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Tiffany Spence

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Tiffany Spence is an energy expert at Florida Power & Light Company. She’s conducted thousands of energy audits at homes and businesses, helping customers find new ways to make their bills even lower.

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A/C vs. fan - which is more energy efficient?

By Tiffany Spence

Asked on: September 29, 2016 by Patrick C., Homestead

Is it more efficient to run our ceiling fans or lower the temperature on the A/C?

Great question, Patrick. We suggest you turn your ceiling fans on and raise the temperature on your thermostat.

Follow these two simple rules when using your ceiling fans to help you stay cool for less:

  1. Raise the temperature on your thermostat by at least 2 degrees and turn on the fan to medium or high, making sure the blades are circulating in a counter clockwise direction.
  2. Turn the fan off when you leave the room, or the home.

It’s important to remember, if you don’t raise the thermostat when using a fan, you won’t save energy –it’s the most common mistake people make. Also, leaving the fan on when no one is home will actually increase your energy costs. Keep in mind, ceiling fans cool people, but they don’t lower the temperature in the room.

By the way, the same holds true for portable fans, like standing floor fans. Turning off a fan, whether it’s a ceiling fan or portable fan, when no one is in the room can help you save anywhere from $3 to $7 a month – depending on the fan speed.

Estimating how much you can save from using fans will depend on many factors, including how much it costs to run your A/C, how well your home is insulated, and what temperature you like to have your thermostat set at. However, these factors aside, the fact is you must raise your thermostat when using a ceiling fan to achieve any savings at all.

Simple way to save
As the warm weather continues, one simple tip to help you save on your energy costs is to keep your thermostat at 78 degrees or warmer. We recommend turning your fan on “auto” and raising the thermostat setting to 82 degrees while you’re away. For every one degree you increase in temperature, you can save about 5 percent on your monthly cooling costs.

To keep your energy affordable and help you find more ways to save, visit FPL.com/EasyToSave.

Your safety is very important to us. If this is a medical emergency, please call 911 immediately or go to your nearest emergency room. For non-emergencies, you can reach us during regular business hours via Facebook private message, or follow and message us on Twitter and one of our representatives will assist you. To report an outage, please call 1-800-4-Outage. Thank you and please stay safe.

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Comments [189]

  1. Leslie

    Please FPL.. when giving advice on what temps to leave the a/c on, take into consideration whether or not they have pets or fish tanks. 82 is a bit high for those households.

  2. Gisella M Noriega

    If you use to left the refrigerador door open each time you use it, does that habit consume more energy?

    I would like to thanks for the tips to save energy, now that summer is coming.


    Vivimos en un apartamento de un condominio y tenemos dificultades con el equipo de A/C que es central y es muy viejo por lo que el consumo es muy alto; al igual que la Nevera cuyo funcionamiento y hermeticidad son defectuosos, lo que tambien sube el consumo en exceso. Quisiera saber, si la FPL puede hacer algo por nosotros que nos apoye, para reclamar la solucion de estos problemas.Por ejemplo, una auditoria que haga recomendaciones a la administracion del condominio para solucionar esta situacion que nos afecta en grado sumo porque no importa lo que hagamos, la corriente siempre viene muy alta. tambien seria bueno revisar el contador si vienen en algun momento al sitio donde vivimos.Agradeceriamos su atencion al caso.

  4. Tawna

    Why isn’t FPL answering all of these questions??

  5. Virginia

    Is it truly worth owning a toaster oven so that I don’t use my regular oven?
    I only use the oven once or twice per week.
    If I should buy a toaster oven, do you have any energy saving recommendations…what to look for in a toaster oven.

  6. Jean Reimann

    I have always wondered why the bedroom on the southeast end of our home is the warmest room in the house even though there is shade from trees. Across the hall the northeast bedroom is the coolest with no shade from trees

  7. Sherri L Clayton

    great idea

  8. amy lewis

    Thank you. Information regarding air conditioner, ceiling fan, and thermostat was excellent.

  9. Kevin

    If a homebuyer was going to invest in making their 15 year old home more energy efficient but could not do more than one project at this time, what would be the best choice? Changing out several single-pane windows, adding additional insulation to a depeived attic or purchasing a new air-conditioning system (that is 15 years old) make the biggest impact in energy savings?

  10. Power Pole

    Electricity is so expensive in this decade it’s fantastic to watch FP&L Trucks with Hybrid on streets.

  11. Richard Franke

    Why do we have so many interruptions in power. Whenever this occurs many of our appliances require the clocks to be reset. This happens way too often

  12. Charles otten

    Second year here and have called the FPL people and they have always helped me with everything. Couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you

  13. Ana María Baylac

    Thanks for ur emails.
    As I’m a dissabladed person the electricity is very expensive for me to pay.

  14. Linda

    Cannot log into survey. Page won’t open on iPhone

  15. Daniel F OGorman

    Why am I getting late charges. I am a yearly plan sometimes it is overpaid and sometimes under. I usually pay 100 a month.

  16. Richard G

    will using my dish washer after 8pm save me money?

  17. Chul Yoo

    I am not doing anything differently (actually I changed my A/C unit for a better efficiency this year), but compared to the same month of last year, the current bills are about $100 higher. I am worried if there is any leakage or any other problems, causing the higher bills.

    Could you please review my usage over the past 2 years and make suggestions on how to lower my bills? I can’t seem to justify so much more
    usage without changing my usual habit of power consumption.

    Thank you very much.


    Chul Yoo

  18. Faye A Ragan

    My bill was $158.88 I signed up for the automatic withdrawal and was going to pay $140.00 but I couldn’t change the amount and it took $158.88. What can you do to change the amount to $140.00 paid tomorrow 10/26/2016?

  19. bill mckinley

    Wont raising the temperature as you suggest above put you at risk for mold as the humidity level will rise.

  20. Tim

    Does FPL have any updated information on it’s CO2 Footprint?

    I would like to calculate my carbon footprint more accurately in my efforts to contribute to a solution, rather than exaborate the problem of global warming.

    Last time I found some information was a yearly average published in a mid 2000’s PUC filing. And is now obviously out of date with the improvements in your generation capacity from that time.

    I.E. How many LBS per kWh generated, (be sure to include purchased power from coal plants).

    Preferably by month, maybe even broken down into an hourly table.

    I.E. for each year and month.

    November 2016
    Daily average x.xxx lbs per kWh
    00:00 – 00:59 x.xxx lbs per kWh
    01:00 – 01:59 x.xxx lbs per kWh
    02:00 – 02:59 x.xxx lbs per kWh

    and so on..

    I expect late night CO2 rates to be significantly lower than daytime hours.

    Thank you for your time.

  21. Dolly Arana

    I need to get weather-strips for my sliding glass doors for the balconies. Can you tell me if FPL can help provide these? I notice that air comes in from between the doors and the room does not remain cool. Please reply. Thank you.

  22. James Johnston

    82 degrees is ok when not home?
    is that all year? or just in the summer?

  23. James Johnston

    82 degrees is ok when not home?
    is that all year? or just in the summer?

  24. Charlie Doberstein

    My Grandson was given an assignment to find out how much 600 KW would cost in a commercial zone. I have tried to figure this out but got extremely frustrated, could you give me an idea on how to figure this out? Thank You.

  25. Marybell

    Thank you
    Interesting topic

  26. Angelica

    My husband gets upset bc I dont turn off the closet light evenbthough Im going to get in the closet in less than a minute or two. I tell him that it takes more energy to keep turning it on & off than to keep it on for a little time. Please let me know if Im wrong?

  27. L.Mas

    Question ? What is FPL positon on amendment 1 ?

  28. Jane Morgan

    The ceiling fan recommendations will help. I never leave any of them on when away for any period of time.

    I have friends that leave their humidistat on ‘on’ at all times, even when the place is occupied. Is this helpful?

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Jean Reimann

      I have always wondered why the bedroom on the southeast end of our home is the warmest room in the house even though there is shade from trees. Across the hall the northeast bedroom is the coolest with no shade from trees

  29. sgidding

    I have never seen a ceiling fan that operates in a “COUNTER CLOCKWISE” direction. Perhaps you can clarify this statement. A person can change the angle of the blades to push air down or draw air up, but the direction that the blades rotate remains the same…”CLOCKWISE”.

    1. Deborah

      My fans have a tiny black switch, if you push it up, it turns direction of fan:)

  30. Jinny Johnson

    I am on the budget billing plan but I am wondering how you calculate each month how much I should pay?
    Thank You

    Jinny Johnson

    1. Janice

      Be careful with that plan if your bills go down significantly. You will continue to be charged based on your usage from a year ago, and the excess payments continue to build up. They never refund them unless you cancel the budget billing, which takes a long time because they keep asking you over and over , about a dozen times or more, “are you sure you want to cancel?” Then you have to ask for the refund, which takes much longer to receive than the bills!

  31. JT Arocha

    I would like to thank all the hard working employees of fpl that worked tirelessly to make the impact of hurricane Mathew as minimal as possible. Working long hours in your call centers to keep all of us informed as well as bravely facing inclement conditions while getting repairs done ensuring our power came back on as soon as possible. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

  32. Jeanette Lemenze

    We have Anderson thermopane Windows and as soon as they were installed we noticed the savings in our electric bill. You say to turn up the thermostat to 82 degrees when we are away. How long should you be away to plan on turning the thermostat up? An hour, two, four hours?

  33. Lorena

    How can I know that the AC equipement in the house is an old esquipment and is causing that my energy bill its higher that what is suposed to be?
    Same thing with the Washer and dryer machines – they are old and dont have the energy saver certificate Thank you!

  34. Ina Kacani

    Great Tips !

  35. Dick

    Thanks for the info. Good info. It should be repeated from time to time it is so importenet.

  36. Carolyn Seeds

    thanks for this advice….I am putting into affect.

  37. Dr. Jack L. Gish

    Hi Tiffany,
    We are just seasonal in Naples. When we are in the N.E. We raise our thermostats to 78 and put on the overhead fans to move the air around. We come down about every 6 weeks. Am I wasting electric ? Advice please.

  38. Edson Oliveira

    Hi. What is budget billing charges and how you get the amount?

  39. Judy Rebollar

    Wow! Good tip on the ceiling fan vs the AC temperature. I was wrong!!
    thank you!

  40. Barney Kaplan

    When U go on vacation (for say, 10 days) should I leave the ceiling fans on 24 hours a day? What thermostate setting should I set? Should I leave the fans on overnight?

  41. darlene

    What are the off peak hours now?
    When do they change? and what will the off peak hours be?

  42. Penny Bray

    Florida high humidity in summer….run A/c set 79 and “on” to prevent mildew and mold forming….yes?

  43. JB Bernard

    What would the recommendation be for seasonal home owners? Is it helpful to leave fans on to circulate air to prevent mold or is that useless?

  44. Reina

    What about if I have a pet inside of our home?? It’s a 1/1 apartment, but it’s big.

  45. Cal Stout

    Glad to see this in print from an energy expert. I’ve been preaching this to my family for years. Thermostat up-fan on. Leave the room-fan off.
    We leave the thermostat at 78 during that day and 80 at night with our bed-room floor fan on.
    Thank you for the good advice.

  46. Christophe Petit

    This “counterclockwise” is always tricky since you have to ask if it is from a ground view up or from the top down….

  47. Kenneth Larson

    On June 25, 2015 –at the end of June– I installed a solar powered attic exhaust fan. My aim was to draw in cooler air through the soffit vents and exhaust the hotter air (100 – 120 degree) air from the attic. Before, especially in the evening, the heat radiated through the R49 (!) insulation into our front room, making it uncomfortable and inducing us to lower the thermostat and sit under a ceiling fan. This Summer we very seldom needed the ceiling fan. My question is this: Can an attic exhaust fan really lower your KWH per month usage? I did a dashboard comparison. We used less this May and June (-4.7 % and -15.9%), but more in July (+7.3%), when most of the days had a higher average temp. (I realize we cannot account for things like cloud cover and daytime rain cooling.) Are we saving anything with this attic exhaust fan? At least it is more comfortable. Thanks!

  48. Brenda Kulick

    If you turn up the thermostat to 78 to 82 degrees, aren’t you likely to allow mold to grow? The moisture will remain in the air when the AC is not on.



  50. Gary Tschaepe

    I have an issue with my bathroom ceilings. The paint is peeling in a manner that makes it appear to be from excessive heat from the attic. There are no A/C ducts in either bathroom and one appears to be affected more than the other. I also have two walk-in closets with no A/C ducts that are NOT impacted by this. I have also noticed the garage is extremely warm. Should there be an exhaust fan in my attic ceiling? There is one up there but I can’t say I’ve ever heard it turn on or off. Does FPL inspect for items like this??

  51. Arthur Hoffman

    I want to commend FPL during hurricane Matthew. Here in Boynton Beach at my home there were NO power failures as the hurricane passed by.

  52. Everett Fargnoli

    Will adding 6inches or more be cost efficient if there already is 6 inches already in attic?

  53. Glenn Niccolai

    FYI: Read above re. ceiling fans & A/C

  54. Lee Cikra

    Thank you! Both of my ceiling fans were turning clockwise. I reversed the direction and will adhere to your advice regarding a/c temperature settings, ceiling fans, floor fans and periods of vacancy. 😀

  55. ken

    turn fan blades counterclockwise which way? Looking down or up?

  56. patricia flaherty


  57. alex ojeda

    While away and setting the thermostat to 82; what setting should I use for the humidistat?
    I’ve heard said also that a humidistat is not really needed, is that true?

  58. Nancy Breit

    Will running the ceiling fans prevent mold/mildew?

  59. Pat Kickel

    Appreciate the information about the ceiling fans and the a/c.

    Pat Kickel

  60. Hilda Love

    Great tips, is 82 degrees room temperature when I am away from home is ok, but I have indoor plants. Is it ok for the plants too?

  61. David Miller

    The company that installed a new air conditioning unit for my condo recommended a setting of 80 degrees and the humidistat at 60% while we’re away. From your research, is that an effective practice?

  62. Donald Mordis

    Thank you for the information. It is very helpful.

  63. Jesus Cigales`

    Very useful and instructive, Thanks

  64. A.j. DiNallo

    In FL where the humidity is always very high there is always the threat of mold unless the humidity is lowered. Raising the t’stat to 80 or even 82 degrees saves a lot of energy when the home is vacant. It does however cause the humidity to be some what higher than say at 74-76 degrees. therefore running the fan at low speed at the higher temperature setting tends to circulate and equalize both temperature in the space. This includes extremities like corners, behind and even inside dressers (leave the drawers open slightly).
    Conclusion: Running the fan/s minimizes and even eliminates the dreaded threat of mold growth.

  65. Gordon

    Why run fans counterclockwise? Gk

  66. Robert Joseph

    Tiffany, you stated that ceiling fan blades should be circulating in a counter clockwise direction. I always assumed that clockwise circulation is better because that pushes the air directly downward. Am I wrong?

  67. Keren Lomas

    When you say “away” does that mean for days at a time, or just when leaving the house. For instance when leaving the house for 3 hours do you turn the thermostat to 82 degrees but leave the humidistat at ON, or do you move the humidistat to 60?

  68. Bill Welch

    How do I get surge protection? Tried calling “too busy” can’t find anything on FPL internet

  69. Bill Welch

    I am interested in getting FPL Surge protection. How do I get it done. I tried calling “too busy ” I can’t find anything on the internet connection.

  70. Gerald Pando

    I have a 20 year old 40 gallon gas water heater that is nearing he end of its service life. While installing a hot tub 220V circuit, I installed a almost no cost a 220V line near the existing gas water heater.

    My thought is to replace the gas water heater with electric but don’t know if is cost effective. What is the head to head cost between gas and electric, considering the 220v circuit is ready to go. I would like to eliminate a recurring bill especially for gas as it has administrative charges and not just the price for the gas.

    Please advise which is more cost effective.

    Gerald Pando
    Palm Beach Gardens

  71. Rachel

    What happens if your body prefers temperatures between 68-72 degrees? Anything more than that is too hot! Maybe we can look into alternate resources for energy.

  72. Sally Clancy

    What about mold, keeping the air moving seems to help prevent it.

  73. frank ponisi

    Does it make a difference what direction the fan turns

  74. Kathleen Veltri

    Do u leave the air conditioner fan on auto all the time. Or only when your away?

  75. Gordon

    learn to live with 83 to 85 degrees in the household…..only use a ceiling fan in an occupied room as their effects are immediately detected.

    Or, a large bowl of cool water placed in front of a floor or desk top fan will drop the temperature appreciably.

    Hanging damp sheets in larger areas also cools the rooms via evaporation.

    low ceiling homes tend to become ovens.

    The trouble with opening windows during the cooler months is the disgusting amount of pollution that enters the home and soils everything it comes into contact with. South Florida was once upon a time a clean place to live,…no longer.

    If your home has a white roof, that will drop the inside temperature by 20 degrees……we do that in the Caribbean . A red or black shingle roof simply inducts super heat into the attic or plenum above the interior rooms. Roof color is a dominant factor when wanting to disperse solar heat.

    Most of the Florida homes are cookie cutter New York designs without any practical adaptation to this humid and perhaps hot climate.

    In the coming years, heat by solar will increase dramatically.

    The invasion of coastal water is and will continue to increase.

    FPL is not talking about those challenges. Where to live in 2045? Not here that is for sure.

    Is anyone thinking about the future?

    Those who are, are set aside and ignored.

    Best of luck.



  77. Alyce Demma

    Interesting info; not what we understood to be the case in SWFL. We were told to keep ceiling fans running (always) to reduce/eliminate onset of mold in high humidity areas.

  78. Beresford Condominium -Bob Scharf

    I am interested in purchasing a hybrid automobile I am told I need to put it on a charger nightly. How much can I expect my electric bill to rise????

    Bob Scharf

  79. Joanne Berberet

    I never really understood what difference it made with ceiling fans running counter-clockwise or clockwise. Please, could you explain?

    Thank you.

  80. Jerry

    Hi Tiffany,
    I understand the physics of your answer, but I would ask if there is any energy or other rationale for running a fan if there is no one living in the building?


  81. Derek

    Do you recommend different settings for beachfront homes where the humidity and resulting mold issues are a greater concern?


    I want to know if I insulated the attic of the garage, would lower the electric bill?
    I want to know as soon as posible, to do the job in winter time. thank’s.

  83. Trevor Metcalfe

    Good advice. Thanks. Please advise about LONG TERM (many months) departure from our Florida residence.

    I assume the plan of…. 1. leave the ceiling fans OFF and…. 2. turn thermostat up a few degrees and….3. put the air cond fan to “auto” is the best bet for long term absence???
    (PS – we don’t have a humidistat …if we did, would that change the procedures? What are the benefits of a humidistat?)

    TM , Port Charlotte, FL

  84. Enio Tersigni

    Re Fan versus raising the thermostat; I understood from some other experts that raising the thermostat to anything over 78 degrees, especially for us snow birds that not around for long periods of time creates more humidity and the danger of mould.


  85. Frank Brown

    Your answer about fan rotation direction is not clear unless you are certain that every ceiling fan ever produced causes the air to move in the same direction when the fan blade rotates counter clockwise. A cleared response would have been to also indicate which direction the fan should case the air to move: either pull air up toward the ceiling or push air down from the ceiling toward the floor.

  86. Irv Bass

    Good article

  87. Janice Young Mehling

    I was told to keep the ceiling fan on in my Lanai to cut down on mildew and moisture build-up on the furniture. The intent was leave the fan on all the time. Is there actually any benefit regarding mildew or mold?

  88. Robert Willis

    You all did a SUPER job maintaining & restoring power during the recent hurricane. The maintenance “hardening” work done over the last few years resulted in significant improvement in the ability of the electrical system to handle a hurricane. My question is : Was the STORM adder funds on our electric bill used to make those pre storm improvements?

  89. Connie Cole

    Re counter-clockwise is that looking up at blades or from fan’s angle looking down

  90. Irwin Goldzweig

    Very helpful

  91. Connie Cole

    In article above do you mean “counter-clockwise” looking up at fan or from fan’s angle looking down?

  92. Madeleine

    was last bill $ 53.83 I need to save more I keep it on 79
    should I go to 82?

  93. Keith

    You want the blades going in a clock wise direction to cool.

    Counter clockwise is for winter to bring warm air down.

  94. Terry McKinney

    We use fans more than our central air in Pompano Beach and seldom set our air below 78 unless the humidity is really high. When out we usually turn our AC off but we leave fans on low to keep air moving. Air movement helps to prevent mildew and mold buildup. Friends of ours in Darwin Australia where the temp stays above 80 F day/night 24/7,365. They are just 12 degrees below the equator. He is the one who told us to use fans to move air around and use less AC. It would cost a fortune to use AC all the time in Darwin. One bonus; they never have to heat their homes.

  95. Georgia

    Thanks! Very good information. I appreciate it very much.

  96. bruce landis

    when not in your home for monhs at a time is it better to control the AC with a humastadt or the

  97. Juan Carlos Evora

    Excelente consejo , siga la fp promiendo ” la energia limpia ” para amortiguar el cambio climatico .

  98. Charlie

    True that fans cool people and not rooms. However, in high-humidity climates, when a home is vacant for a period of time, running fans periodically (on timers etc) can help circulate air and reduce the risk of mildew.

  99. Ronald Tachuk

    Why does FPL only offer rebates on 16 & 17 seer a/c units? Are the higher seer units a waste of money?

  100. Judy Finn

    Great advice!

  101. Lorraine Zenobi

    Thank you all for your caring during Matthew. Kudos to all your people.

  102. Deborah Chislum

    Does this apply to just winter months or winter and summer months. I was advised to put my thermostat at 69 degrees during the winter months. Which is correct?

  103. Margaret Goley

    The Energy Expert feature is great Thank you for this helpful feature.

  104. TG DeOrio

    82? I live in a condo. If I set the thermostat higher than 76 I get mildew on every wood surface very quickly.

  105. Don

    How do I know if 3 phase 480v power is available in my location?

  106. David Smith

    Why have the fan rotate in the CCW direction? does it pull the “cooler” air from the floor and push it up to a higher level for our increased comfort or other, perhaps, logical reasons?

    And, is the CCW direction as I look at the fan blades from under the fan?

    Thank you.

  107. Don

    How do I find out if 480v 3 phase power is available in my area?

  108. Lester

    Also, best to go clock wise or counter clock wise that is with low ceilings?

  109. Lester

    We have low dealings are under 8 feet does that make a difference.
    Thanks you, Lester

  110. Marta M.

    In your a/c vs. fan answer you mention to rotate the fan in a counter-clockwise direction. Why? What is the difference?

  111. Jennifer Croley

    I for one would like to give my appreciation for FPL’s response to a complete outage the weekend before Hurricane Matthew……your crew arrived and corrected the problem in 36 minutes….WOW! I was impressed…….unlike Comcast took almost 12 hours to restore service……geez. THANKS!!
    Have noticed quite a bit of surges of late…….hmm….know wxe ,etc. can be an issue, but seems to have been more this season…any reason why?

  112. Sandra Masters-Gibson

    Thank you for the info. I have been leaving our bedroom ceiling fan on constantly. Once we’re up, I’ll turn it off until bed time.

  113. David McNish

    I use to put mine on 90 and my bill was so small but the family members complain so i put it down to78 and well what a difference in cost.I think i am going to work on the fans and higher setting combination.

  114. Irene James

    In the fall and winter is it enough to use the fan to keep the condo cool and not turn on the A/C or is the humidity a factor that must be considered?

  115. John

    If you raise the temperature to 82 degrees when you away won’t that temperature encourage mold growth in south Florida? I was always told to keep my thermostat set at or under 78 degrees.

    Please advise…….

  116. Andy

    Our AC is in the ceiling…should the fans should be running clockwise?

  117. Diane Bennett

    Thank you very much for this information
    I’m new to Florida and had never heard of a humidistat or using ceiling fans
    Every little bit helps us living on a fixed income


    How many hours a day should I run my pool pump.. and should it vary between summer and winter?

    Thank you.

  119. Tishko Dennis


    I always thought it was clockwise to cool???

  120. Dr Michael Wesson

    In your opinion, what is the best computerized thermostat for your home?

  121. john galotto

    Why do you recommend ceiling fans go counter-clockwise?

  122. Richard Furgal

    78 degrees is not very comfortable. Anything over 75 is intolerable.

  123. Helen Negron

    Thank you for that tip. I will try it when I return to Florida. I do leave fans on when leaving the house , thought it would keep the room cooler. I will shut them off in the future.
    I have auto fans on the ceiling. Temperature controlled were they worth the money?
    Thank you

  124. Sonya Walker

    82 allows for too much humidity in your home and mold forms too easily.

  125. bill cooke

    counter clockwise as your looking at it? That is turning to the left.

  126. Matt

    Thanks for the ceiling fan question

  127. Olga Mori

    What about a hot tub? I just had one installed and I was told a 220 volts is more energy saving that one of 110 volts. Is it true? At the same time, What is your best recommendation to save energy in hot tubs? Thanks

  128. Cindy Clark

    The way my house sits, my bedroom, it gets the morning and afternoon sun. It is the hotest room in my home. I do leave the fan on all day. Should I still turn it off when no one is in it?

    Thank you for your help

  129. Larry Ames

    Question: I must have a C-Pap machine to sleep. During a power outage, is there a way to let FPL know that I have this need?

  130. Emma

    Your recoment is wrihgt. I am doing and pay less less. Thank you.

  131. Judi Hill

    I live in a two story frame home. The upstairs are extra bedrooms that are never used. I installed a humidistat to save money but don’t know what to set the thermostat on.

  132. Sam Pietrofitta

    When leaving for the summer to return to the North, what temperature should I leave my thermostate on cool and should I leave the fans on in all my rooms?

  133. flynn

    Blades rotating “counter clockwise”?

  134. joe grudzinskas

    i have a mobile home how can i make it more efficient for energy it is a double wide trailer with a brand new 3.5 ton air conditioner but my bill is going up not down

  135. Sharon

    Just wondering in a condo that is vacant during the summer, I’m worried about mold. So I would rather pay a little more and keep the ac lower than have mold growing when I’m not there.

  136. Barbara

    My apt in Florida is left unused for months at a time. Now I leave my 3 wall air conditioners at 74 75 76 on efficiency mode.
    Once I left it higher than 76 3 years ago during June July and August . The whole apt was full of mold when I got there in September .
    I also now have a dehumidifier that constantly must run .

    My bill is always over $107 and no one is there . The stove and fridge is plugged in but not used . My neighbour has 3 a/c’s as well and lives there all year using all the appliances . Her bill is always less than $100.
    I don’t know what to do to lower my bill.

  137. Traci Crutcher

    I have a window unit air conditioner, plus ceiling fans. What is the best way to use these to save on my electric bill?

  138. Butch

    What’s counter clockwise , that depends on how you are looking at your fan doesn’t it ? How about blowing down or up ????

  139. Stan Feldman

    Great service during the storm gang, and a stellar performance with getting all those outages restored in short order.

    You are the BEST !

  140. Mauricio Gomez

    Thanks a lot.

  141. C L SMITH

    Dear Tiffany–You don’t know what you talking about!!!

  142. Don Westerdale

    What type of insulation is better blown in fiberglass or blown in cellulose.
    I have around 6″ of fiberglass batt insulation now what would be the maximum to add before it starts wasting money on over insulation?

    Thanks Don

  143. Ray Smith

    OK, good answer to the AC vs. fan question. How about this, Tiffany: I have an enclosed man cave (8’W X 16’L x 12’H) in the basement and the basement has it’s own AC system (3-ton outside unit). As we don’t spend a lot of time in the basement, I closed many of the air supply vents so as to divert more cold air to the man cave as it is also my wine cellar (about 1000 bottles…so a substantial asset value there) to effectively lower the man cave to ~ 63 degrees while keeping the main room of the basement about 69 degrees…I’d really like about 60-61 degrees, but my monthly bills are at least twice that of any of my neighbors (~$350). I realize this is inefficient, so my AC contractor suggested a portable unit just for the man cave, ~10,000 BTU. I tried one, but it put a negative pressure on the man cave, sucking in warm air, plus (bad) my only legitimate AC exhaust option is to the garage…so a lot of moist air going there, ruining all my tools and maybe creating a mold issue. Likewise for a wall/window unit. The contractor then suggested one of those “Mitsubishi-like” outside units, but he wanted ~ $3,000 for that…ugh! And wine frigs are VERY expensive and I’d need several, plus that’s not the look I want. I sit here trying to figure out the right move. Any suggestions? This is driving me nuts. Thank you for any input you can share.
    Ray Smith

  144. Odessa l carter

    I want know a/c lower bills

  145. Ronald Kornowski

    Thank you for the information

  146. Michael Fitzgersld

    Thank u again for one more energy saving piece of advice !

  147. Charles Thibodeau

    I think that it should be pointed out that during periods when heating is being used, the ceiling fan set on down flow will bring down the warm air that has risen to the ceiling…especially when one has high ceilings. Some who read your comments may think that the ceiling fan serves the same purpose during heating and cooling.

  148. Marge Moore

    Thank you!! While waiting for a new unit last week? I did the right tgubg using my fans. I always keep thermostat at 78..thank you! Great tips..
    Marge Moore Sarasota :).

  149. Fran

    Shouldn’t the fan be run clockwise in the summer — blows air on you and counter clockwise when the heat is on to push air up to the ceiling and back down (to get the hot air on the ceiling down)?

  150. gayle crabtree-pergoli

    What setting should my humidistat be on; at 65 I get mildew

  151. James Reilly

    Is there a rebate for installing a new air condition unite

  152. Norman Wattman

    Counter clockwise rotation? Is the fan blowing air up or down. Confusing ???

  153. Jeanene

    What about ceiling fans to keep a room dry? For example a beach condo where humidity can quickly turn a place moldy. What temperature should the a/c be kept at then? And should the fans remain on?

  154. Debra

    What about if you live in a townhouse and are always upstairs day and night where it is so hot? Do you still use the ceiling fan and the floor fan not the AC? Working from home the computer makes it hot and having headset on and printer and phone and computers going is frankly unbearable even with AC and fans going. Oh and if pets are in room when you leave isn’t it best to leave fans at least going if your going to raise the AC?

  155. Earl

    It is indicated above that during the summer months you make sure the blades are circulating in a counter clockwise direction. This will push the air from my fan blades upward to the ceiling. I thought this was the winter mode;thus pushing the hot ceiling air downward into the room by circulating air in ceiling down into the room.
    Our air condition outputs are in the ceiling; thus, I thought it was better to have the air flowing downward from the ceiling to cool off the room of which the blades would be running clockwise.

  156. Geraldine Gregory

    Thank you for the update and the information on using fans with air conditioning.

  157. Richard N. Downing

    When our A/C went off for four days recently, we survived fairly well by positioning two large box fans facing our two reclining chairs while we watched TV.

    The power cable you ran from our meter to our home in 1981 during the initial installation had a bad joint which leaked water and shorted out one 110 volt line, so we had no 220 volts for A/C or cooking, but the 220 volt Hot Water heater still supplied hot water. WIERD.

    You ran the cable, but denied responsibility for it, and refused to fix it, which caused us to wait through the four day holiday weekend for someone to fix it, where, if you had fix your bad work it would have been done during the holiday weekend, and we would been happy campers, instead of upset 28 year patrons, who you supposedly care about.

    But my wife & I, both 86 years old, and married 66 years, don’ think you care.

    Richard N. Downing

  158. Loretta LePori

    The guest room in the front of the apt. is always cooler than the back master bedroom. Can anything be done about that?

  159. Olusoji Olukolu

    If the fan is turning counterclockwise in operation are we not moving the warm air trap at the ceiling level since warm air rises and cool air stay st the flood level
    Would it not be wiser to circulate cool air in the house that the A/ C produces. Your reply to using fan synergistically with A/C prompt my question.
    Thanks for answering

  160. Juan Carlos Sanso

    How can I lower my bill if I set my thermostat to 78 or 79 degrees and my bill is still pretty high and I also have insulation?

  161. Edith

    What do you do when you go on vacation? Do you cut off the A/C and leave the ceiling fans on or vice versa?



  163. larry dolph

    Could give me info. on windmill energy for my house

  164. Mark

    I agree I have two AC units and completely turn them off when not home which is about 11 hours a day it changed my bill from $400 a month to $125. Also unplug all appliances not in use. We unplug our entire home entertaiment system and both the washer snd dryer when not in use.

  165. Harry C. Bruner, Jr.

    I have 11 ceiling fans in my FL home, including my garage, and 10 in my northern home. I leave the FL fans on year around, even when I’m not there on for the reasons you provide, but also for better air circulation.

    I have poor circulation in my northern home basement so I leave 2 fans on year down there year around to circulate the air. This has worked. Both homes are all electric. Any suggestions or comments. Thanks.

  166. Lynn Maas

    Question: I live in an older condo near the water. It is humid and the windows of some units leak in warm air. I want our Board to check vacant units to insure that the temperature prevents mold & mildew. My neighbor told me that FPL suggests 86 degrees. Is this true or do you suggest a lower number?
    Thank You,

  167. federico escarrá

    What would be the average temperature recommend you to day / night, keeping of course, the “automatic” option in adjustable air conditioning equipment.

  168. Patrick Christopher

    We have been having “problems” with our on-line banking for almost 2 months and are now switching banks. How do we go from on line billing to paper billing for the next 6 to 8 months?
    Cannot find a telephone number for FPL on your web page.


    Hello FPL,
    If the power goes out, should we turn off our AC units circuit breakers? I can’t find any information on this issue.

  170. john Taylor

    I am thinking of moving to FL. Is there a reduced electric rate for disabled Vets ?

  171. Jose L Torano

    To whom it may concern: Are the power restoration crews deployed for H. Mathew capable of assessing damage caused by vegetation and removing it?

  172. reinaldo martinez

    Should I turn off all appliances during the Storm? AC, TV, REFRIGERATOR, computer, etc

  173. mora shantzis

    During this hurricane – should we unplug everything including tv’s?

  174. Carl Hagelstam

    Question: My wife and I lease an apartment @ Legends, Lake Mary. We’ve noticed that there are no power lines above ground. We can also see that there is a major powergrid line passing our location nearby — perhaps only 200 yards away along Rhinehart Rd. The lines seem to be strung on strong enough steelpoles to remain standing in the coming storm (Matthew) Our question is: Is there a substation really nearby our location — allowing for any power disruption to be fairly short in duration. We were hoping for having our power back — perhaps within 6 hours after winds have subsided??

  175. Walt

    Evacuating. Should I turn the breakers in my house off? Was planning on leaving just the refrigerator and one light on.

  176. Kim

    I have heard from several people that the power will be turned off beachside in Brevard County tomorrow is this true?

  177. Ronald Mead

    I have electric solar. When the power goes out does the solar still stay on? Please let me know now……..


    I have asthma and other life-threatening issues. Is there a repair list that I can join so my electricity will be repaired in a timely manner? How do I get on the list?

  179. sandra yacopino

    what is covered by having a fpl surge protector installed for a monthly fee?

  180. Jose L Torano

    Your readiness announcement is noted. Now you need to perform to a higher
    standard! Your response to power outages on SW 20, 21 & 22 ROADS IN 33129(in storms like Mathew) can only be graded as a “D”. If we have to wait for a crew from Georgia, I will get the the Miami Roads Neighborhood Assoc. to file a formal with the PSC. You want rate increases, YOU BETTER DELIVER IN SPADES, BECAUSE THE RELIANCE ON A SINGLE-PHASE WIRE ON TOP OF A WOODEN POLE IS DISGRACEFUL. THIS IS NOT 1926. For all of your propaganda we’re still in the same infrastructure grid as in Wilma,Katrina & Irene. Yeah we remember Irene because a Mickey Mouse Blow put us in the dark on SW 21 ROAD, BETWEEN SW 3rd and SW 7ave.

  181. Ricardo Lopez

    I am concerned with my last bill. It seems a little high considering that the A/C was running a little less than the previous month and I had to turn the power off for our oven because it broke. Can you double check the usage in our home to make sure a mistake has not occurred in billing us for the month of September? Thank You, Ricardo Lopez.

  182. Mike Saundry

    It depends how much wattage your cieling fans run on. Some of the small ones are very efficient to run long periods, resulting in the ability to raise the thermostat a degree or two. The fans help a central air-conditioned home cool more efficiently at a slightly higher temperature. The cieling fans will cost less than the comparable amount of time running an air conditioner at a lower temperature, since the AC is a very high wattage appliance with big copper wires. The fan likely is not. A large cieling fan with long blades and a big motor can be an energy drain if left on too long unnecessarily. If a room is occupied, people experience an increased cooling effect from the moving air. That is a secondary reason to the primary reason that it helps a central air system move more air quicker while adding minimal wattage to the power bill. It should enable you to click the thermostat up a degree or two on the AC (which is the energy hog), and save the most money that way. Fan on = cheaper (if you change the thermostat)

  183. denis sintiris

    Do I need a humidsat with ac?

  184. Robert Thompson

    Can LEDs be used in a 3-way lamp or with single and double pole dimmers?

  185. Harold Scott Johnson

    I didn’t understand about changing the direction of the blades on my ceiling fan. Should the reverse direct the air UP to the ceiling or DOWN to the people in room area?

  186. John C OHora

    I am on the budget with FPL -the last 3-4 bills my payment is higher each time -nothing is different -why the higher bill? Thank you


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