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Customers are sharing and saving. Are you?

My husband and I are native New Yorkers so, like many northern transplants to Florida, we’re used to a cool home. Air conditioning is the one area where we don’t want to skimp. But with college just around the corner for three kids, it’s [...]

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What’s your Energy IQ?

Do you think you’re smart about energy efficiency? Most people do but there are nuances to energy usage that most of us never think about in our daily lives. For instance, what’s the recommended temperature for your water heater to save on your electric [...]

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Be green while keeping your cool

When I first moved to Florida, I really enjoyed the heat and humidity.  I hardly used my air conditioner and instead would just go swimming and use free-standing fans to cool off – even during the summer!  Fast forward seven years, and my air [...]

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Quick ways to save energy

If you’re like me, every day is hectic.  So I love quick and simple tips that can make my life easier. That’s why the interactive house on FPL.com makes sense. I appreciate being able to spend just a few minutes getting helpful facts and [...]

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