    I would like to know why you DON’T provide the ability to choose a forward date for payment of my bill. All other vendors I deal with give the option of choosing a date different from the current or sign in date.

    I must keep a separate calendar for your billings – being retired and on a strict budget geared to my income receipts gives me no chance choose a forward date to coincide with my receipts. I am forced to keep a calendar and pay you on the ” due by date “. If I were not forced into this situation I would pay my bill a few days earlier – but I must pay on the due date.

  61. hector padron

    I just purchased an a/c unit in March from Aztil. Will I qualify for a rebate from FPL?
    They told me they don’t provide rebates anymore.
    Hector Padron

  62. Sandra J. Walter

    I was disappointed to read in the above question that only single-family detached homes qualify for the $150. rebate. I own a three bedroom,two bath condo on the third floor & was getting quotes from three different companies for a 2 1/2 ton 16 seer unit. Why are condos not included?

  63. robert broccoli

    I had a new ac installed single family detached, by a PIC, its 16 SEER, with a heat pump, does this qualify for the $150 rebate? The contractor said AC’s with heat pumps do not qualify, only units with a heat strip,,I’m confused on heat pump, heat strip and straight cool, ,tks for your help..

  64. Silvio R. Ginebra

    Necesito un estudio sobre la eficiencia y la fuga de Aire Acondicionado pues mi Bill de FPL. ES MUY ALTO.
    Dejenme saber si Uds. Pueden ayudarme

  65. Carlos

    Is it normal for a Central Air Conditioning unit to cycle on/off frequently ? For example, I had temperature set at 83 with outside temperature around 91. When system reached 84, AC turned on for 7 minutes and was off for around 6 minutes. It ended up turning on and off approximately every 7 minutes. Is this normal ?

    Does it make sense to set temperature at 83 during the day and then sleep with 75 versus keeping the temperature during the day at 79 and sleeping with 75 ? Which saves more money ?

    Thanks for your help !

  66. dana hagan

    I can’t get signed in. that is my email add.it says my email is wrong.

  67. lucy

    How do I apply for the $150 credit for a new air conditioner.

  68. Karen Hanlon

    I am baffled as to why I have not seen any FPL meter readers at my house in a very long time. I used to get a call prior to them showing up but have not gotten the call or seen anyone. Also, my AC was broken for 5 days over the July 4th holiday and was not being used and I now see a much higher bill than what I had the previous month. I think that FPL is taking old data and just giving me an estimate. I want someone to come out here and actually read my meter.

  69. Cecilia Bergbauer

    I had a new unit installed at my condo in Kings Point last August, early Sept. Am I eligible for the rebate??

  70. Daniel E Callan

    What is your opinion on 2 stage heat pumps and are they worth the money here in Florida

  71. willie

    Im the VP of miss desoto fast pitch softball in arcadia fl and i want to know how demand meters work for our field lights

  72. arnaldo quintero

    tengo cocina de gas, secadora de gas, calentador de gas y no baja la mensualidad. que pasa ?

  73. Stevie

    I don’t like the fact that I have dialed every number possible and have been unable to speak to an actual love person. If someone in FPL reads this please call me… It’s annoying and very inconvenient. Your automated is not helping me with my questions!

  74. Stephen Rumbaugh

    My mother recently moved out of her home in Florida. She says that when she enrolled with FPL she paid a deposit. When can she expect to get the deposit back – how long does it toke to process. Also, can you tell me what the deposit is used for.


  75. Rick MCDONALD

    Hi, I just bought a new home in Naples. it will be a second home and I;m trying to understand what I should budget for months the home will be occupied. how do I get access to the previous homeowner’s energy usage by month for the last year?

  76. Bill MELENDEZ

    How do I get FPL to remove some branches that are over the power line in my backyard?

  77. Marcelo Luis

    No puedo entrar en my cuenta

  78. Cheryl

    Is there a rebate for condo owners?

  79. Ignacio Agramonte

    Hi Brad,
    I’m installing new high energy efficient impact windows and doors. Live in south Florida. I was wondering if there is any rebates available to offset the high cost. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  80. Susan

    Do I have to use your contractors or will a complete installation paid in full bill be enough for rebate

  81. Pernie H. Timm

    On 6-21-16 I replaced my 16 year old Split System Heat/Cool with a new one from Mid Florida A/C. Seer Rating 15.00. Is there any rebate that I am entitled to?

  82. Joseph Nagy

    How important is it to have a surge protector on our home AC unit?

  83. Ricardo Lopez

    Hello, I am concerned with the amount of my bill and I would like help resolving if possible. Also, it seems that my house is very warm during the summer and the A/C is not cooling as it should. I have had it checked by an Air Conditioning company and they did not find any issues with the A/C unit. They did discover however that the attic has very little insulation and that is what they believe is causing it not to cool sufficiently. I would appreciate assistance with this issue.
    Thank You
    Ricardo lopez

  84. Ed Ostrowski

    I have two basic sliding glass doors, each 95″ x 78″. Neither one ever has the sun shining directly on them but it is a lot of square footage keeping the heat out. Both doors get covered with condensation many days in our South Florida heat. My question, would it be worthwhile if I installed sliding vertical cellular shades to create a second insulation barrier? What percentage of a/c savings could I expect each month?

  85. Valerie Robbin

    I believe there was a rebate or some sort of help on solar energy at one time. Are there any incentives to upgrade to solar energy?

  86. Valerie Verbeke

    Why is only in good for a single family detached home? What about all of the condo owners? Surly it would be very beneficial to all of us.

  87. romola clark

    I am a seasonal Florida homeowner and I have a dead(absolutely no wires attached)telephone pole in my yard. I’m concerned that, given the condition of this old pole, it could damage my property(house) during a storm. Can you please remove this pole? Thank you for your commitment to continued quality service.


    Romola Clark

  88. Jane caplan

    Is there any rebate for a new A/C purchased for a condo/villa?

  89. Stella Lorberer

    I believe I need some better insulation in the attic of my house,.Do you have someone in your organization who can tell me if I need it, and if so how much. Also if there is a charge in obtaining this informatio..

    Thank you

    Stella Lorberer

  90. Dave Bechtol

    I’m hearing a lot about solar in the home but I’m not sure those panels are really good for the environment. I understand that SF-6 is a manufacturing by product that is no good for the environment and that each panel really has a fixed life span of about 15 years. It’s my understanding there is no “industry wide” agreement on how best to put these used panels back in the environment. What is FP+L’s advice on using solar panels?

  91. Reinaldo Delgado

    Hello my house is a old house it has no insulation in the attic portion of the roof and I can’t get the ac to cool lower then 80 degrees at night I have a new born and she is also suffering from the heat is there any programs to help with insulation installs or any one someone can recommend I’m in Hialeah , Florida 33013 thank you

  92. Michael

    Why am I discriminated against for the rebate if I live in a own my condo and are free to choose any unit I desire?

  93. Yelba Henriquez

    quiero saber si ud.s venden las unidad de aire a/c ?

  94. Lisa

    FPL should get on homeowners who rent to tenants the systems are old and they have substandard wireing there is no insolation snd unfortanately the tenant gets stuck carrying the bag… While homeowners are having there morgage paid and you have no idea until after you sign the lease.. Concerned tenant..

  95. Kathy Driscoll

    If I have a 1200 square foot, 2 bedroom condo and wanted to replace my old air conditioning unit, what would you recommend we purchase?




    I spoke with Ms Ferguson at FPL regarding my extremely high energy bill. They sent me and inspector to check everything he recommended my A/C on 75 also I have to pay $85 for insulation (FPL helped with the balance total $250for insulation. My home is only 1,500 SQ . I have gas on my water heater, Washer and Range I have been following all the “recommendations” I am living alone with 2 dogs. and my bill keep coming high. Is there a way that you open an investigation around the neighborhood to compare how much other people spend and made an estimate of the average expending around the area. I am retire and old and I really can not afford to pay almost $300 per month. Thank you

  98. l

    i have older ac unit in my apt more than 15 yrs. why cant fpl send notice and rebate to corportate office for residents at lakeshore apts ac ducts is making some of s sick causing health problems termites in walls–sorry but the $150 toward ac unit i cat afford

  99. Gerald Ruest

    I replaced my old A/C unit last November 25 2015, for a new unit 3 tons to save energy. That new unit has been installed by Costco installer. Sure I save energy with this new unit, I would like, if I can receive the $150 rebate by now.

    Thanks you

  100. Gerald Ruest

    I replaced my old A/C unit last November 25 2015, for a new unit 3 tons to save energy. That unit is from Costco at 33324. I would like, if I can receive the $150 rebate now.

    Thanks you

  101. Julie Lapitino

    When I replace my heat pump, do I need to replace the air handler as well?
    They are both about 12 years old. Does the rebate apply?

  102. Carol hoffer

    I bought a new air-conditioning system a few years ago but did not know until after I owned it that the filters had to be replaced every six months and cost $47 each.
    I order them through my service company and they are either shipped to me or brought when they come to my house. I tried to buy them from Lowe’s but they did not fit so I had to return them to that store.
    Where can I buy something that doesn’t cost $47 ?

  103. David Goebel

    I had a LENNOX 3 Ton / 16 Seer A/C installed on 6 Jun 15…
    Am I still eligible for the Rebate for this upgrade?

    Thank you for your customer communications outreach…David

  104. Kim Mubita

    Are new window energy effecient units use more power than central. Air

  105. Cynthia Blum

    based upon my useage and KW do you recommend that I purchase new A/C. My A/C unit is 11 years old?

  106. Marilyn kobza

    I now live in a mobile home and never been happier. my bills have been very good till the summer hit us, now of course are higher. its a double wide. how many seers do I need if I need to replace down the road? thank you

  107. Sandra chappell

    Do you also have rebates on more efficient window units?

  108. Roger Nichols

    Is it true that I can save on my power bill if I use my power after 12 midnight?

  109. John zwicke

    Why does it take 6 weeks plus to get mew
    Temp service hooked up for my new house
    sure wish there was alternative for FPL

  110. June Griffin

    my A/C is about 8 years old and I try to keep the house at 78 degrees in this hot weather. Around 4 or 5 pm the a/c goes up to 80 and 82 degrees by itself. then later it will go back to 78 degrees. At night I try to keep it at 76 degrees but it takes the a/c unit until midnight before it goes down to that temperature.
    The a/c is a Goodman and I have had the a/c man out to the house and he checked the unit and only cleaned out the drain which was clogged. He said everything was fine. Any suggestions?

  111. June Griffin

    my A/c unit is 8 years old and during this hot hot weather I try to keep it at 78 degrees and usually around 4 or 5pm it will go up to 80 to 82 degrees by itself. Later it will drop down to 78 again but at night I try to keep it at 76 and it takes the a/c until midnight before I can get it to 76. The unit is a Goodman and the a/c man told me there is nothing he can do, he checked the unit out and just cleaned out the drain that was clogged. Guess I will have to live with this. Any suggestions?

  112. Bonnie Osborn

    How do we submit for the $150 rebate on a new AC?

  113. Catherine A. Bliss

    Have already replaced old A/C unit with a larger more efficient unit. How do I go about receiving my $150 FPL rebate check, it would be very much appreciated

  114. Fred Zwick

    We are remodeling our home on the Manasota Key. Our contractor uses another HVAC service. Can I receive a rebate. Seems unfair to have a “preferred” installer when there are so many good ones in the the area.

  115. jim werley

    Does FPL have certain contractors that will install new A/C units and the customers can pay it off through monthly FPL billings. thanks

  116. Laurence Dahlin

    I don’t like your new method of billing. I thought I had already scheduled my July 2016 payment of $147. Please advise.

  117. Mike S.

    I believe in “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it.” I’ve kept the 20+ y.o. 13 SEER unit on my 1500sq/f house going since 2009 by having the occasional relay or capacitor replaced on it every couple years (<$100 repair.) That is until one day last September it completely quit. The tech came out and the needles on his Freon gauge red ZERO. It had a good run, but it was past done! Had a new 16 SEER unit installed. This May's bill is now around 30% lower than last year. So if I stay in the house 6-10 years more the unit should pretty much pay for itself in energy savings. By the way, the rebates last September were much more than $150, but expired in November after I got mine. (The Federal EnergyStar rebates were already long since gone though.) Bottom line I think if your old unit still runs and keeps you comfortable and your monthly bills are not routinely outrageous you're better off saving your money and spending it on better attic insulation and weather stripping. Those improvements will give you a bigger bang for your buck. Just my $.02.



  119. Janet LaCroix

    Our home is 2552 sq ft and we are currently trying to cool it with 2 window units instead of using our central a/c which is a 4 ton, 13/14 seer. We have 3 of the bedroom doors closed and we turn off the 15,000 BTU unit during the night. The other window a/c is 8,000 BTU. My husband thought it would be cheaper running the window units as opposed to running the central which is 8 years old. My husband likes to keep the a/c between 73 and 75 degrees. What are your thoughts?

  120. wilmer shuster

    can i get the rebate if i live in a condo and replace my old ac with a new one?

  121. Bob Lawwill

    I live in a condo complex one floor but attached on two sides. I have a roof top 16+ year old AC unit and a “pancake” furnace/blower unit in my entry way. I am considering a newer AC/Heat Pump unit to replace this system and also might consider the new “Mitsibushi” type multiple room unit system. Are there any rebates or data on comparison of energy savings for such systems?

  122. Phil

    We just purchased a new air condition unit for our condo. Do we qualify for the rebate and how do we go about applying for it?

  123. Christopher Hoek

    If I install solar panels on my roof can I sell back the energy to fpl?

  124. Greg

    I am looking at standby generators in case of a storm or other outage. Where can I get my peak usage information so that I know how big of a generator I need (assuming I want to run everything)? Thank you.

  125. Judy Grise'

    No discounts for a condo? I notice you mention a detached home.

  126. Elias Kessep

    I just replaced my air handler and a/c unit around 6 months ago, do I still qualify for a rebate?

  127. Robert Hanni

    when away from home for 5 months
    How should you set your Humidistat & Temperature control?

  128. jesenia rodriguez

    I own a mobile home I changed my ac do I qualify?

  129. Rae

    We own a condo and bought a new AC. Why do you disqualify condo owners from your rebate?

  130. David Walker

    I replaced 3 original units dating back to 1994 in my home with 3-16 seer units a couple of months ago and have certificates for each. How do I apply for rebate and do I get credit for each installed? Thank you

  131. Paul Mogolesko

    With all of the sunshine and wind in Florida why are there no incentives and broader programs to encourage solar and wind energy generation. IF there were an incentive to offset some of the capital cost I would install solar on my roof in a heartbeat.

    Paul Mogolesko
    Boynton Beach

  132. Donald Martinek

    This week I am replacing my pool pump with a energy star pump. Are their any rebates available for me?

  133. Edith

    I would like to know what is most cost effective and energy saving. Do I replace my current unit or do I add another central ac unit to the other side of my house?

  134. Cristina

    What about looking at the insulation of the house to ensure that the insulation is adequate? Does FPL also assist with that free of charge? Thank you!

  135. Helmut Klick

    How much do these 16-17 SEER’s run. I am new to Florida.

  136. Mathias Fuenfschilling

    Our 1500 scft vacation home ist used approx. 5 months p.a. in Febr./May, July/August and in fall. Would tripple glass windows make sense (also noice reduction from Manatee Ave) and what would ROI be? Our Arch.Review Committe does not permit anny design changes e.g. outside insulation, PV systms on roof etc. Please advise!

    M.R.Fünfschilling (former UL Trustee)

  137. Jan Risa

    In the garage where the AC inner unit is there are sometimes very hot. Is there any things to do to keep the temperature inside the garage lower? Isolate the roof or other things? Keep the garagedoor a Litle bit open? Or other things. Hope You can give me an answer. Mvh Jan Risa.

  138. Julio ssbillon

    Todas we change the air condition

  139. Barbara

    If my ac unit is 20 years old I will only save 377 per year? Doesn’t really seem worth it. It will take 10 years to pay for itself. This can’t be correct.

  140. Elaine Fyffe

    What about rebates for condo owners? We buy efficient air conditioners, too.

  141. Martin

    I have old aluminum single pane Windows and almost zero insulation in my attic and no money to replace. Does FPL have any programs to help.

  142. Andrea Boyce

    How should I set my thermostat and humidifier when I leave in April and return in January

  143. Shari

    How about getting away from ALL fossil fuels? That would be what is best for all of us!

  144. Kim stanley

    Does FPL give rebates on new roofs.

  145. Elizabeth Nettles

    We replaced our AC system with an updated SEER in October 2014. At the time I could not find any rebates from FPL. Were we eligible for any kind of rebate. The system was replaced in and out.

  146. Victorio Churio

    I am having Trane. A/C unit installed on 7/9/16. Will I qualify for a credit?

  147. Tiffany Gray

    What recommendations does FPL offer for those families that do not have central air conditioning units?

  148. maye

    How can I get help for my house insulation?

  149. Patrick

    Rebates or offers available for condo home owners

  150. Vinod Gulati

    I understand FPL hires contractors to cut trees in way of power lines. Some of these contractors may generate mulch for our gardens. How do I go about getting some of this mulch delivered to our Delray Beach Children’s Garden ?
    I had called once…they asked for an FPL account. I have one but not the garden ! Please assist !

  151. Phyllis Penner

    Considering Florida Power and Light is asking for a huge increase in what consumers pay for power over the next 3 years, I think you should stop all of this advertising which brags about your reasonable rates. You are a monopoly, so your don’t need to advertise in the first place…we are a “captive audience.”

  152. john

    We need to understand the efficiency cooling options for our 2 story open floor plan home.
    Zone 1 covers an open/high ceiling 1st floor and an open/high ceiling 2nd floor walkway. On the 2nd floor, zone 2 covers 2 bedrooms and zone 3 covers the 2nd floor family room suite.

    Question:Is it more efficient on the 2nd floor to keep all the upstairs 2 bedroom doors and the family room suite doors closed or opened for to maximize cooling efficiency?

  153. Jane Warkentien

    What are you doing to harden the grid against an EMP attack or a solar flare? Texas has worked on it. Real work on it; I don’t want pablum.

  154. Marie Brack

    The above says single family detached home. I live in a condo, eight units to the building. My a/c serves only my unit. Am I eligible for a rebate?

  155. Virginia DeRogatis

    My mom turns the thermostat to 81 at 8AM and 74 after 9PM. Is this energy efficient?

  156. Paul Majewski

    Why are not heat pumps included in the rebate program?


    What about purchasing a new A/C unit for a Condo?

  158. Diane propeck

    Keep shades drawn between 11:00 and 16:00
    Change filters more frequently
    Make sure to add bleach to a/c unit if applicable
    Keep lights off they add heat
    Use fans to circulate cool AC air



  160. Bobby

    Who are the participating contractors for St. Augustine, FL? I did look on website but couldn’t find any information on the contractors.

  161. Leo Rehbolz

    Good work FPL! Very accurate and helpfull data for the consumer. Would like to add an important factor regarding the efficiency. Up to 16 Seer most units are available with a limited amount of electronics. More electronics are implemented in your a/c system to reach the higher Seer ratings.
    More electronics also means more failures and your supposed savings are gone. I have seem many cases where 18 Seer systems required so many repairs due to electronic failures that it would have been cheaper to keep the old 10 Seer unit.So make sure you look at every angle before you buy!

    Kind regard, Leo from Air to Go Air Conditioning

  162. ron scafidi

    Are their any rebates for individual replacement units in a condominium?

  163. Renee

    I’m getting new energy efficient doors installed. Is there some type of rebate offered from FPL?

  164. Joseph J Puncec

    Between swapping out or “contractors” quality A/C with a much better unit and switching all of our lighting to LED’s our FPL bill is almost 50% less than it was before these changes were made. Yes, there was a front end investment, but we are very happy with the much better and brighter lighting, and our new A/C cools faster and better. All in all we are very happy with these two changes. J&M

  165. Thomas Clapp

    Y’all have Solar Now allowing customers to kick in $9 a month toward commercial solar installations. Why not extend to private homes? Install solar on private homes. The home owner would pay instead spreading it out among all FPL customers. By reducing the load, you would reduce the necessity for new power plants and excess energy could be fed back into the grid to further reduce loading.

    FPL has the installation expertise now and it would seem to me anyway, to be a logical step for FPL renewable energy is beginning to become a legitimate alternative.



  167. Thomas Kellogg

    Are there rebates when replacing A/C units in condos with a energy efficient unit?

  168. Eric Phifer

    I have been thinking about converting from a standard electric water heater to an on-demand water heater. Are there viable all electric alternatives available that you would recommend?

  169. Tom

    Does FPL service the community of Grand Paradiso at ZIP 34293?

    Is net metering available for solar customers?

    Are there any solar incentives from FPL?

    I am in Nevada considering a move to Venice FL.

    Thank you.

  170. Pat Orlandi

    Hi Brad- I had a brand new A/C installed 4/13/16 and my energy usage on the dashboard has quintupled from my normal usage for this time of year. The installation co. came and checked and readjusted the system 6/24/16, but when I checked my energy dashboard today, my projected bill is even higher than the projection from 2 weeks ago. Is it possible my smart meter is malfunctioning and how do I go about getting this checked? (I have no pool, and my electric bills average about $119-140/mo with budget billing)

    1. Ashley

      Pat , I believe budget billing js based on your prior usage . So FPL doesn’t know that you have a newer more efficient usage . Depending on what you have left on your account deposit etc you may consider removing the budget billing .

  171. Helga

    I need Fpl to come to check my meter and if there is any leaks for my bill is outrages for a one bedroom apartment and only one person!

  172. James Andriani

    My OnCall unit was installed when the program started. I’m in a condo and the space is limited. The unit was installed in the area of the hot water heater below the a/c. Tubing crosses from the on/off switches for the a/c and the water heater on the left to the On Call box installed on the right. The enclosed area is 28 inches wide. I’ll be needing a new water heater. Does the current On Call set up meet code standards? Other condo units appear to have the On Call system installed above the water heater adjacent to the A/C thereby leaving easy access to the water heater. If the current set up has to be moved is FPL responsible for such a fix?

    1. Jennifer Kerr

      I have a very similar situation and would like to know the answer to this question

  173. theresa


  174. Anthony Marti

    I received an e-mail that describes, “FPL: Line clearing scheduled in your neighborhood”. However, I do not see the what, how, and when this would occur. Who can I contact to find this information?

  175. Marilyn Freer

    Can you give me particulars and cost of a lightening surge /Insurance/protector? I do not have any unused slots on my breaker box.

  176. Ruth Palmieri

    I need my outside return cleaned. Can you recommend a company that will not gouge me in costs?

  177. frank alibro

    when we go away what temp. do we set it at ?

    1. Halle

      If the residence is a town home or condominium/high rise, is there a rebate/$ incentive for new ac units with a higher SEER rating? If not, why not? Thanks for your input.

    2. Scott Maurer

      I just put in a brand new Rheem central air conditioning unit in my residential condo. Am I entitled to any rebate or discount for my actions? And if so, I do I go about applying for it?

      S. Maurer
      South Miami

  178. Scott Duink

    Does FPL have plans to discourage individual solar power by imposing penalties like Nevada did?

  179. Tikaram Gayadeen

    I am not very familiar with Electrical stuff.
    I live in a 55 and over condo with an old AC unit
    I am a senior and handicapped.
    Can FPL send anyone out to visit and advise?

  180. Lawrence Bennett

    2 homes in our area recently were struck by lightning and had extensive fire damage. I live in west delray beach in an adjoined villa. Do you recommend
    putting lightning rods on our homes? are they effective? does FPL install them ?
    and what are the usual costs
    thank you for your time and help

  181. Robert Ferraro

    I’m trying to see what each appliance is costing me each month. eg: fans, refrigerator, TV, pool pump, microwave, ETC. there use to be a menu for that, but I can’t seem to find it. How do I access it !


    1. Andre Cerri

      Look into a Kill-a-watt meterfor plug in 120v appliances. Tells you exactly what they are using.


    is there a FPL online chat or customer service

  183. Victor Riga

    FPL’s rebate program is totally beyond comprehension. They will ONLY rebate $150 if your new A/C unit is SEER level 16 or 17 which by itself is still a very inefficient level by today’s standards. Should you choose a SEER level higher than 17, tough luck, no rebate. You would think they’d want you to use a more efficient system but this proves it’s a sham and they only want you to use less efficient SEER 16 or 17 systems to increase profits when you can actually buy systems up around SEER 33 which use much less energy. I’m DUMBFOUNDED and disappointed in FPL.
    Forget the rebate and go for the highest SEER rating you can afford. That’s where the savings are!

    1. HVAC Guru

      Yes, FPL’s rebates have just about completely gone away. Several years back they had a matrix based upon size and efficiency that dictated your rebate. Some were as high as $1750. No more, now only $150 IF you buy one of the 2 specified straight cool systems and IF you go through one of their contractors (previously rebates were available through any contractor). If this was not ridiculous enough, they specify straight cool only, no heat pumps. What’s the difference? A heat pump can reverse the cycle in winter and heat your home with the refrigeration system where a straight cool system uses only electric heat strips. A heat pump is typically 3x more efficient at heating than the electric heat only. A typical 10kw set of heat strips pulls about 40amps where the compressor will be somewhere between 7 to 15amps. You say my math doesn’t add up to 3x? Also consider the heat produced by the heat pump is several degrees warmer than the heat strips, so yes, 3x more efficient. Your whopping $150 rebate will be ate up in the first two years during heating seasons and ultimately cost you more over the 10-12 year equipment life span. Not a rebate at all- sucker move to force you to pay them more over the long haul.

    2. Ann Magrone

      Isn’t this discriminating against condo owners? Doesn’t seem right!


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