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Hot Weather Means Higher Bills

Hi Bernice, this is the age-old question, and is asked time and time again during the summer months as temperatures continue to rise. It’s plain and simple – your A/C is one of the largest energy users in your home and can account for more than half of your energy bill. So when your A/C runs longer, your energy bill is going to be higher.

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Record Heat Means Higher Bills

Hi Roy. This is a very common question that we get asked every year around this time. And, I feel the same way, as I’m a customer, too. The answer is actually pretty simple – your bill increases when outdoor temperatures rise because you’re consuming more energy due to your A/C running longer to keep your home cool. There is a direct connection between outdoor temperatures and your energy usage.

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Learn from FPL Energy Experts at your Local Home Depot

Plus, find out how you can get a personalized energy-savings plan and enter to win a $10,000 Smart Home Energy Makeover. FPL is partnering with Home Depot stores in South Florida to help customers learn ways to save energy and money. Customers will learn how to use FPL’s energy-saving tips and tools – like the mobile app and the Online Home Energy Survey – to help become energy experts and take control of their usage and bill. Plus, by taking the survey this October, you can be entered to win weekly prizes including the ecobee4 Smart Thermostat and our...

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