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Craig Muccio

About "Ask the Energy Expert"

Craig Muccio runs FPL's Conservation Research & Development Program and crunches the numbers to figure out how you can save by managing your energy use.

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Water heating

By Craig Muccio

Asked on: February 2, 2015 by - Jose G., Miami, FL

How much does it cost to run a hot water heater?

That's a great question, and the answer may surprise you. The average FPL customer living in a single family home with two people uses 2,200 kilowatt-hours (kWh) throughout the year to heat all of their water when using a traditional electric water heater. At FPL's average residential electric rate of just under 10 cents per kWh, that’s approximately $18 each month, which is under $220 a year. Of course, it varies according to the number of people living in your home. 

It's good to know how much you spend on water heating if you need to replace your water heater now, or in the future. Keep these options in mind when shopping for a new one:

  • The space-saving, instantaneous water heaters, also known as tankless water heaters, can cost approximately $200 per year and save you up to 10 percent compared to a traditional electric heater.  Be aware upgrading your electrical wiring may be required. 
  • The new generation of heat pump water heaters can cost less than $100 a year and save you up to 60 percent compared to a traditional electric heater. 
  • Solar water heaters can typically save 50-85 percent depending on storage tank size and daily hot water usage. 

Here are five ways you can save on your water heating costs:

  1. Adjust the temperature on your water heater; lower the hot water thermostat to 120 degrees
  2. Wash only full loads in your washer, using cold water whenever possible
  3. Adjust the water level on your washing machine to match the load size
  4. Install water-conserving shower heads and faucet aerators
  5. Repair leaky faucets immediately

For more water heating tips, visit FPL.com

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