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Heat your home but not your energy bill

Does it cost more to heat our home in the winter than cooling it in the summer? What is the best temperature to heat our home? Asked by: Vivian S., Port Saint Lucie Have your own question?   Ask The Expert  › As we head into the cooler months and have to switch from having the air conditioner on all day to turning on the heat, there are some things to consider. The heating systems in most Florida homes are not energy-efficient and can cost a lot to operate. In fact, it can take two to three times more energy to...

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Hot Weather Means Higher Bills

Hi Bernice, this is the age-old question, and is asked time and time again during the summer months as temperatures continue to rise. It’s plain and simple – your A/C is one of the largest energy users in your home and can account for more than half of your energy bill. So when your A/C runs longer, your energy bill is going to be higher.

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Record Heat Means Higher Bills

Hi Roy. This is a very common question that we get asked every year around this time. And, I feel the same way, as I’m a customer, too. The answer is actually pretty simple – your bill increases when outdoor temperatures rise because you’re consuming more energy due to your A/C running longer to keep your home cool. There is a direct connection between outdoor temperatures and your energy usage.

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Save energy and money with the On Call program

How does On Call work and can I really reduce my energy bill by $137 a year by joining the program? William Z., Pembroke Pines Have your own question?   Ask The Expert  › How On Call works When you volunteer to enroll in On Call®, you give us the option to temporarily turn off the appliances you select and receive a monthly credit on your bill in exchange for your participation. There are two program choices based on the appliances and options that work best for you – Cycle Option or Extended Option. These options determine: Which household appliances we’ll...

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Changing the current to help you save -Mirielys

My daughter calls me the Coupon Queen.  She watches me look for ways to save, and I hope that I am teaching her some of the lessons I learned from my Mom.  When my Mom and I first came to Miami, we had each other and very little else; she worked tirelessly and stretched every dollar that she earned.  Finding ways to save money meant that we were sometimes able to afford a special dinner or outing. I have carried these lessons into my adult life with my own family. Whether at the grocery store, at home, or at...

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