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Brad Goar

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Brad Goar is the program manager for FPL's Home Energy Survey and Low Income Weatherization programs. With over 140,000 home energy surveys performed annually, FPL's Home Energy Survey is one of the largest utility run energy survey programs in the nation.

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Best AC settings before going on vacation

By Brad Goar

Asked on: May 27, 2016 by Paul F., Palm Coast

If we’re leaving for a weekend vacation, should we shut off the A/C unit, or leave it on? 

We get asked this question a lot, Paul. To save energy while you’re away for the weekend, there really isn’t one answer that fits all because there are a lot of factors to consider. For example, the time of year, location, size and type of home, etc. can all influence your situation.

Here are some suggestions:

  • Close the shades, blinds and drapes to keep the sun’s heat out.
  • Raise the thermostat to 82 degrees or higher when you’re away so you’re consuming less energy. Just remember, it may take a few hours to cool your home back to your preferred temperature when you return.
  • For ultimate convenience and control, you may consider installing a smart thermostat, and preferably one you can adjust from your smart phone. This way, you’ll be able to monitor and control your home’s largest energy user right from your phone – wherever you are, and that can definitely impact your energy bill. Learn more about smart thermostats and the benefits they can provide by visiting our recent smart thermostat blog.

Additional summer vacation tips
If you’re planning to go on vacation for a week or longer, visit our summer tips blog for more information and tips on how to prepare your home.

Also, you can always see how adjusting your A/C affects your bill and find new ways to save by taking our Online Home Energy Survey. It works together with your personal Energy Dashboard to show you how much energy you use, down to the hour.

Your safety is very important to us. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. For non-emergencies, you can reach us during regular business hours via Facebook private message, or follow and message us on Twitter and one of our representatives will assist you. To report an outage, please call 1-800-4-Outage. Thank you and please stay safe.

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Comments [169]

  1. Leslie

    What uses more electricity a SMALL convection oven or a REGULAR oven?

  2. Grace

    Solar panels seem the way to go here in South Florida. Does FPL support customers that invest in rooftop solar panels? If so, how? And how soon can one expect to see the savings on the energy bill once we’ve begun using the solar panels?

  3. Elena Helenius

    How to disconnect FPLES Surge Shield program?

  4. mark david

    Being mad with the electricity bill due to air conditioner.

  5. mark david

    I have to have a tree removed that is near Fpl box. I would like you to come and make sure wires are not disrupted

  6. M Clarke

    I notice there is a charge of $10.99 included on my bill. Could you please explain that charge

    1. Elena Helenius

      How to disconnect FPLES Surge Shield program?

  7. Christina Scarborough

    Thanks very helpful tips!!!

  8. Dominique Nocturne

    To better understand the ups and downs of my monthly bills, it would help to know the average outside temperature for the billing period.

    Could FPL add that information on the bill?

    Dom Nocturne

  9. Michael Bolin

    I sent in a QUESTION about your DASHBOARD, being potentially incorrect and of little statistical or practical value. NEVER did get the courtesy of a response. This is the 2nd time in the past 3-months this has happened. Specifically WHO in FPL is responsible for this product and what is the their telephone/email address. tks

  10. sallt barron

    I cannot understand why my bill keeps going higher & higher I have my home set on 80 degrees unless I am getting company and the highest it goes down to is 78 degrees it is because I run my ceiling fans in the room I am in Thank you I know it probably will be higher again because I have Daug. here w/ me for a month. I now have my Daug here with me for a month.

  11. jessie

    we are very comfortable when the thermostat is set at 78. upon going away for 4 days we set the thermostat at 80. It took over 6 hours of continuous running to get it down to 78. did we save any thing?

  12. nevitt

    Florida is the “sunshine state” with that being said why why are there very few homes with solar energy?

  13. Dallas Wilson

    Thank you for this service.

  14. Dianessa Vazquez

    My light bill is over 300 dollars that is ridiculous. That’s like a bill a super market would get. I stay in a small 2 bed room 1 bath apartment. Which is so small it doesn’t have closet space. I keep my Ac temperature at anormal 75 degrees in the day and night 72 degrees. My apartment is about 500 feet. A 300 dollars bill wow that’s highway robbery. Can someone please help me with this matter and tell me why I am paying over 300 dollars a month for a small 2bedroom 1bath apartment. That I don’t even be there in the day time because I work.don’t come there until 10pm.the only energy I burn are my refrigerator and fish aquarium.other than that I don’t use no energy. I need someone to fix this matter asap.A 300 dollar light bill wow. Can anyone tell me that they are getting a bill over 300 dollars a month?for a small apartment with no closets.

  15. robert gloekler

    I just purchased a Health Way air filter for the house. It is a DFS portable room air cleaner. They say to run it 24/7. Does this effect my bill a lot?


  16. Mireille

    I need to have someone come and evaluate why am i spending so much electricity. My thermostat is at 78 and when I leave my apartment I have the AC @ 86 %. I live in a small one bedroom apartment I would like to know why is my bill so high like 175 dollars are they reading the meter of are they just doing just estimation could my meter be rigged by others or i am having air escape
    Can someone come to investigate this; I really need
    help I live on a fixed budget at 69 years old

  17. Tickman

    What surge shield?

  18. Leonard Romanik

    Does the same advice hold true if the vacation time is extended into several months, especially during hurricane season? Additionally, since power outages regularly occur during hurricane seasons, should the power be turned off if a hurricane is imminent?

  19. aldo gonzalez

    I never was pay too much money like this bill,please check again .

  20. Zohra Khatib

    Will my bill go up if I shut the air off during the day and only turn it on at night I’m not home at all during the day

  21. Ricardo

    I would like for you guys to answer questions yes or no not give a runaround .yes turning off the a/c while you’re away for the weekend will save you money but it will be hard and take longer to cool down when you get home,,, nice and simple yes or no simple answers it’s obvious the AC is off your not using electricity which saves you money yes it will take longer to cool your house off when you get back that’s all we ask simple answers thank you

  22. Margarita Filmer

    In mi case, when I go away, the termost is 75. and at slepp time in slepp.and the bell is higher and higher..

  23. Carol Carleton

    Am I saving on my bill by turning up the ac to 79 during the day and lowering it to 75 at night?

    1. Hank Liebman

      Best OFF when gone, and ON an hour before arriving back, unless you have pets.
      To do this requires thermostat programming (if you know when you are coming and going), or a smart thermostat and cell phone app (getting more popular these days).

      Clearly setting the thermostat up during the day to what you can stand, and down at night saves you some money, but cooling only the room you are sleeping in SAVES YOU BIG MONEY, especially in a big house with 2 people living in it! I have done this for some of my customers over the years, and without exception they have called me to thank me for that cost savings.

  24. Mary paglia

    Will be gone for 4 months what should I leave the thermastat and the humidistat on

  25. Joseph McCloskey

    I have a few accounts l wish you would put the service address on the email bills.

  26. John Clere

    Thanks for the blog. The frequently asked questions that you are publishing is great. Keep up the good work.

  27. John Clere

    Thanks for the information on your blog. It’s good for us customers with frequently asked questions. Keep up the good work.

  28. mercedes barreto

    I need to have someone come and evaluate why am i spending so much electricity. I would like to now if i am having air escape
    Can you guys help.

  29. Scarminia A Morel

    Hi my bills are always 100 and 112 this time it camr up to 210 how can i know how it consumed it and how to avoide it??

  30. Jim Andersen

    I would like a whole house surge protector. I have lost numerous cable boxes and had numerous TV repairs. Can FPL provide one?

    1. Michael Bolin

      NO, but try a local Electrician. I have had them put it. They run about $200 +/- depending on the service call, if not included. This is for the Ft. Myers, FL area that has lighting every day in the summer between 4PM-8PM!!

  31. Alexis Vila



    Why is my bill so high for June-July when I am not even there?! I have been away since June 4th, and am out of the country ( same thing every year ) until October. I pre-set my A/C at 78 degrees to go on& off automatically . My bill should NOT be so high! Please explain ,if possible. Thank you.Also, I am a widow on a limited budget, so if there is any way you could lower my bill, I would appreciate it very much.

    1. Michael Bolin

      Lotsa luck in getting a response from FPL. Have never receive any. This is just a Marketing hype blog–no practical information from my experience. Will have to try the Utilities Commission to get a response. FPL always asks for money–only want to get their attention is to complain to the Comission in your State.

  33. Jean Bogus

    I read many of the questions from customers, but where r the answers?? Without an FPL reply, showing only comments from customers, is not helpful!

    1. Michael Bolin

      You’r funny!! You are complaining (rightfully) that we NEVER see a response to questions so this is not a Q&A BLOG. This is a Q-Only BLOG for Customer’s to ask ?? and vent. Other from others, do you really expect to get a response to a complaint about never getting a response??? Called a “Catch 22”. Losta Luck!

  34. joanne rothermel

    how can we see the answer to the great questions that are asked?

  35. mentare kazim

    Does FPL have lower charges for different times of the day?

  36. Felix

    Tengo una pregunta, yo vivo en un condominio, y el aire acondicionado no está’ enfriando. Creí que era la máquina, llame’ a una compañia y dicen que la máquina está bien.. Me subieron al atico y la verdad es increíble, la insolación es casi nula. Y eso produce el calor desesperante adentro.
    Alguien me dijo que FPL ayuda económicamente en este sentido. Es cierto o no?

  37. Fred Hazard

    Where can I purchase a smart thermostat?

    1. Tasha Wallace

      Best buy or lowes

    2. Dan Hoagy

      go to ace hardware or home depot. they should be able to help you or look online

  38. Thomas Barrett

    Thank you FPL for keeping our costs down.Keep up the good work

  39. harris freedman

    how do i receive a bill i always have problems paying on line

  40. Randall

    I have discovered that 76 degrees is my ideal temp for clear sinuses without sneezing and coughing throughout hot days. One degree more at 77 always causes me congestion. My wife insists on 77, arguing that 76 is too cold and causes the A/C to not turn on at night for cool flowing air when we’re sleeping. Is she correct? Your insight will be appreciated.
    Confused in Ponce Inlet

    1. service tech

      “My wife insists on 77, arguing that 76 is too cold and causes the A/C to not turn on at night for cool flowing air when we’re sleeping.” If the temp. in the house is higher the ac will turn on less. so keeping it at 76 will make the air circulate more because the unit would turn on more. also if your coughing and sneezing you may want better filtration in your ac and air purification.

  41. Denise

    I use home oxygen consentrator electrically powered at night & some during the day. I also have tanks to use in an outage. Is here anything else I should know or should I notify you of this medically necessary health equipment being used at my address?

  42. Saidie Lawrence

    When I have. Company day 6 or more the thermostat is showing 80 when it is set for ,75 to ,76

    1. service tech

      you ac unit may be undersized, or dirty, or low on refrigerant, or old and cant keep up, or there may be to much heat generated by having a lot of people in the house. may want to have you a/c looked at to rule out some of those possible issues.

  43. Didi Stevens

    I am at my condo in Florida for a few weeks, what should I set my humidstat and a/c at? Mytheromoter is not programable. Thanks

    1. service tech

      55 percent on the humidistat and 76-78 on cool on the thermostat to make sure the ac will turn on when humidity gets above 55%. ac will only turn on when humidity gets above 55%.

  44. michelle stokes

    I just had all my sliding glass doors tinted-is there a rebate for this kind of energy saving measure?

    1. Michael Bolin

      Funny!! FPL gives practically no rebates for anything! In MA, I got a $1,000 rebate for a Hybred Hot Water heater and a almost free ($200) that the Electric Company paid to add insulation to the house, put in vents, and put in all fluorescent light bulbs!

  45. kehn o

    Is it cheaper to leave A/C on 24/7 or turn it off and turn it back on when apartment gets hot?

  46. Joan Marie Cortes

    How much does it cost to run the fan for 2-3 hours 4 times a week?

  47. W.

    Is installing a solar attic fan a good idea or not? Will it reduce my electric bills? Any downside?

  48. Frances Flasshe

    I know that ceiling fans need to be adjusted for summer and winter. Which way should the blades be going for summer? I am unable to find any information at all on your site about this. Please respond as I don’t think I’m getting the proper usage from the fans as they are currently moving. Thank you.

    1. service tech

      clock wise for summer and counter clock wise for winter. you can google it on the internet as well.

  49. norman ross


    i have a question for you, since 2009 i paid low cost during the summer for my power, between 17 and 20$ a month. so last month, it was 82,33$ and i do not why ??? everything are set like last years and the cost should be around 17$. I didn’t change anything in my setting and my condo keeper told me nothing was changing inside … the proof I checked my power using since june 17th and the projected bill should be between 18 and 19$. what’s wrong with my last bill ???

  50. Lorenzo Ventura

    Hi! I was just checking and email that FPL sent me about my energy dashboard, and I was wondering why my bills always are increased in summer when I use the same window a/c like the whole year, only at night me and my wife , mostly outside the apartment working the whole day every day…I really don’t understand…..

    1. service tech

      your ac turns on more the hotter its gets outside to maintain the desired indoor temp. for example if it is 75 degrees outside and you keep it at 78 the is not a lot of heat load to keep inside that temp. but if it is 95 degrees outside and you want it to be 78 your ac will have to turn on more to combat the heat from outside. so the more your ac runs the higher your electric bill will be. ac is about 60% of your electric bill. in springtime or fall time the ac runs less than in summer making your electric higher in the summer.

  51. Carlos Panozzo

    Dear Sirs, for the 2nd time in some 6 months a lightning struck nearby my house (15xxx SW 139 St.). The first time it just burned the AT&T Internet modem. This past Tuesday PM (6/21) fried an Internet modem, 2 DirecTV receivers, 2 outdoor low-voltage transformers, 1 Blu-Ray player, 1 home theater AV receiver and a 230 V variable speed pool pump board. Quite an expense…

    We never lost power and no other electrical damage gives me the idea the surge entered my house thru the ground javelin. The same artifact that protects our lives, was the entryway of the power that fried north of a thousand dollars of electronic equipment.

    A lightning never strikes twice in the same place its been said. Well, there’s no need for accuracy; within a couple hundred feet is enough for this to happen and we’re a good example of that.
    I bought surge protectors for both the modem and the home theater, but there’s nothing I can do for the pump.
    So the question to you is “How can I protect my electronics from a GROUND surge”. You’re the only ones that can have a valid answer, if it exists

    Thank you
    Carlos P.

    1. service tech

      FPL can install a surge protector on your house for about $10 a month.

  52. Ricky Reynolds

    Does FPL have insulation installer recommendations for the Ormond Beach area? What is the minimum recommendation for amount of insulation to use. is there a point where it is overkill? (Can you put too much?).

    What about those panels that I have seen tacked to the undersides of the roof in the attic?

    Let me know as I need relief!

  53. Joe

    How much does it cost to operate a mercury vapor underwater fish light?

  54. Janice steel

    Does turning off the water heater at night save money on electric bill?

    1. service tech

      modern water heaters only run about three hours or less a day so turning it off at night most likely would not save money or not much at all. A/C units, laundry driers, and pool pumps are where most of your electric is used. getting energy effiecient models of these will be the most energy savings to you. FPL I believe recommends ac units to be 15 seer or better for the best energy savings.

  55. Neddie Lynn

    Tree removal near wires

  56. Neddie Lynn

    I have to have a tree removed that is near Fpl box. I would like you to come and make sure wires are not disrupted

  57. Aziz

    Is winter haven, Polk County Fpl service area?

  58. Aziz

    Polk County service by fpl?

  59. Emil Cuevas

    How do I find out if there is a natural gas line on my property. If there is how can it be connected to a whole house generator.

  60. Mark Boyett

    Why is your company such a bastard you have no heart and just a money grubbber you do not care about your customers and the proof is how you have created the automated set up which makes it harder to talk to anyone and gives the easy cop-out excuses that they can not over ride the machine. I truly hope one day you find yourself in a situation where your are low on money and no one cares or will help you then I will enjoy in your troubles. This is to the Head of the villing department and I meant to spell it that way!

    1. service tech

      stop using auto draft for payment and call and pay over the phone. and/or using the option of budget billing where they make your monthly payments about the same every month.

  61. Chauncey Chapman

    We have an older AC unit in Deerfield Beach, if we replace this with a unit with a high SEER rating, how can we estimate our savings before we spend cash on the install?

    1. George Hunt

      My electric bill was running 270 in the summer to 450 in the winter. By upgrading our AC to a 22 seer heat pump it saves us 100 in the summer and 200 in the winter. Yes it was expensive but it will pay for it self in not to many years

  62. frankhouser

    I apreciate these tips, but why am I unable to copy and print the tip for my personal file and for the rest of my family to read? It is an enormous amount of paper to waste to print the entire article?

  63. John

    Do radiant barriers cause warping or premature wear to roof decking/shingles when attached to the truss as compared to attaching it directly to the roof decking? Also how much can a radiant barrier attached to the system truss within an attic that also has a minimum of r38 blown in fiberglass insulation impact your heating and cooling costs?

  64. William callan

    My wife moved out of the house and FPL is in her name and I need to change it into my name. How do I do that?

  65. Bruce

    My fiance leaves the door to her patio open in the heat of the day for five minutes or more because she says her A/C repairman told her that it’s good for the A/C system. I open my doors when it’s cool in the evening or early morning, but I don’t like to leave them open during the heat of the day. Is it true that leaving the door open is good for the A/C system?

    1. service tech

      no. opening the door when its in the heat of the day will make the ac work harder to keep the desired temp inside.

  66. Keith Schlegel

    I have solar panels that give me 50% of total need: should I time high usage appliances like dryers for when my panels are supplying a surplus?

  67. Pierre Therrien

    My FPL bill for period 05/04 to 06/03 was $35.80. Never had such a low bill. Charge to date for next bill is $35.95 and projected bill is $85.80. Not much difference in average temperature for the two months. Also all previous bill, since I own this condo, are much higher. Any good explanations???

    Thank you.

  68. Robert Lucas

    I have everthing turn off all day yet I still a KW rate that’s high.

  69. Robert

    Will cutting off the ac unit at night when noboby is there and back on in the morning at my office cause undo stress and harm the unit?

  70. Mark

    Powered or solar attic fans, do they really help?

  71. Mabelsi

    Mi casa no tiene ático

  72. Mabelsi

    Buenas tengo una pregunta en la casa donde vivo todos los días a partir de las 12:00 pm la temperatura se sube a mas de 80 grados f tengo 3 ventiladores de techo uno en cada cuarto y uno en la sala , solo dos ventiladores los tengo funcionando , uno funcionando toda la noche y el otro a partir de las 8:00 am hasta que el sol se pone , que debo hacer para que la temperatura no suba mucho?

  73. Geoff Gann

    Just had A/C replaced and believe the new air handler is not properly sealed to return air plenum nor cool air side ducting. Can I get an FPL inspection to ensure I’m not wasting energy & money by pulling hot return air from the attic, and spilling cold air into the attic?

  74. john

    i dont have any registration or bills with fpl but latter down the road i plan on getting an appartment since i am going to try to get my girlfriend who lives in the philippines and i was wondering how to keep my electric bill as low as possible cause during the day i use literally not lights besides the sun unless i have a room with no window and i manly se my tablet to watch stuff so whats the best way to keep my bill low id greatly apriciate the advice.


    My neighborhood has street lights that were installed twenty years ago. They have a high failure rate, are expensive to operate and appear to be antiquated technology.

    What lighting types are being installed in new subdivisions in 2016 and are there any incentive programs available ?

  76. Andrew Atkins

    How does it cost to run a 1 hp electric water pump for 5 hours?

  77. Andrew

    How much does it cost to run a 1 hp irrigation pump for 5 hours?

  78. JIm Hurlock, Jr

    Can you refer any air sealing vendors in the Palm Beach County area for window door issues?


  79. Marlene Aguerrebere

    I recently moved less than two miles away from where I used to live. I’m experiencing significantly more power outages in my new home than in my old. First, why is this happening and is there something I can do to minimize this, and second, how does this affect my electronic devices and appliances?

  80. Fritz Novak

    how much do you really pay per Amp at 120 VAC ?????

  81. brett marcotte

    can i put solar panels on my mobile home ? i want to go green

  82. Joanna

    Will low voltage damage my electic/motor equipment/appliances -A/C? Two weeks ago when I came home from work, I reported a low voltage problem 104.5V – normally 121.5V. CS said they would investigate as the meter(s) were unresponsive (so she said). Voltage returned to normal an hour later. Never received a report or reply. Unable to determine lasting damage to my appliances-A/C.

  83. Emilia Garcia

    I have to change my water heater. What will be more efficient and less expensive to run: a 4500/4500 Watt or a 3800/3800? More watts more energy, but the higher power makes the heater more efficient? I will appreciate your expert recommendation. Thanks.

  84. M. Herrera

    Direct Energy Business claimed they were with FPL. Is Direct Energy Business affiliated with FPL and if so does Direct Energy Business do work for FPL???

  85. M. Herrera

    Got a call from Direct Energy Business claiming there were with FPL or sent by FPL. Does FPL call from a 305-406-9455 number showing nothing on Caller ID other than the telephone number. I’m aware of a FPL energy efficiency service/program; however, as far as I know, that’s done In WRITING along with the Electric Bill. Does Direct Energy Business work with FPL??????? Does FPL send Direct Energy Business to cold call????????

  86. Paulkey Fu

    Recently I noticed a street light in front of my house has something new on top of the light. I used a telescope and saw the new thing says “SELC RF PHOTOCELL” and “FPL”. So, what is that?

  87. Curtis w Jones Sr

    Hello , I want to get a solar water heater for the home to save money will I save in the long haul or am i just spinning my wheel?

  88. Mr D J McKiernan

    Is it better to close the vents and doors in rooms that are not being used or leave everything oped?

  89. Bruce Heacock

    We ant to put more insulation in our roof. When they repiped our water lines in the attic they didn’t replace the insulation over the piping. Could someone come and inspect our problem?

  90. george strickland

    At my former home, FP&L installed surge protection on my box. Is that still available? I have purchased another home and would like to have it installed.

  91. Bill Lenahan

    Regarding a 30 amp outlet…..does it use much more power than the regular 15 home wall amp? I plug into a 30 amp RV for battery charging purposes. Also, does running the AC in the RV use even more when turned on and plugged into the 30 amp?


  92. hugh ussery

    what size portable gas generator do u recommend for a 1600 ft house for
    emergency power for a/c, refrigerator, stove, microwave, hot water heater

  93. Roy

    How mrch more efficient does my just installed 16 seer A.C. become by adding 3 B.R. returns to the previous single return in 1939sq.ft. house with a 3.5 ton 13 year old system

    1. service tech

      it will just make the ac breath better and run like a 16 seer ac unit. under sized duct work will make the unit run less efficiently and cause more breakdowns to your ac unit. if your ac duct work is not sized properly it can make a 16 seer run like a 13 seer or less. plus if you have a 3.5 ton ac unit but your return air duct is sized for a 2 ton unit you will ony be moving as much air as a 2 ton could, where as if you have ductwork designed for a 3.5 ton ac you will move the desired amount of air a 3.5 ton system desires and unit will be running with the proper air flow . you can never have to much return air. most houses usually have undersized ductwork to begin with. after all that I’m just saying it should run like a 16 seer unit.

  94. Robert Lucas

    Why does the kw increase in may and June as of now .39 .40 when
    in the winter and spring it is .13 to .22.

  95. catherine haas

    is it true that the comcast cable box uses a lot of energy even when the tv is off

  96. Tom in SB

    Energy conservation is a crap shoot!!!! If you want your home to be a SAUNA when you return from a trip, turn the A/C off or set to something over 80F. It’s all about humidity removal. If it’s 80 outside and 80 inside, you can feel much cooler inside because of the lower humidity. Be sure your entry door seals are working properly. They’re not expensive to replace. If you close and lock the door, and you can see light around the edges, replace the seals. Any work that you hire someone to do, be sure they are licensed and bonded.

  97. steve hohne

    As a “snowbird” I find your energy dashboard to be a useful tool enabling me to monitor energy usage while away from Florida. A great enhancement to the energy dashboard would be to make it interactive with users. Every snowbirds greatest fear is losing power, or HVAC breakdown, during the summer months. How great would it be if the energy dashboard notified users, via email, or phone text, that their power usage had dropped to zero (or spiked) during the past 24 hours. I think this would be a great FPL offering for their customers….especially to the thousands of snowbirds!

  98. Sue G.

    I am a seasonal resident and I am following your advice. I have my homes’ thermostats set at 80 degrees throughout the day and 72 degrees for 2 hours before sunrise while I am away. I monitor my thermostats through my computer. I noticed that although they are set for 72 degrees, my a/c system isn’t strong enough to actually reduce the temperature all the way in such a short time span. On average, the temperature only goes down to about 74 or 75 degrees before the setting changes back to 80 degrees. Does this make sense and is it okay that the temperature never hits 72 degrees?

  99. William Topping

    We have a power pole with a transformer on it that is leaning at an extreme angle and needs to be straightened. Who do I contact to have this done.

  100. Shirley Godbold

    I asked for my neighbors trees to be trimmed before hurricane season, I was told FPL was doing their inspections. They were in my neighborhood 2 months ago & I believe this was over looked, I do not want any problems during a hurricane or high winds. Thank you.

  101. chrstopher hoek

    do you reccommend solar water heaters? i was told by one company that they werent cost effective,that it was better to invest in a new water heater. A local solar company says they install them for ~$5000 and they pay for themslves in less than 5 years. Your thoughts please

  102. Luckner. Simpreux

    Thanks for your services

  103. clara suarez

    Thank you for the great advice.

  104. Lori Silagy

    Please leave AC on when I am away.

  105. Frances Coates

    Does leaving my furnace fan on all the time cost a great deal or does it help circulate cooler air in the house on days that are not really hot.

  106. Christopher Turek

    What about Mold ???

  107. linda abbruzzese

    why does my house temperature say 75 and every day at 3:00 it says 79 and my house gets hot. is that normal?

    thank you linda abbruzzese

  108. Melanie Casey

    We have branches from the neighbors yard growing in, on, and over top and through the electric lines and when it rains and is windy sparks fly out of the transformer on the post. I don’t let my kids out but I see kids out there and am afraid. What should I do

  109. Joel Reid

    Since about a MILLION people live on disability in SOUTH FLORIDA. And if I tried to somehow hold money for the bill, it would never last. Food turns out to be more important! So set up arrangements and why would some MORON only give a disabled person till the 1st to pay?????
    Since we receive our money on the 3rd? Actually receive it at 11PM on the 2nd. So I stay up to pay them.
    Last month a very nice girl gave me an extra day when I explained it to her. So again that silly arrangement of the 1st was a day short AGAIN. I called and asked for ONE MORE DAY TILL MY DISABILITY ARRIVED. This 10 yr old said “NO! We CAN’T do that!” OF COURSE HE LIED! They did it the month before!
    So now next month when I need arrangements TILL THE 2nd. I won’t get it! So BAD MANAGEMENT makes US look bad! I am going to send to Governor. President. All politicians about this very real problem!!!!!

  110. Derek Rand

    I have a property in Florida of 1500 square feet all windows are shaded. I spend approx 6 months of the year in the UK. I always turn of the A/C recently though I was told this is not a good idea as bacteria can build up in the ducts.
    Is this fact and if so are there any other measures I can take without having to leave the A/C on when not in residence.

  111. Carmen

    Thanks for all information

  112. ed cook

    I’ve heard that installing a humidistat to take the place of the thermostat would be a more efficient way to keep mildew from harming the inside of the house when you are away.

  113. Jerry Hunt

    I enjoy your mail for tips questions and answers.

  114. Waldemar Szydlowski

    Can I have my single mobile home roof painted in white anti reflection color ?
    approximately 80 x 20 ‘
    And how much do I have to pay for that ?

  115. Loretta Devito

    I have friends that turn ac off when they leave house for any reason,,, shopping. So forth.
    Does that help?

  116. Patricia Rossi

    I just had a tankless water heater installed and the plumber took out a contraption you had hooked up in my house. We’re do I return it?

  117. Sheila M Collins

    Hi…we have a condo first floor in Arlantis Florida that we need to replace the A/C can I have a smart thermstat and would you recommend a company that does it.
    Sheila Collins

  118. Carlos Lara

    Dear Brad..Thanks for your advise about the setting of the temperature on your A/C when going away for let say 2 weeks. I just returned from 2 weeks Vacations and I left my A/C set at 79 with everything closed ( Drapes, shoters,balcony courtains etc..) the results was very good..no humidity in the apartment and the cost for the electricity spent was very reasonable. thanks for Your advise I have learned a lot ; since I been in south Florida . Thanks Again.

  119. Jose M Perez

    Can I have a smart thermostat proof of children? Like block so they can’t change it. And where can I find it.?

  120. Danny Patt

    A few years ago I had an FPL audit of my Condo. The gentlemans biggest comment was change insulation from RE – 19, to RE – 30..I did and saw instant savings in my monthly bill from 112/mo. to under 50./month, Not long after FPL recommended RE 19 insulation. Why the change in reccommendations?

  121. Robert Koke

    Is it better to leave a light on if you don’t intend to use it for a few minutes?

  122. Elizabeth W Cronin

    I have never been disappointed with FPL as a long time customer. Please keep up the good work !

  123. migdalia rodriguez

    Fpl always give good suggestions i go by what ever they said. Always follow there advice. Good job

  124. Sharon Benyola

    My air conditioner company said I should leave the air on 77 or 78.
    Which is correct?

  125. art brenner

    I was told by the service tech for my hac unit that it does not a have surge protector. Do I need one?

  126. Dr. Stan Pala

    This is only half an answer–What about the humidistat??

  127. Elba Goeritz

    Putting Off the AC saves me money?
    Or is it the same if I set it to 78?
    What is the best?


  128. Esteban Formoso

    I have a very tall palm tree, that if it falls (in case of hurricane), it might fall on top the electric lines in my street.
    Do you have a tree cutting service that will take this palm tree down at no cost?
    Please let me know.

  129. Carlos Palomino

    This instructions have been very,very helpful and easy to follow up.

  130. William J. Getson

    Foh-gedda-boud.it. !!!

  131. Dr. Robert Forder

    Is the grid protected from foreign cyber attack?

  132. Mark

    Wii be out of the state until December. What is the best way as far as empty refrigerator is concerned: 1) Keep it running as is 2) Set the T on lowest level and keep it running 3) Disconnect power supply to the refrigerator and keep refrigerator doors open.

  133. Karen Turnbull

    Please remember pets if they are left in the house while you are gone. Heat is lethal to pets. Please leave your AC at a comfortable temperature if you have pets in the house!!!!!

  134. n. leitloff

    Suggest that people log in to energy dashboard from the location they are at. They can see if the A/C was working properly.

  135. Margalie

    Why my bill always high cost? Thank you

  136. Paul Baribault

    You want us to cut usage to save money, and we always do. But, why do you have at least 8 high power flood lights burning 24/7 at the transformer station on 66th Ave at 81st St? They have been like that for a very long time.

  137. mike katz

    In your answer to the question about setting the thermostat when on vacation, you omited the setting for humidity, which is crucial in fFlorida. Mould craves humidity. In Florida humidistats should control.

    M.E Katz



  139. Thomas

    Condos on lower unit won’t come on to get humidity out if set any more than 79 F because other units keep ours cool. Please don’t tell people 82. Unit never will turn on enough to get humidity out hence MOLD!! Thanks.

  140. Joanne Decker

    In SW Florida I have found for the average 2bed/2bath 1100-1200 sq ft condo that 79-80 seems to be a safer out of residence setting . However, as you mentioned there are a lot of variables that go along with that. I enjoy FPL’s dashboard and statistical data that their website provides.

  141. orestes perez

    si yo apago por completo cuando salgo el aire y el calentador de agua solo dejo una luz al frente de la casa y otra en patio de la casa. orestes.

  142. Ann Shafer

    Great info
    What about snowbirds

  143. Jules tessier

    As a Canadian citizen I have unfortunately lost my password and I cannot recover it with my social security number and by phone it seem impossible with the automated service I am sure I am not the only one,having this problem .So I connot participate in your program


  144. George Sankoorikal

    Thanks for the information to save energy and electricity bill
    George Sankoorikal

  145. Stanley A Supczak

    Is their any advantage of a tankless water heater over a 50 gallon water heater?

  146. Green Gary


    Thanks for your help in getting the word out that LED is vastly superior to incandescent bulb. (And Compact Florescent) But..LED bulbs don’t last 10 times longer, they last up to 75 times longer.
    Avg lifespan of an LED is 50,000 hours. As high as 75,000 and conservatively 35,000. An incandescent lasts approximately 750.
    750 x 75= 56,250.
    Keep up the good work.

  147. jorge

    we leave the air condition on because the apto get to much humidity esmail

  148. marvin frank

    I think 82 degrees is too warm if leaving for over a month since it is essential to prevent mold and moisture which I believe would grow in such high temp. I have always used 78 dregree setting.
    M. Frank

  149. Thomas S. Ladomirak

    What if you have pets at home like a Cat or Dog ?

  150. ernest Mcgregor

    Going north for about 4 months. Do I turn off refrigerator or turn up its temperature? If turning up temp.( I have a digital readout and up/down button) what temp. do I set it at? Also, on non-programmable A/C therostat is setting of 81 degrees correct? Thank You


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