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Tiffany Spence is an energy expert at Florida Power & Light Company. She’s conducted thousands of energy audits at homes and businesses, helping customers find new ways to make their bills even lower.

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A/C fan “on” or “auto?” Which uses less energy?

By Tiffany Spence

Asked on: August 30, 2016 by Victoria I., Port St. Lucie

I’m hoping you can help settle a bet. A friend of mine thinks leaving her A/C fan setting on “auto” uses more energy. Which A/C fan setting actually costs more – “on” or “auto?”

Hi Victoria, that’s a great question, and I’m happy to give you the facts to share with your friend. First of all, it’s important to understand that the on/auto fan switch on your A/C thermostat will affect the price you pay to cool your home. That’s because the A/C fan circulates the cool or warm air throughout your home. Switching the fan to “on” will make the A/C fan run continuously – all day long. If you choose the “auto” setting, this will allow the fan to shut off with the rest of the cooling system as soon as your desired temperature is reached.

Fan “on” costs more
Advice from friends can be helpful, but in this case your friend was mistaken to think that the “auto” setting used more energy. Let’s assume your air conditioner normally cycles off 30 percent of the time. In this example, turning the fan switch to “on” will make the fan run over 200 extra hours a month. For a typical size central air conditioner, that would cost you about $8 more each month. Keep in mind, a fan that runs all the time may wear out sooner.

Another reason to keep it on “auto”
Setting your A/C fan to “auto” also helps provide better dehumidification. Have you noticed how moisture from the air condenses on the outside of a cold drink on a humid day? Your A/C unit captures moisture the same way, helping your home feel more comfortable. When the fan cycles off using the “auto” mode, moisture has a chance to drip from the cold cooling coils into the condensation pan and then drain outside. However, when the fan runs all the time in the “on” setting, less moisture has a chance to drip and drain outside. Some people prefer the feel or sound of the fan running all the time. If that’s you, at least now you know how much that choice will cost you.

Learn how to save even more
At FPL, we’re always working to help you keep your energy bills low and find you new ways to save. Visit our summer tips page for more ways to control your energy costs. Remember, you can save five percent on your monthly cooling costs for each degree you turn your thermostat up.

Don’t forget, you can also take our Online Home Energy Survey to get a personalized savings plan filled with energy-saving tips and recommendations. It’s easy – with just a few clicks you can save up to $250 a year.

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Comments [239]

  1. Theresa D

    I am wondering why FPL does not offer or have offered any kind of incentive for people in Florida to buy whole house fans. (used to be called attic fans) Starting in Oct the evening weather cools down and these fans are GREAT for drawing in the cooler night air so we don’t have to use our A/C.

  2. john

    no comment

  3. Serge. Gagnon

    Very interesting,now I will check more for info !
    Thank you

  4. Rose Nardis

    I am a snow bird I guess. I have to say whenever I have a problem u guys r great. Thank u for great service.

  5. Sheila

    My condominium is going to switch lights (quantity 70). I argue that we should switch to LED vs incandescent. Can you make the argument for me?

  6. Barbara Cronin

    Does having a thermastat with a humidify component more efficient on your air conditioner. What is the benefit of having a humidistat on your AC

  7. Angie

    If you leave the setting on auto and then shut it off when you leave the home all day for work isnt that better than to leave it on auto all day? For those 8 hours???? What about compiters. Should they be unplugged?

  8. Debbie

    What is the difference between having a ceiling fan rotate clockwise versus counterclockwise? I note that your advice was to have it rotate counterclockwise but it feels breezier when going clockwise

  9. Courtney

    I am really pleased with FPL . You are definitely making the effort to educate customers on energy usage .
    I am impressed . Keep up the good work




  11. David Park

    I have a neighbor who insists on turning her a/c off during the day. When she comes home she turns it back on. I leave mine on all day but set the thermostat at 77° and my monthly bill is less than hers. I’ve tried to explain to my neighbor it costs more to recool the house, thus using more electric. Who’s right and who’s wrong? Thanks for your help.

  12. Felippe Bicudo

    I changed my lights for Philips hue and I’m saving about $50 per month.

  13. Mary Scurlock

    For the last year I have been using the averaging idea. My bill is higher than it was before. Particularly the last two billing cycles. I was gone for two weeks in September, the thermostat was set at 85 and yet my bill is 20.00 higher than the previous month. No one was in the house for those two weeks except to check on my cats. No electrical use except pool filter. Why has it increased In August and September?

    1. Zachary

      I have the same issue with this “budget billing” idea. I thought it would be cheaper, but somehow keeping the same temperature in my house, even from prior to joining the program, my bill continues to increase by 20 dollars per month. This month the hurricane hit and did not have power for 4 days. Any compensation by FPL not at all. I am thinking about discontinuing the budget billing. Let me know if you did and what happened.

    2. Clarice kirsch

      I live in a 900 sq ft condo. When I leave for the summer I keep my thermostat set at 78. What is the correct setting I see some people keep there’s at 85

  14. Ruth Ragno

    I just received this months online bill. I was shock to see the increase of $33.00 than the last month. I leave the temperature to 83 deg all day. I am not home most of the time and at night I use the fan in the bedroom. I live alone and on fixed income. Please explain where I went wrong or maybe miscalculation on your part. Thank you.

  15. John H. Heydt

    Just signed up for the auto payment from my personal bank account. Please send the restaurant discount certificate.
    Thank you,

  16. Nelson Venecia

    Hello There!

    I’d like to know if it is possible to move the date when FPL charge me for the service.

    For instance, right now I’m supposed to pay towards the end of the month; but I’d like to do it on the middle of each month.

    Thank You So Much!

    P.S.: I apologize for the grammar

  17. Patricio martinez

    Porque se pasan todo el tiempo diciendo que la electricidad esta mas barata y la mia todos los meses es mas alta y no ha cambiado nada somos dos y no he hecho nada que no sea lo normal gracias

  18. John Viglietta

    Does FPL have someone come out to a home and advise on the best AC unit for the home?

  19. Tom

    Not only will the cost of your electric bill go up leaving the fan in the on position, but you will also increase the humidity and the Temperature in the house.
    The kind of house I’m talking about is a single floor with the air ducks running through the space above the ceiling. The space above the ceiling of the house is getting heat from off the roof, and in return heats up the air inside the duck work & will also increase the humidity. The fan will pick up that heat and humidity from inside the duck work and transport it into the rooms of your house. Because the fan is on the on position all the time, the heat and humidity inside the duck work will be blown into the house until the A.C. comes on and starts cooling down the house again.

  20. Leonardo FRANCOLLA

    Can you please pass this message to your IT Dept.:

    Recently I submitted a comment but I did not get an acknowledgement that the comment was received. Because I saw that my name and email address was still there but the comment itself had disappeared I was not sure it went trough. So I sent it again. As a result I got a notice that my message was a repeat one. QUESTION: Instead of telling me that a message was a repeat why don’t jus send an acknowledgement that the first submission was received (like other sites do)? It will save people time. Thank you.
    Leonardo Francolla.

  21. Melbi Morales

    My email i have to look up my name is under my mom’s name in the house that I’m in. I opened a new account under my name but now i go in to check if it is under my name the place I’m at and it’s giving me the new address my mom is moving to wich i dont want that. What I want it to do is go on FPL and login and to see my name pop up in the address I’m in now.

  22. Bobbie Anken

    I have mostly energy efficient bulbs, all new energy efficient appliances, have had A/c serviced, keep shades drawn during the day, keep hot water tank turned off most of the time, a/c fan on auto, don’t keep a lot of lights on. Cannot understand how when we live in a 1100 sq ft condo a/c set 77 during the day-75* at night, we can have such a high electric bill when everyone else I talk to in the bldg is getting a bill between $50 & $75. We lived in a 3200sq ft home in Ga & bill was not more than $180/month

  23. Eric Amsler

    Hello –

    I have noticed a drastic change in my electric bills of late….and nothing has changed in regards to my house/appliances. If anything, I thought it would have improved with brand new windows.

    I have seen a jump from mid 100 bills to now high 200s or over 300.

    Can you please give me some thoughts on this.

    Thank you.

    Eric Amsler

  24. Sheila

    Hi, my bill is normally around $60.00 a month. I went to pay my bill and the amount was for $9.87. I saw am amount for $63.00, which was also listed as the total amount due for this month. However, I could not change the amount to the $63.00, which made more sense to me of the correct billing amount.

    Why was it only $9.87? Will I get charge a late fee for the additional amount of $63.00 that I saw? Like I said, I tried to change it to that amount, but your site would not let me do so.

    What’s up with that?


  25. Mike Malone

    Hello there, my bill is always the same, I am on the plan to have it that way. My question is what is my actual usage? Is it right on, so the amount I pay we are both good, no issues?
    Where in my statement can I see my actual usage

  26. Chase Daniels


    I live in Palm Beach Gardens (33410). I was told that FPL is doing a program called the “Watt Saver” which gives a rebate on insulation in my home. I was wondering if there is such a program or something like it. I’m looking to make my home more energy efficient. Can you please inform me if something similar exists.

    Thank You.

  27. George Gerhart

    I don’t understand why me bill is high.. I’ve installed hurricane doors and windows, insulated garage door and put on new roof. Any suggestions

  28. Marina Martinez

    Vivo en un apt chico de una habitacion en Miami Fl y cada vez llega mas alto el bill, este ultimo llego de $117.00, antes llegaba de $70.00 y no he comprado equipos nuevos y mantengo de dia el a/c en 77, por que ocurre esto?

  29. Lawrence Galaske

    I would like infro on huw to reduce my electric bill as I am retired and on fixed income

  30. James Strawley

    I have been out of town for the last 4 months. My bill has been low for this time but my last bill has more than tripled. Can you tell my why. Thanks

  31. Nora

    I have a question we put the thermostat according you recomendation in 78 degrees , expecting to reduce our bill this month but still the same amount .
    I appreciate an answer

  32. Larry Galaske

    I am retired and I would like to know if there is any help with the heating bill

  33. Kimberly A Hodges

    Why do I have a 80.00 bill when I was only in my apartment until end of day 9/6/2016.

    Thank you,


  34. Nancy Guzman

    I need to replace my Central Air conditioning system and have been looking into changing to a ductless system. Does FPL have any information about this? My house is small 1500 square feet in Jupiter, Florida. I have been reading about ductless systems and the information available makes it to be a desirable option. They claim, clean, more energy efficient results. But….I am afraid to go into something I don’t know anything about. I am 70 years old and on a fixed income and very concerned about making a wrong decision. Please advise me. Thank You.

  35. Pamela Grotz

    Do you read my meter/usage every month? I have done some things to reduce my energy consumption, as well as been gone for over two weeks and my bill is always within $5 of every other month…what’s up with that?

  36. nelly

    whats the best setting while I’m away for a month?

  37. Lester J. Aviles

    Por que razon estoy recibiendo una cuanta por mas del 50%? No he tenido ningun cambio en mi rutina de uso de electricidad.

  38. Cynthia Blum

    I have completed the personal energy survey and am waiting for my personalized savings plan.Approximately, how long does it take to receive this plan? thank you

  39. Fred Gober

    I recently replaced my 4 ton water sourced HVAC with a new system in west palm beach. Am I eligible for any rebates?

    thank you

  40. Leonardo Francolla

    Dear Tiffany Spence
    To my yesterday suggestion I should add: With the AUTO fan, if one uses the upper floor during the day (Office, Sleeping), being warmer one will likely set the thermostat lower than it would otherwise be necessary with the fan ON. A note should also be added mentioning that more recent models of AIRCO have a fan with 2 speed; high speed during cooling cycles (fan ON and AUTO) and low speed (fan ON). Best regards.
    Leonardo Francolla

  41. ElcyBarrios

    I moved to my 2 yrs ago my bill has increased every month for the past yr nothing has change as far as rutine us of electricity i know the a/c unit is old i change filters every month mantain thermostat from 73 to 70 , this month my bill is$260 last yr was $180 i dont even use the dishwasher. Dont know what to do. Thank u

  42. Leonardo Francolla

    Dear Tiffany Spence,
    You can add to your analysis the case of a two floor home. Out of direct experience, the fan ON circulates the air all over the house keeping the upper floor to a lower temperature than with the fan on AUTO; in other words, warmer air raises up and also being the 2nd floor under the roof, it tends to warm up faster than the ground floor but the thermostat (on the ground floor) doesn’t detect it until later. The fan ON moves the cooler air from the ground floor to the upper one and vice versa resulting in a more balanced reading of the temperature by the thermostat. Of course depending on the use of the various rooms one can still choose the AUTO, or change it to ON during the day to get a cooler bedrooms.
    Best regards.
    Leonardo Francolla

  43. Jim lees

    Who can i contact to do an energy survey of my home electric usage?

  44. Gail J Meincke

    I thought I was on the budget plan. Would you please check for me? My bills were more uniform at one time.

    Thank you..

  45. Janine

    I enrolled in FPL’s budget plan. My bill was supposed to be 45$ per month. But each month is higher than the last by a few dollars. Why is this?

  46. gisela arroyo

    hoy I have to pay more electricity this mount; I use less; I’m sure because I was in my aunt’ house

  47. Lucien Kaczmarek

    Hi Guys, Was not here in my # for most of August ..this bill seems ridiculous ??????? Only thin that was on was the fridge ?????

  48. Nick15

    Do this logic of also applies to single Packaged ACs that have three fan speed options of “Low, High, and Auto”?

  49. Geraldine Pare

    do not understand why bill flucatutes so much, We are two seniors in a mobile
    home. OUr ac is one year old, temp am 76 77 pm 78 79 . our habits do not
    vary much. This months bil is $67.40 more .Most months our bills are close
    to $80,00

  50. keith jicha

    Are there any rebates/tax credits available for installing an electric tankless water heater? I just had one installed. I am in Brevard County, Cape Canaveral, FL.


    Keith Jicha

  51. Lee Lomas

    We have a programmable thermostat that needs to be hooked up, who would I ask? An electrician or an AC person. Thank you

  52. Ronald herman

    please contact mother seton church on belle terre in palm coast. their electric bills are too high and the church is always much too cold

  53. Gracia Fox

    I was away for 2 weeks in May, my bill was higher than ever. In August again; I left AC on 80 but bill was still too high. AC is on auto and no other appliances were on, no showers. How to understand that?

  54. Steve J. Volk

    Hi. Thanks for your offer to refund my $91 security deposit. However, I feel it’s UNFAIR for FPL to hold my deposit hostage unless I agree to sign up for Automatic Bill Pay.

    I prefer to be in charge of my own online bill paying. And each month your website makes it very easy and fast to pay my bill. (It takes less than a minute).

    If you will check my record, you’ll see that I pay my bills early each month, and I DESERVE TO HAVE MY DEPOSIT CREDITED TO MY ACCOUNT NO MATTER IF I CHOOSE TO USE AUTO BILL PAY OR NOT.

    In other words, I have been fair to FPL, and I deserve to be treated equally fair by FPL.

  55. Dennis Owens

    We own a Tesla car (100% electric) is there a discount for charging on our home power or a better time of the day/nite for charging?

  56. minel

    I’m looking to install a new roof on my house but id like to consider some solar options. what do I have available in this area.

  57. Heather

    I have low hanging power lines, and I have an RV that needs to be put in the yard but the lines are too low for it to enter the yard. What do I do

  58. joel

    i would like information on how to set up a wind generator which would generate electricity for my home…and possibly sell excess energy generated back to fpl. do you have any resources to share?

  59. Giuseppe

    Hello, i started my new contract two days ago and i,ve just payed 191’25 for deposit and 14 $ after. Why my bill now is it 190$ without using electricity??

  60. Molly

    I have a condo in Florida. We are not there most of the year. We have a humidistat in addition to central a/c. Some say you don’t need one. Is that true?

  61. Amelia Doll

    For 5 months my bill has been 8.07 per month. Last month I signed up for budget billing and my budget bill is suppose to be 22.00 per month. Why is my bill 30.00 this month? Nothing has changed. I don’t see any difference in use. Please explain.

    1. nelly

      best setting while I’m away 5 months from my condo. in ft. lauderdale

  62. Carline mederick

    Why my bill came this high, it’s not fair cuz I’m not even home ,school is open no bady is home alot anymore ,i clean evry week only ,working little money I have only for bill ,how I’m supposed to feed my family if the bills is coming that high, I’m a single mother of 5 kids trying to survive,

  63. Eric Neugent

    Why is my bill so much. My air is set on 77. I work all day. I am here by myself right now. It should not be so much ! Please explain why it is so high !
    Thank you.

  64. Antonio de la Pena

    I need help to save energy becasue I am paying a lot every months and I live alone and I am used the same electricity every days

  65. Miosoty de la paz

    Porque gaste tanto este mes


    I like to have a lower bill every month. acct under joseph sanabria, but I pay the bill. thank you

  67. Cynthia Blum

    I currently have a $2.08 charge on my electric bill for storm charge. What is this? I also have power surge at the cost of $2.50. Is this the same protection as the Surge Shield program? thank you for clarifying this for me.

  68. Nelly Correa

    Buenas tardes, quiero pagar la factura de electricidad y siempre la pago con tarjeta, ahora no veo esa opción, por favor dígame como hago.

  69. cynthia Pagan

    we have Solar Energy Systems on our house and I’m stall pay FPL over171.00 should it go down???? this the 1 mo well it go down and my water heat in its Solar Systems can you get back to me Mr Pagan

  70. Chris D Fowler

    I am reminded of a commercial, you just seem to monitor the situation, not fix the problem, I have had 2 power outages in the last 2 weeks and numerous others since i moved here, (I have bought a generator for this reason) You send someone here and they flip the switch back on and voila, powers back, well why does it keep tripping, is it overloaded, or the vines and bushes growing all over the switch, I’m sure that can’t be helping the situation, or is it for overtime on the call out, I’m sure if it was your home going out this often the problem would be found and fixed, power here goes out I just look out my back window and sure enough the switch is out, if you leave the pole here myself or one of the other 3 neighbors can just go out and flip it back and save us all some aggravation.

  71. Nathan Lejean

    can you please Lowe my bills less than $99 for the upcoming month because I don’t have enough money to pay all my needs I have in money trouble
    I make $1600 a month and my bills is $1800 @ month so I’m in need of help
    I hope you understand and give your help to sustain my needless.
    thank you
    sincerely yours
    Nathan Lejean

  72. Paul Froio

    In south Florida what is the best setting for the A/C when away from home during the summer months (June to September). I also have a humidistat that works in conjunction with the thermostat. I have it set at 65% and 75 F. Is this a good way to go?

  73. linda bonaccorso

    about how much does it cost to run an oven for 45 min on 350?aren’t dryers. irons. ovens the highest consumers of electric ?

  74. Wlad Newtop

    The response does not cover an option where the homeowner uses the on/off switch of the AC unit manually through out the day. If I am leaving my apartment I will switch off my ac completely and when I return from home I will switch it back on. I think that saves more energy than running it on auto because when you leave you leave home for a few hours or a few days, you dont care of the fan is running and dehumidifying your air. Am I right or am I wrong?

  75. Gary Lungen

    I just had the power serge protection put on my system. When I read the contract i was dismayed to learn it does not cover my TVs… This was the primary reason for getting this product. The installer said everything is covered. I called the company and they said sorry, things that are ” stand alone” like TVs are excluded.
    Seems like deceptive advertising… When I called FPL to sign up they said everything is covered! What’s the real story?

  76. Balkis Sierra

    Why is my energy bill so high this month

  77. Luis A. Barada

    How can I get a detailed description of items on my bill as follows:
    storm charge
    grass receipts tax,
    franchise charge
    utility tax

    Under new charges I see a customer charge for $7.87, what does this cover or apply to? I was going over my bill since it is so high and I noticed these charges.

  78. thomas aquila

    What is the best setting for my air conditioner in summer months

  79. James H Miller

    If payment is due on 9/13/16 why haven’t I had a bill been emailed to me and why doesn’t it show in my billing?
    I made a mistake last month and shorted you $10.00 so had to pay an extra $10.00 for late fee. So sent you $20.00 which I paid.
    That is all I have paid.
    I’m on the road and need to know.
    Jim Miller

  80. Luis portal

    Hi, if I used aluminum foil to cover what goes under the burners on the stove will I use more energy, because I have a neighbor that said I do use more energy

  81. Sigrid Hasselbacher

    I was away for the month of August last year and my bill was $ 56.00. This year again I was away and had everything turned off , except the AC, at 80~, Auto. This time my bill was $98.68. Please explain !

  82. Vincent Giglio

    What is the best setting for a humidistat while you may be away for a couple of weeks. We live near the ocean and we are concerned about mildew. We set the A/C to 80 when gone.

  83. B Robinson

    So if auto is the better setting, under what conditions should “on” be used (if ever)?

  84. Ada & Arkady Kane

    Thank you for an offer of Budget Billing. It looks like a good idea , but I remember paying much less then $183.41 some good months of the year. How we can get flat fee to try for one year not more then $175.00 Let me know, Please.

  85. Homero Garza

    I have east exposure in the morning and our windows are not tinted but we do keep the window blinds closed. Could we save money if are windows were tinted? Also we feel the heat .

  86. Teresa Karalus

    My daughter and I are teachers, my concerned is that we started to work august 15th and we came home after 6 pm or later, why my bill came higher than we’re home during summer brake?
    Thank you

  87. Marie colas

    I want my bills to be lower cost ,energy expert

  88. Juan Jarrin

    Great, Thank you.

  89. Steven Heinrich

    What is the optimal setting for when I am not at my Florida house in the summer? Is it a good idea to use the set back option during the day when I’m not here?

  90. Elsie Virginia Ruiz

    Thank you for your informative feedback. Always appreciate.

  91. Dorothy Palkovic

    Should I leave the ceiling fans running for circulation when leaving the house for long periods of time like a month or more? I live in Florida so I set the a/c at 80 on auto, but I’m not sure about the fans.

  92. Luz

    Thank you for information. I manage residential condos for seniors over 55. I will like to know if it’s okay if I publish your article regards to Ac fan yes or no on our weekly news letter.

    It’s very informational and helpful tips to get out to the unit owners

    Thank you

  93. Ken boisvert

    I just bought a home
    Can I get a energy monthly cost history average so i can have some idea what to exspect in months ahead

  94. Lin Pirretti

    Do night lights use a lot of energy?

  95. Ann Graystone

    Great article. I just put my fan on automatic and put the temp up to 80%

  96. Harriet Paulding

    I want a “smart thermostat”, however, can I use my internet service to utilize the benefits, or must I have a “smart phone”?

  97. Hannah Schindler

    I am a seasonal resident of Florida.. We are usually there from mid January to the beginning of June.. Do you think I should be on a budget plan .. Thank you Hannah Schindler

  98. Charlie Katz

    Please do a study on flappers for dogs/cats and the effect on cooling bills. There is a product that has double flappers with magnets so that it seals properly after the pet passes thru. However these flappers are plastic and I do not know how that compares to actual wall. Also, sometimes people use the kind that sits in the slider gap, and don’t realize the need for extra insulation in the other gap.

  99. steve

    not true,, only the circulating fan runs continuously,, not the AC compressor.. it cycles as needed.. and the expert doesn’t factor in the surge used to start the motor every time,, years a GM maintainence taught me that sometimes a motor runs longer if let run rather that cycle as needed..

  100. Brenda

    We are trying to get the old, aluminum, single-pane windows replaced in our home and were told FP&L offers a rebate. I have looked and only see rebates for Commercial, Business, Schools, but nothing for residential customers. Do you offer a rebate for residential customers in Volusia County? If so, please let me know where I go for information.

  101. Luc Gloutney

    We are snowbirds with a new 500 sq. ft. Mobile home plus 400sq. Ft. Lanai in Sarasota. We were told to leave the a/c running while we are away in the summer to prevent mold. What thermostat setting do you recommend for economy. We are now set at 82F.

  102. Pat mailloux

    Does turning off and on my hot water heater in my second home actually save money or does it ruin electric hot water heater? This house is in Florida. Can you shut off hot water heater in house that is not heated in NH I. The winter. Will it freeze. Thank you for the two answers ahead of time.

  103. Grace

    The ? just helped me. I “had” my control in the “ON” position. I switched it to auto. Thank you for the help. Gracie

  104. Tashiba Payne

    I don’t understand why this bill so high when I have budget billing also and I have natural gas..how can I be using this much power.

  105. Pete

    I believe that Tiffany is missing a key issue here. Keeping the house fan on On allows you to maintain a higher temperature for the same comfort level as the gentle air movement during the periods that the a/c is off provides a sense of comfort.

  106. Natalia

    When using the ac unit is better to have the doors of the room Opened or closed.. ? What is better for me to save energy.. Thanks

  107. Charles Arthur Cunningham

    My new American Standard heat pump and furnace system has a 2 stage blower and the installer recommends it be left in the “ON” position to maximize it’s efficiency. Is the installer correct for a new system?

  108. Paula Botta

    Could you please tell me the best settings for an unoccupied condo during the summer? We have an AC and a humistat?
    Thank you.

  109. Ernest Harmeyer

    Hi, I just got this and info is great! Thank you!

  110. Ron Sobon

    Doe it save ,to change the temp ehen you.leave let’s say to 83 and when back home reset to 77.

  111. Jennifer

    What is the best setting to set your AC when the gouse is close 6 months out of a year?

  112. Rosemarie


    A few months back my computer went crashed and I had no way of communication with my billing and such,to be honest I hadn’t thought of this.
    I don’t get my bill mailed to me. i then record a notice of a $70.00 deposit . My husband n I are on fixed incomes, thats a lot of money to us. I explained my problem, and they removed it.
    Well lo and behold I went into the hospital unexpectedly, my husband has nothing to do with the bills or such ( that has to change now,we are working on it) and it happened again,they charged me $70.00. The bills were under $25.00 each time.
    I understand policy, but this is not deliberate, I am a good payer and round the bill most of the time to an even number. I am in the hospital no,after extensive back surgery,and can send documentation to prove this.
    Please reconsider.
    I feel that this should be made aware to the public for many bases!!!

  113. Guy Wegener

    My wife and I live in a 1988 single family home with single pane glass and large size windows! The windows have been covered with privacy film. Will closing the blinds help to reduce sun penetration and the heat coming from the glass? We plan on replacing all the windows with double pane glass! Can we reasonably expect a reduction in our electric bill?

  114. Tammy

    Fan on cost more !!! Because ur never giving ur a.c. a break it’s constantly running. But with auto it it cuts on and off so it’s not running as hard!!

  115. galia alvarez

    My husband complaints lately about the price of our fpl bill but washes the dishes with burning water. We’d love to have an idea of how much this is costing us monthly. We are just two in a one bedroom apartment.

  116. Norman

    That was not a correct answer the water drips off the coil when the fan is running also. You do not get better dehumidification just because the fan shuts off. People think you words are gold and they are NOT.

  117. Mark


  118. Wanda Phillips

    Thanks. Tiffany Spence, I have learned that it is better, also to leave the A/C on auto it helps to keep my bill just were I’m comfortable with it. So I do perfer to use the auto I’m always checking to make sure that it is set to stay that way all day.

  119. Angela franco

    I am a senior citizen on a fixed income I took off most of my electrics like stereo living room lamps a/c on auto the only thing on is washer dryer refrigerator and I don’t understand why my bill is so high

  120. Jamie Pavlas

    Question:what is more efficient? A/C turning on and off point 2 or 4 degrees apart?
    If you set temp to 70 and it turns on at 68 and off at 72 or is another setting more efficient?


    Our home(5800 sf, single level) has 5 ACs/zones. When we arise in the morning, our windows are fogged. Why is this happening and what can we do to reduce/eliminate the condensation?

  122. Cynthia Blum

    I submitted a very detailed question to your energy expert. But I do not think it was processed. No where did it indicate to “submit”. How do I know if the energy expert received my question

  123. Michael Nicol

    How much can I expect to save using a variable 2HP pool pump vs. constant running 2HP pool pump by Jandy 8 hours per day?

  124. Tracey Coan

    My bill is exceptionally high compared to last year. When I have checked my energy dashboard the usage fluctuates massively at odd times of the day. Is there something going wrong? I am in the UK and not able to check.

  125. Teresa Trebbien

    1.Replacing broken sealed windows
    2. Keeping blinds or curtains closed when hot
    3. Servicing your air conditioner/heater regularly
    4. Turning temps up or down while away, depending on season
    5. Use balance billing to help keep your monthly bills in check with your budget

  126. Kevin B McManus

    Air Handler fan motors are not rated for ‘constant duty’ and should never be left on for extended periods of time. The motors are prone to burn out if left in the on position. Most ECM (electronically commutated motors) or X-13 motors are quite costly to replace if burned out. The bearings are not designed to run all the time. Furthermore if the motor seizes or quits the air handler is prone to freezing up and can cause coil damage or even a flood in your home from the condensate thawing out after the unit shuts off on a safety trip.

  127. Anna Dorsey

    Great Advice and thank you

  128. Stacy Salomone

    Is there a particular temperature you should set your a/c too or is it best to turn it off for the day and turn on in the evening?

  129. Jackie Fresta

    How can I get an energy audit on site at my home?

  130. Michael sullivan

    On average how much does one ceiling fan left on in a bedroom cost to run per month?


    Will leaving my fan on all the time prevent or reduce mold in the vents?

  132. Michelle Comer

    We was told leaving our ceiling fans on all the time will increase our electric bill monthly. I turn them off at night and during the day now when we are away and Bill increased. We live in Florida and my bill has increased even with know one here till 3 pm. Why?

  133. Anan Louis Rejouis

    I set my AC on auto

  134. Daniel

    Yest that is tru set as AUTO is better

  135. Robin Kriegs

    When I leave my Home in the summer I turn off the power to my electric water heater because that is a long period of time. Mid going for a week or even an overnight is it worth switching the power off or does it cost just as much if the heater has to make that back up.
    Also are there tankless heaters that are electric?

    Appreciate the advice.

  136. J. R. Bruce Cassie

    Very helpful information. Thank you for sharing how the two settings operate and the consequences of each. I had it all wrong and now I know I was wrong. I do not plan to share my error with my wonderful wife.

  137. Patricia Snover

    Thanks! This has been a big help! I for one got used to the air circulating all the time with the fan on ‘on’ all the time. Guess I’d better shut it off sometimes, eh? This has been a big help!

  138. nancy Wood

    I want to know the right settings for the a/c and humidistat when I am away in the summer

  139. Cliff Hoberman

    Very helpful.

  140. Doreen VanMinsel

    Thank you I never really understood what to do.

  141. midge ebben

    wish to take the survey in english

  142. Sally Pearson

    The coils or “what ever they are called” froze up in in Air Handler some time in July. I turned the unit off and waited until all the ice melted. Then I turned the a/c unit back on, and it ran just like normal. I thought that if I kept the A/C Fan on it would help this situation? After reading this article, I am no longer sure?

  143. Danny Davis

    Is there a rebate for installing an energy efficient A/C unit in my home?

  144. Christine

    It it better to leave your ceiling fan running all the time or should you turn nit off every time you lave the room?

  145. Graham Matthews

    being a snow bird; from May to Novembe,r just what would you recommend for a temp setting for the summer months in a mobile home?. this is while we are away up north at home. we go north may 1st to Nov. 5th and are in Florida Nov. 10th to May 1st .

  146. Eddie

    By leaving the fan in the “On” position you also run into the possibility of getting surface mold. This occurs when the fan starts to blow warmer air after the cooling system turns itself off. The warmer air blowing on the cold registers (mixed with dust) can get black mold.
    I have personally witnessed this on many occasions while working for an air duct cleaning company. Keep the fan on “Auto”!
    Hope that helps.

  147. rosa

    I wanted to see my annual energy use, I no longer am in my home, I am now renting an apartment, I don’t see where I can change this information. Can I still have an energy survey done?

  148. Barbara Gautieri

    What is the correct temperature to leave your air conditioner on.have a humidistat and am not there in the summer. What should each setting be?


  149. Mark Generales

    I would like to know when FPL is going to begin offering a pool motor rebate so we can afford to replace the one speed filter with a multi speed that will reduce electric use for tens of thousands of pools by 50%.
    I heard FPL was going to offer rebates – when? This is a great idea. We will finally be able to afford this.

  150. Leticia Buck

    How do I apply for lightening insurance?

  151. sh deutsch

    i need a new air conditioner. does fpl have any rebates?

  152. samantha


  153. Charles Giles

    While the information above is true, maintaining a flow of air has an ambient cooling effect, evening up the temperature throughout the house preventing pockets of hotter air from potentially turning on the AC sooner than necessary. It’s swings and roundabouts and to some extent depends on the AC system and the installation.
    Absolutely agree that the fan bearings will wear out sooner if the fan is left on 24/7.
    Perhaps the best choice is to run the fan “on” when you are home and “auto” when you are not.

  154. E W Matthews

    I am thinking of moving to Penney Farms which is serviced by FPL. I was told your service is much more economical than Clay Electric. I keep my A/C at 82 degrees and have a 3300 sq ft house; my bill is usually around $100 per month. You can see my usage is very little. Can you tell me what I should expect for a minimum usage consumption with FPL in appx 1100 sq ft. Thank you.

  155. Marge moore

    thank you for these tips! My FPL bill seems to go up but not because I am not frugal. My fan is. On auto. And I thank you. Also. Thermostat is on79 most all the time. I have an efficient AC! Keep up your great work. FPL!!!!

  156. Alister Yarde

    Why is FPL charging $9.95a month for a “passive unit” that requires no maintenance to protect from surges? Maybe if you charged a reasonable one time fee and drop the insurance part you would get more takers I lived in a city which did just that.

  157. Linda Sigars

    I am trying to get a history of my account last 10 years and the history search button won’t let me go back that far. how do I find them

  158. Joe Waldov

    I have found that by leaving the fan on I could set the temp. higher on the thermostat and the house feels comfortable and the compressor does not come on as often. It also eliminates that still warm feeling you get when the fan and the compressor go off together. I think because you can set the temp. higher and the compressor is not running as much you will save a little money. Also when you go to bed you can use the auto setting because you won’t notice the still warm feeling while you are sleeping.

  159. CL SMITH


  160. Beatriz Candele

    I am a senior citizen on disability and require the use of oxygen. I obviously have a limited income and my bills are much higher due to my oxygen use. Why is there no discount for people that require oxygen. It certainly is not something you can reduce

  161. Mikva Rotwasser, PE , LEED A.P.

    Auto costs more. The AC units are made with the absolute lowest quality possible so that the manufacturers can get by during the first year after shipment.
    The motors in the AC are total, Far East made garbage.
    Built-in obsolescence is the rule.
    They will run longest amount of time possible only if allowed to run continuously
    Any paltry savings you might garner from an AUTO setting will go down the toilet on the repeated service calls when the fan and motor fail due to starts and stops!!

  162. Elizabeth Lewis

    what temperature should a humidistat and a/c be set at when house is vacant


    I am Very please with. F. P. L

    I have learned from the. Best
    Thank You

  164. Laurie Liguori

    I am a senior citizen on disability and require the use of oxygen. I obviously have a limited income and my bills are much higher due to my oxygen use. Why is there no discount for people that require oxygen. It certainly is not something you can reduce.

    1. Quetcy Munoz

      Please need someone look into my bill is so high. …Thanks

    2. Tara Monette

      You might want to consider budget billing. The reason for that is you can avoid spikes in your power bill. As far as the oxygen use I would actually contact FP&L to see if they have any programs for you. A friend of mine’s mom is on oxygen and because she had a prescription for oxygen use I believe FP&L cannot turn off your power because it’s now medically needed

  165. L. Baker


  166. Far

    During the day, when we are not home. My husband told me to turn off the AC, but my brother told me to keep the AC running on “auto” but adjust the temperature to 80’F. Which way affect more price ?

    1. Nell Mounce

      I have always wanted to know the answer to that question also. I am home a good bit, but when I go out I don’t change my A/C setting. I have my unit set to 78 around the clock. Am I doing it right?

    2. Oscar T.

      Leave home and set it up at 80 on “Auto”

    3. Basi

      Let turn it off all day,will cost you more

    4. Robert Andres

      I would say that the best answer is to set your thermostat to 80 degrees when not in residence – but NEVER turn off the A/C.

      We also set our humidistat to 65 and keep it there. Sometimes (but no often) the A/C will come on even when the temperature is relatively low.

    5. Tara Monette

      One would think that turning off the AC would save more money, but I believe an expert at FP&L said to adjust the temperature to the 80 degrees instead of turning it off. The reason being is now your air conditioning has to work twice as hard to get the house cool vs leaving it at 80 degrees and the air conditioning kicking on only as needed.

  167. Tito Giron

    Although I would agree that the “On” setting may cost a bit more, it does allow for continuous air circulation which will help keep extremities of your home cooler as they shouldn’t warm up as much when the fan cycles “off”. I would also question the lifetime of continuous operation vs the start and stop of a electric motor, as to which is worse for wear and tear. Finally my new air handling unit appears to have variable speed and when left in “on” it actually runs at a very low speed vs when it is in the cooling cycle. Certainly some debatable items here.

    1. John Gibson

      Some of the electronic thermostats also have a “circulate” setting. This means that the fan runs while cooling but will also run during periods when not cooling. The setting is in between fan on and auto.

    2. Judy Martinez

      Great question and good information, thanks.

  168. Beverly Gabriel

    I have a waterless Hester. What temperature should I set it. It was doing ok but with the electricity cut off. I have to reset. Thanks

    1. Jay

      See if you have battery backup (to hold your preset desired temp). If yes, check the battery and replace if necessary.

  169. Diane Rabassa

    Good morning,
    I just read about Budget Billing and am somewhat confused as to how this benefits BOTH FPL and Customers. IF utilization is lower or higher than monthly budget billing, does customer pay flat rate of budget billing every month? If so, how does this program really work?
    Please share more insight so I may make the right decision about this program.
    Thank you for your attention.

    1. John Gibson

      Basically, it will even out your bills so that you don’t have high bills during the months when your usage is high and low bills when usage is low. In a twelve month period you will pay exactly the same in total either way but you get no high bills and no low bills.

    2. Tara Monette

      I’m on budget billing. I’m also doing other programs through FP&L to save money. What FP&L does they take your bill for the last 12 months on average it and that is what you pay every single month for 12 months no matter what your bill actually is. It keeps your bill from spiking during the summer and other high-usage times. I pay $126 each month no matter what my bill is and when my bill is actually higher I only pay the $126. That credit is saved until the 12 months is over and then it gets applied to the next 12 months. It’s kind of like the rollover plan that cell phones offer. As far as how beneficial it is for FP&L they know you’ll be able to pay your bill.

  170. Thaian Tran

    The answer given by Tiffany Spence is very helpful.
    Also Thanks to Victoria for submitting the question.

  171. Patti

    Always wondered about the “auto” and “on” setting.
    Tnx Tiffany for the great info.
    Patti in Yulee.fl

  172. sandee Norris

    I love learning new facts. Almost always they reinforce what my grandma told us to do, but now I know why! And I can refute others, who didn’t have my wonderful grandma, with actual facts. Thank you.


  173. LaTeshia

    Why is my bill higher this month?

    1. Jan Ring

      I am a snowbird and wanted to know the ideal setting for my thermostat and humidifier when gone for months at a time?


    Have heater off..turn it only 15min. before shower..a/c is on 78..use fan…bill is 20.00 higher..not home all day..something is wrong!

    1. Me

      Identify the breakers for dishwasher, electric syove/range, garbage disposal, washer, dryer and water heater. Turn all BREAKERS off. Keep them off when item isn’t needed. If you can, unplug washer and dryer.. Do this for 20 days and see if your next bill is lower. I was taught this 20 years ago. My bill dropped from $100 to $40 even during hell hot summer months in Florida.


    Billing at 1am…not appreciated. .

  176. Daryl Falde

    Who do I contact about installing whole-house surge protection?

  177. Karen Sylvester

    My friend advised me to close the ceiling vents to half way in rooms I don’t use much and redirect my master bedroom vent toward the bed to keep the bedroom cooler at night when it seemed to get hot after midnight. It makes the vents seem to make noise and work harder during the day. Is this just my imagination?

    1. Mike

      Not a good idea. Your house is considered once space. Creating warm spots can cause it to run more. There is nothing insulating these spaces from the rest of your house. Also, you probably have returns in those rooms. That warmer return air will cause your system to be less efficient. Your system is designed to keep and maintain the whole house at one temperature. That is its most efficient way to run.

    2. Greg

      Closing vents forces the system to work harder because you’re reducing the volume of air the system was designed to circulate. Slower movement of air through the system reduces cooling capacity.

    3. Tara Monette

      I read on one of these blogs that you should not close the vents or the doors in rooms. FP&L said that that can actually cause your bill to go up because your air conditioning will continue to run until those rooms are cool. I notice the same thing that when I partially close the vents in my rooms but they did make a lot of noise because the same amount of air is trying to push through those vents.

  178. Eloise Duncan

    P.S. my bill in August was 24.08 dollars&eight cent to $45.14 in September.

    1. Amelia Doll

      My bill went from 8.07 to 30.00. Same usage. What happened?

  179. John DaPuzzo

    How about ceiling fans if you are not home does it make sense to turn them off or leave them run all day to circulate the air

    1. DJ

      Ceiling fans cool people, but they don’t lower the temperature in the room. So, you’ll waste money, not save, if you leave them on when no one is around. By the way, the same advice applies to portable fans, like standing floor fans. Turning off a ceiling fan when you leave a room instead of letting it run all the time can help you save from $3 to $7 a month, depending on fan speed. There’s always a little extra electricity involved in turning on the fan again when you need it. However, the amount used is minimal. It’s always better to turn off the fan when you’re not in the room.

    2. Peter

      If you’re not using the room turn off fans. They make you feel cooler but don’t affect the temperature of the room. In fact they will increase the temperature of the room. Have you ever felt how hot the motor housing gets? That heat is increasing the temperature of the room.

  180. Kerene Wright Johnson

    Someone needs needs to look into my bill am living alone am only ho.e on weekend because of my job and lately my bill has double can someone please check my bill for me please thanks

  181. Gertie Browning

    Does an air purifier (always running) increase the electricity significantly? The instructions states it should not be turned off.

    Is my bill compared to last year’s bill for this apartment?


    I would like to know what the temp should be left on when gone away for the summer and what the hummidistat should be ?

    1. Christine

      Hello Marianne. I live in a mobil/manufactured home. I was told by park management that the humidity should be set at 50 while away, and temp should be at 80′. Hope that helps.


    I would like to know what the best temp should be left on when away for the summer, also the humidastat setting?

  184. Carlton Hansen

    I am interested in installing a tankless electric water heater in my Naples condo.
    I have 2 baths, 2 bathroom sinks, a kitchen sink, dishwasher, and washer/dryer.
    1. What size unit should I install?
    2.Does FPL offer any rebates?
    3. Can you recommend an electrician to install it?
    4. Does FPL provide this product?

    1. Tara Monette

      If I were in your shoes I would probably go to homeadvisor.com and sometimes they can give free estimates on what size unit you should have for your condo. As far as your other questions I actually do not know

  185. carmen

    hola mi facture es muy alta cambiamos el aire acondicionado en el mes de julio y la facture salio otra vez super alta me habian dicho que era porque el aire era muy Viejo ahora este es Nuevo tiene mes y medio y la facture es muy alta , qu esta pasando ? necesito que revisen ustedes no puede estar pasando esto somos tres personas aqui y estamos todo el dia en la calle y no entiendo le agradezco pronta respuesta

    1. Tara Monette

      Quiero responder a su pregunta pero no hablo Espanol bien. Llamas FPL y requeste su pregunda. El tiene la personas que hable espanol….

  186. Dick Trehub

    How can I get information on an entire home surge protector? We are told you offer this. I need the cost, protection offered, and any other benefits.



  188. Gina Chiarenza

    I just added my new address to start service and the FPL system has notified me that I already have an address in service (my previous address). I contacted FPL 2x already to close that account and now 8 months later, it still shows open in your system.

    The FPL Notification System gives the user no way to contact FPL, there is no Chat Feature, No Email Feature, no Phone Number Listed. Just the Notification and no clear way to communicate a reply.

    So, with nowhere else to go, I am posting my comment here, in hopes to finally resolve this issue.

    Hopefully, FPL can change their system to be ‘User Friendly’.

  189. susan aubrey

    how much energy does a hot water blanket save in 1 year on a 50 gal tank located in ac room? does fpl provide hot water blankets at a discount or free as part of your energy saving plans?

  190. Michelle LeBlanc

    Does FPL service the Lehigh Acres area or is LCEC the only supplier of electric?

  191. Nick SACCONE


    My name is Nick SACCONE and I have a vacation home located in Naples, Florida and my electricity bill is always in the mid 100$ a month. We only habit the home 2 months a year and for some reason my bills are so high. When we leave I make sure I turn off all breakers except my A/C and fridge. My A/c is set to 79 when we leave.

    I have a good friend who also has his vacation home in the same subdivision and his bills are in the mid 50$. I set my thermostat to 79 just like him

    I am not sure what’s happing but this has been going on years now and I want to know what I could do to get to this reason why my electricity bill so high


    1. Hal Kneller

      I would have a competent air conditioning company come in and do an evaluation on the AC system. Something could be wrong causing it to run inefficiently. It could be clogged coil in air handler or the outdoor unit, could be low on freon, etc. If this unit is running very inefficiently to cool the home it pulls more power, elevating your electric bill. If you are away long periods, I’d turn off the refrigerator as well. I have a Wi-Fi thermostat made by Honeywell. I can monitor the temperature and operation of the heating/cooling system from my smart phone or PC. Well worth the investment. This assumes you have Wi-Fi available at all times when you are away.

  192. Marie Tynan

    I recently installed a new energy efficient air conditioner in my home replacing the old one which was at least 14 years old. I was toldl my electric bill should reduce since my cooling will be more efficient. Please advise

    1. John Gibson

      Having done the same as you I found my bills were down with an efficient a/c unit. Of course you get the greatest reduction in the hottest months.

    2. Tara Monette

      Your energy efficient system will not have to work as hard compared to your old system. It doesn’t have junk it has to go through or anything like that so I would expect a decrease in your bill and I would actually contact FP&L to see if they’ve got any programs that give you any rebates or discounts for having energy efficient systems

    3. Tara Monette

      I also read this in a previous blog. FP&L states that the only reason you have fans in your room is to keep the people cooler-Not the room. The Blogger indicated that it doesn’t matter if the fan is on or not, and it doesn’t matter what direction it’s going but the consensus is fans really don’t circulate air in rooms. I disagree with this I believe it does help keep the room cooler but I’m just letting you know what the blogger said. Personally my ceiling fans run 24/7 but the Blogger was a person who works for FP&L… I just wish I knew where that blog was

  193. jack marchesano

    Why does my house have brownouts of voltage and brightups of voltage intermittently.

    Thank you

  194. Susan

    Until last month I assumed I was saving energy by timing our hot water needs at the same hour – e,g, showers, washing machine & maybe dishwasher – then water heater only needs to fire once. But with a/c needed so much, this has taken us into the higher pay rate several times. So would it be more economical to space things out throughout the day – e.g. shower later, dishwasher at night?

    1. John Gibson

      If you are going to heat say 200 gallons of water each day, it will cost you the same however you spread your usage. Set the water temperature to maximum 120 degrees. Set your a/c to 78 degrees max and use ceiling fans as additional cooling if you are still too hot.

  195. Lois Yerxa

    Our house is almost 3 yrs old. We have one circuit breaker that flicks off periodically. We even had it replaced but that did not improve the situation. We paid extra for the outside surge protection. That did not do anything to help.
    Something has to be wrong. We have had several electricians in but they can’t find anything inside that is causing the problem. On said maybe there are little lizards (geckoes) getting zapped in the walls. What do you think is wrong with the electrical problem?

  196. Recardo Jackson

    Hi, I took over the appartment from my parents and would like to change the FPL account to my name so I can pay the bills. Is it possible to do this online and how can this be done?

    1. John Gibson

      Your parents need to close their account and you need to open a new one. Thus could lead to FPL requesting a deposit from you if you have not previously had an account with them. Be careful what you wish for…

  197. Herbert J. D'Errico

    Please advise as to how I can get the spelling of my last name corrected on your records??? The correct spelling is D’Errico, you have it listed as D’errico.

    I want this fixed!!!

  198. kathy paiva

    I was just curious about how much budget billing would be in my house. How do i get an idea. I dont like the months that jump up over $100. Morewhen it gets hot

    1. John Gibson

      Total your bills for 12 continuous months. Divide this total by twelve. This amount, plus or minus $5-10 will be your monthly budget billing amount. You will pay less than actual usage during high usage months and more during low usage months. The under and over charges even out over a year.

    2. Tara Monette

      I’m on budget billing. And what FP&L does is they took my last 12 months of usage averaged it out and that is what I pay no matter what my usage actually is. FP&L will also give discounts or a credit towards your bill if you go on a program that allows them to shut off your air conditioning during the day. Keep in mind they don’t shut it off all day, just when the demand is highest. You don’t actually even notice it because mine shuts off after the fan shuts off. Keep in mind I have my air conditioning on auto 24/7. It saves big time money during the summer months when the air conditioning is needed most and save money during the winter months when your heat is needed the most.





  200. d silverstein

    If the hurricane or tropical storm route goes from gulf thru pan handle and NE FL to GA, should we expect power outages as far south as Boca/Delray or are we maybe on different networks or grids?

  201. Harold Wenble

    I am curious to know how much electricity if any, is supplied from solar energy in Florida, and specifically in the Palm Beach area?

  202. Linda Lora

    Good afternoon,
    I am a Property Manager for a Homeowners Association in Kendall Area of Miami. The Board of Directors has asked me to get information on FPL’s Surge Proctors for the Front Entry System where they have a Guard or Gate house. Can you send me information on this please. We would like to know the cost, if they will work with commercial equipment? I can be reached anytime via email. One of the Board of Directors seems to think that a surge proctor has to be changed each time it takes a hit, is this true?
    Thank you for your assistance

  203. Lionel

    It is possible to revise my 2015 electricity bill, just to check if I did not pay too.

  204. luis alvarez

    tenia una cuenta ahora tengo otra y deseo hablar con un representante ya que segun veo he pagado la cuenta ya vencida y no la nueva, necesito un numero de telefono o una oficina donde pueda hablar con alguien humano

  205. charlie malekakis

    what does a portable a/c 10,000 BTU cost a month running all day


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